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The Mind And The Brain: The Same Or Different

Updated on September 4, 2011

Is The mind and the brain the same thing or are they two different parts of us? To my way of thinking, they are two separate parts. The mind is connected to the spiritual part of us while the brain is connected to the physical part of us. The mind is a part of that heart that feels is where we analyze right from wrong, experience guilt, and where we are guided by our conscious. The brain is connected to all parts of the physical body, it tells the body to move, if it is in pain, or when we feel physically pleasurable sensations.

I believe we use the mind and brain at the same moments, one complementing the other. When we see something or hear something so intensely beautiful that it evokes emotions, we see with our eyes, the brain tells us what we are seeing, but the mind tells us it is beautiful. The brain does not feel emotions, it can only tell us what we see, if it is something we have never seen before, then the brain interprets it by comparing it to the things we have seen. Depending on what we are seeing and who we are and what we believe...the mind then reacts to what we see with excitement, fear, anger...whatever the case may be.

When we experience love, it is from the mind and from the emotional heart. It is the mind that tells us to trust, to love, to take a chance. I believe intuition is a trait of the mind not the brain. When the brain dies, the mind/spirit leaves the body...without the mind the body is left in a vegetative state. The body can be kept alive, but no one is home, so to speak.

The mind is who we are. The brain is what we are. I am who I am...I know I exist because I exist...When the brain dies, the body dies, but the mind/spirit...WHO I am, will continue. The mind is where we comprehend GOD. GOD is a spirit and HE interacts with us through our mind/spirit. It is HE who opens our minds eye in order for us to see HIM...or closes it so that we reject HIM. HE closes the eyes of those who deny HIS existence and have no desire to know HIM. Wisdom comes from the mind not the brain. Empathy is also a trait of the mind, not the brain.

These are my own personal beliefs concerning the mind and brain and GOD...I do not expect others to believe as I do, but I am simply sharing my views, for what they are worth.

Have you ever experienced the sensation of being ageless? I am not talking here about physical age...I am talking about spiritual. My body ages and I feel it...But when I consider ME...I feel no age...Not young or old...I simply exist. That is what your mind knows.


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  • Reynold Jay profile image

    Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

    Well said and beautifully written. You are letting the great questions that haunt all of us to be expressed in your writing.

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  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    Hi Cyndi, there are way better writers than i am on here...i am honored you feel you can learn from encourages me to write better. thank you for coming by...have a wonderful day

  • Cyndi Barnier profile image

    Cyndi Barnier 6 years ago from South Carolina

    My, I'm loving your hub pages. Just started following and writing on here. Will definitely read more of yours as time allows! I am an inspiring writer as well, working on 3 novels at once right now. Yikes! Will learn much from you. Thanks!