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The Limited Roman Empire In Africa

Updated on January 28, 2016

The Roman Empire[sic] In Africa

From Greece to Rome

The relationship between Greece to the land and people the world now know as Africa and Africans stretch into antiquity. The early Greeks, history maintains, sent their best to Africa to be educated, served as mercenaries in their armies, and served as middlemen in commerce and trade to uncivilized tribes of pre-Europe. Herodotus, the father of History or the father of Lies, depending on what point those who invoke him are trying to make wrote of Africans who he was convinced were responsible for the civilization he knew. Yet modern Euro-western "scholars" concerted mission has been to discredit any and all positive pronouncements ever made that put African achievements above and beyond those of Europeans. This continued insane persecution of Blacks birthed the social sciences as a means to control and limit upward social mobility of the very people who has given so much to the world whites take for granted.

First year college students are still being asked to access western "progress", the achievements of western civilization and why they think Europeans were so much more advanced than "other" people. Professors then lead students to predetermined answers through controlled readings. This type of teaching forms the core of most critical thinking and writing classes and is the foundation of status quo maintenance education. In addition professors are still using antiquated evolutionary models to justify superior-inferior paradigms and mis-educate American students in upholding the legacy of lies left by their "founding fathers", ignoring the voices of Howard Zinn, Tim Wise, Martin Bernal, David Imhotep, Benjamin Isaac, Richard Poe, Bauval, Philip Jenkins and others too many to name, who are simply saying; this game of charades is boring and no longer serves any rational purpose. The reason that "empires" cease to exist is because the foundation on which they are built, lies, deceit, and stolen legacies can only last for an historical season. Study the most powerful early modern empires Greece and Rome and there are at least two similarities. Both are indebted to older richer cultures which they determined to ignore and both believed in slavery of "others" as the only way to rule.

Slavery: The Foundation of Western Culture

European Progress Equals Slavery: The Founding Fathers and Their European Legacy

That the Greek and later the Roman empires relied heavily on slavery is well documented in history. However, what is missing is studies that link the founding fathers and the educational foundation that they inherited from the classics and their collective world view that underpinned the justification of slavery to modern progress and continued forms of slavery by other names such as the School to Jail Pipeline and the Prison Industrial Complex. All of the Founding Fathers were steeped in the classics and the proto-racist implications of the superiority of whites over "others" was undisputed and shared common knowledge. No founding father believed that Blacks were in any way equal to whites. Thomas Jefferson received early training in Latin, Greek, and French from Reverend William Douglas, a Scottish clergyman. At the age of fourteen, Jefferson’s father died, and, at the express wish of his father, he continued his education with the Reverend James Maury, who ran a classics academy. After leaving Douglas’ Academy, Jefferson attended the College of William and Mary, where his education in the classics along with his study of law continued.

Almost all Euro-Americans seem to suffer from collective amnesia. They bristle when made to confront the stark reality of the world they inherited and become almost comically defensive. " I have never owned any slaves, therefore I am not guilty of anything" is a common retort. Another popular over-simplified response is," Africans practiced slavery long before Europeans got involved" or "there were white slaves as well"; all true yet none of these answers can explain the scientific-economic system that Europeans refined that ultimately made them Masters of the Universe, economically. Although the idea of Masters of the Universe is not to be taken literally or seriously as a celebration of European dominion in the world, it doesn't require a Ph.D to make the connection in reality that many Euro-westerners believe just that; that they were created or evolved (for those who believe in evolution) to rule inferior races and the world. As Roger Sweet, the master-mind behind the He-Man mystique and marketing revolution explained, "simplicity was the key to success".

"The only way I was going to have a chance to sell this [to Wagner] was to make three 3D models—big ones. I glued a Big Jim figure [from another Mattel toy line] into a battle action pose and I added a lot of clay to his body. I then had plaster casts made. These three prototypes, which I presented in late 1980, brought He-Man into existence.I simply explained that this was a powerful figure that could be taken anywhere and dropped into any context because he had a generic name: He-Man!"

—Roger Sweet

Of course one had to be able to translate the Bible into Latin and or Greek during Thomas Jefferson's day. There was no testing to qualify just a command of the classics, the Bible, Latin and Greek. The study abroad and student exchange programs of today is the continuation of the legacy that allows American and European youth the ability to know each other and share in common ancestry. Euro-American children are aware of the legacy of dominance they have inherited and many reject their calling at first but study corporate America and you are likely to find former rebellious and marginal living students embracing their privilege. It's like asking over and over of oneself "why me" then finally reaching the conclusion, "why not me". Historically, study abroad was meant to connect white youth with their European roots in order to establish their "rite of passage". On return home they were expected to take their places as "productive citizens" and perpetuate Whitedom.

When Euro-Americans reference "progress" they usually mean what America has become since Columbus "discovered America". It matters little that more that 85% of non-white Americans live way below the standards Euro-Americans have set for themselves and challenge all "others" to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and achieve, while they maintain a monopoly on education, jobs and money and set the rules of upward mobility. Progress like the American nightmare for most and dream for a very select few is at it's worst an urban legend and at best, a myth.

Study Abroad

The Myth of Rome

Think about this; historians boast of "empires" especially the Roman Empire yet Rome except for occupying a very limited area in North Africa never ventured its famous legions into the heart of the wealthiest place on earth, Africa. Why? There are several reasons but perhaps the most outstanding is because of fear of defeat. The author Chancellor Williams in his celebrated The Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race From 4500B.C. To 2000 A.D chronicled how "the First Cataract became "the Black World's New Borderline". Alexander was stopped by the Empress of Ethiopia, Queen Candace who led Africa's inner armies personally to stem further invasion into Africa. Upon Alexander's death one of his generals made himself the first white to sit upon the throne of Egypt as pharaoh. He called himself Ptolemy I. This white rule lasted 300 years until the Arabs "conquered" Egypt from the Ptolemies and made themselves the new Egyptians.

The Role of Religion and The Church: The Birth of White Egypt

The racial metamorphosis of Egypt from Black to White is detailed in Stolen Legacy: Greek Philosophy Is Stolen Egyptian Philosophy by George G.M. James. According to James's research the Greeks were intellectual plagiarists. Greece, a ragtag confederation of islands was not even a country until 750 B.C., a very late date in antiquity. Egypt's timeline is thousands of years longer than Greece and Ethiopia has a 3000 year unbroken written history. Anyone who disputes this is not worth an argument. For example Socrates's doctrines can all be traced back to the Egyptian Mystery Schools. Socrates's "doctrine of Nous" or doctrine of mind and intelligent cause is a teleological argument or "premise" which simply means "whatever exists for a purpose is the work of an Intelligence". This was strange (foreign) teachings to the Greeks of Socrates world and in the end those teachings cost him his life. Socrates was accused of corrupting Greek boys by teaching them this foreign knowledge. This foreign knowledge was Egyptian.

Pythagoras from the island of Samos was the first recorded Greek to study in Egypt. History bears witness that southern Greece, all of the islands of the Aegean, Ionia and parts of India and Europe were once all part of the ancient Egyptian Empire. The plan to steal Egypt and make it white has a long history that began with the Greeks who passed the mantle to the Romans under the leadership of the Ptolemies.

So, to teach the world of the Roman Empire without highlighting its limitations especially in Africa is a serious historical error and needs to be corrected. To intentionally miseducate in order to protect elite interests is a Roman invention. Descendants of Euro-westerners have been milking this cash cow (the poor) since Rome introduced it into the world because it works. To openly show contempt for the Roman ruling elite or to criticize them in any way was grounds for having your property appropriated, exile and lastly death by crucifiction. The lynching of Blacks in America was the modern Roman version of crucifiction. The message in both cases was clear; resistance to emperial rule was futile. The revolutionary teachings of Jesus was the reason the priests and the Romans had to get rid of Jesus. Jesus attacked their economic base (tithing of the poor) because instead of using their positions and wealth to eradicate the social ills of the poor they used the resources that the poor were made to pay in tithes (temple taxes) to enrich themselves. When Jesus told the young rich man, in one of His parables (Mark 10:17-31) to sell all he had in order to follow Him he was challenging him to confront his priorities and make a choice. The rich young man chose to keep his worldly riches rather than follow Jesus. Nothing has changed; today we are called to access our priorities. What's important to you?

Religion and the Church served as a buffer. As tools of hegemony religion and the Church allowed people to enslave themselves to a humble non-aggressive lifestyle. To love your enemy and submit to authority were powerful tools for the Roman Empire. It allowed the Romans to use violence for only the most extreme cases. Hundreds of years later European and American slavers used this same formula for continued progress and economic success.


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