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The Spirit in the Artist

Updated on February 22, 2019
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T Louise Stewart, License Practical Nurse with BS in Health Administration.

Cultural Artist

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 Animal Instinct
 Animal Instinct
Animal Instinct

A Means of Communication and Recollection

The early painter used pictures as a means of communication. Which is seen in the symbols on the Egyptian temples and etched in the stone in found in southern Africa. He later began to use colors for meaning in paintings on cave walls.

Early man used cross-hatching and triangular shapes like a graph, which was later combine with color and various shapes. This ideal would gradually become the begin of linear perspective and would lead to great italian masterpieces. The general purpose of art was for language, storytelling, maintain information,or for recollection (What we would use a camera for these days).

The early man use art everyday. Art was his creative genius. It inspired him to learn more and more each day about this world. His art is the inspiration of all present-day architecture and every buildings, streets, and signs. The artist of today, all refer to the cross-hatching of the earliest people.

Those same lines and shapes are used to communicated music or the basis for the modern day computer. From the byte to the gigabyte, it is all based off of a system of numbers. The creative mind has a common numerator and denominator. An irregular line can come from a straight line; you just have to be able to see from a different perspective.

Early man work by trial and error, and with each mistake he learned to do things a different and a better way. Thus finding the magic in the paint brush, the power behind the creative nature is the force of the unknown. It is the glue that hold us together and make us such powerful beings.

When you separate yourself from the creative nature, you can become mentally blocked. You can actually become like someone who is not functioning properly in reality because everyone has a creative nature. Some are more creative than others but there is not one human being without the ability to create. It is embedded in us. You just have to tap into that part of your soul.

Our ability to create is our ability to communicate with other in a way that provides us comfort or peace of mind. What? Meaning, whatever make us truly happy or whatever your talent lies is your peace. It when you misplace the magic brush from longer than a minute you delve into mental illness. If you never find it, you will never find your niche or yourself.

Art history is not a separate history from man; it is believed to be one of the most important histories to mankind. Without our basis in the fine arts, everything we know could not be possible. The symbols we use in everyday life have been vastly expanded and put to use in web design.

What Do You See, Hear, Or Speak?

Who knows who was the first person to add color to a picture, anyhow it goes it is sure living up the picture. Like the Creator, we create things. If everything was just plain and in black and white life would be uninspiring. Although sometimes with the racial climate in the United States, it sometimes seems Whites and Blacks are the only two color on the planet. Most of the conflicts in the world start from what we speak and our negative reactions to it.

A smart little girl once said that grown-up don't treat each other with respect, so why should little kids reciprocate this message. This is very true; when we are little kids we are taught to respect one another. When we turn eighteen or hit the pre-teens, it is like we get a hall pass to disrespect people.

People need a past time to help them extend some positive energy to other. Figure out where your magic brush is will help to improve your focus and skill. It will produce some positive energy and release all that negative tension. If you don't have a magic brush get a magic pen? You don't have a magic pen either? You can try working out your analytical side of your brain.

Its when you listen to nature that you are in sync with your surroundings and less a part of the garbage this world produces. What do you see? You can draw it just visualize. What do you hear? You can actually make music to it. What do you speak? Always speak positively and positive thing will happen to you. Do as the ancestors did to survive this world and you can't go wrong. Asking your these three simply question will improve yourself mental mentality for the long haul. Everyone needs a vision with magic for their life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 T Louise Stewart


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