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The Relation of Mystic Massacre With Colonial Indian Relations

Updated on November 8, 2013

The Massacre at Mystic was similar to colonial Indian relations. This is because they both began and ended in almost the same manner. This massacre occurred when the English settlers at Pequot , Mystic in America, led by their leader, decided to set fire on an entire village, shooting and killing people who tried to escape. They killed all people in this village including children and women except those raiders who were outside the village. This was a revenge of an earlier attack carried out by the Pequotes. This massacre is equated with colonial Indian relations since much of the relationship of the white settlers with their Native American counterparts was lukewarm. Lukewarm in the sense that at times, they could be peaceful and cooperate with one another while at times, they could be harsh and enemies towards one another.

The cooperation between the Pequotes and white settlers can be realized in the sense they did business with one another, exchanging European and American commodities. However, as the population of the white settlers increased, land theft became rampart, since they wanted to have their own land. This was a source of conflict between the two communities. The killing of a pequote trader ignited more animosity and retaliatory attacks that led to the Mystic massacre.

Apparently, the colonial Indian relations were a mixture of conflict and cooperation. The peace and cooperation were much prevalent especially in early years of colonial existence. However, the relationship started becoming sour when Indians killed more than 300 settlers at ago. This ultimately led to war and the massacre of many Indians at their own land. It can be noted that both wars led to serious catastrophes inform of destruction of life and properties.


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