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The Miracle Sage

Updated on January 23, 2017

A Nice Home

A Family Story

In a small village there lived a merchant who had three sons. The two elder were greedy and always discontented. The youngest son was very simple, but kind hearted and loving. He never demanded anything from his father. The merchant was worried about his favorite son. He was not sure how his elder sons would look after their younger brother.

One day the merchant fell ill. He knew he was not going to live for a long time. So he called all his three sons and told them how he had divided his property into three equal portions, one for each to them. He asked his eldest son to take care of his brothers, especially the youngest. The eldest son promised to do so. But upon the merchant’s death the two elder sons showed their true colors.

Our younger brother is too simple to look after, such as huge property’, said the eldest brother.

You are right, ’ agreed the second one. `I don’t know why our father divided it equally among us, and he’s been given the most fertile land too.’ let`s take that away from him and share equally between us,’ suggest the eldest. Instead, we will give him a small piece of that barren land which has been of no use to us all these years.’

So the two elder brothers joined together and took away the fertile piece of land from their youngest brother. They drove him out of the house, starving and penniless. Export for the patch of barren land he had nothing with him.

Magic Plate

Deva was Walking Sadly

The Youngest son whose name was Deva was walking along sadly when he came across a Saint meditating. He bowed before him and sought his blessings. The Saint asked him who he was and from where he had me. Deva told him his but did not mention his brothers’ treachery.

Well, my son, ask me t you want,’ said Saint kindly.

`I want a place to live’. Replied Deva. `I have nowhere to go now’.

My son, go back to your field. You will find a house ready for you’. With these words the Saint blessed and went away.

Deva hurried back to his barren field and sure enough just the Saint had said a beautiful small house stood in it now. Happily Deva went into his house and explored everywhere. But soon hunger pangs began to gnaw at him. He made no money and nothing to eat also. He went searching for the Saint again.

Deva bowed before the saint and pleated `O great Sir, you have given me shelter, but with that I cannot fill my stomach. I am starving and I just want something to eat now. Please take back the e and give me some food’.

Saint listened in silence and then said you are a good man. I will not take away the house. That will be for you to live. Now, take this plate. It will satisfy your hunger’.

Deva looked at the plate doubtfully. Don’t look so perplexed, my son. This is not an ordinary plate, though it looks like one. It is a magic plate,’ the Saint explained. Just hold the plate in your hand and think about whatever you want to eat and it will appear immediately.’

Deva thanked the Saint and went to his house. There he sat down with the plate in his hand and thought of the food he would like to eat. And Lo! The food appeared on the plate immediately just as the Saint had told him. Hardly able to believe his eyes, Deva ate fill. From that day onwards he began to lead a carefree life. He had a house to live in and plenty of food whenever he wanted.

The saint

Deva Living in a Nice House

Deva’s elder brothers noticed that he was living in a nice house. They also noticed that he never worked in the field at all, yet he seemed contented and unperturbed. They wondered at the cause of his happiness and decided to find out.

Let me speak to him alone.’ suggested the eldest brother, may be he will confide in me.’

So the eldest brother went up to Deva and said `O brother, we were worried about you. We treated you badly and are deeply ashamed of it. Please forgive us and come back to our house’.

Deva smiled and answered in all simplicity. O brother, I bear you no grudge. In fact, if it had not been for you both, I wouldn’t have got this lovely little house at all. Thank you for calling me back, but I prefer to live here in my own house.’

Hearing this, Deva’s brother’s curiosity was aroused more. He wanted to know how his brother had come into such a possession.

Tell me, brother, how could you build this house so fast? Because I have not seen you working anytime’, he asked.

Deva related how he had met a holy man. Immediately Deva’s brother began calculating. If the Saint can give my brother such as and house in a tumble down area, if I leave my house and seek his blessings, surely he will give me a much bigger house.

Magic Stick

The Saint Blessed to His Brothers

So Deva’s eldest brother went around looking for the Saint with a very sad face. As soon as he saw him, he fell at the feet of the Saint and pleaded Ogreat one, kindly help me. I have no place to live and have had nothing to eat. I am all one in the world. Please take pity on me and bless me.’

The saint blessed him and asked Are you speaking the truth, my son?’

O Holy Sage, I swear that what I have said is the truth,’ replied the eldest brother.

So shall it be then,’ replied the Saint and walked away.

The eldest brother hurried home, but stopped in his field suddenly. There was no trace of his old house at all. He looked around everywhere hoping to find a new house. Even his lush green field had become hard and stony. He wondered if he had come to the right. Just then the second brother came running up to.

O brother, what are we to do now? Our house just vanished all of a sudden,’ he cried.

Finding themselves homeless, the two brothers decided to to Deva’s house to seek shelter. He welcomed them so warmly that his elder brothers felt ashamed of having treated him so badly. Deva offered his brothers the choicest of food. They ate their fill greedily as they were very hungry.

Then they began to wonder. How could they poor younger brother provide them with such good food? They had not even seen him preparing it, yet he had so many dishes to offer. They asked him, but Deva’s reply was very vague as he still did not trust them completely. So the three brothers lived together for some time. But the curiosity of the two elder brothers grew day by day. Though they kept a close watch on Deva, they could not find out how he provided them food. Since he did not do any work either in the field or in the house.

Deva went looking for the Saint once again

One day the two elder brothers decided to change their tactics. From that day onwards, they became very loving and kind. They told their brother that they repented for what they had done and begged his forgiveness. Happy that his brothers had changed for the better, Deva at last decided to take them into his confidence. He told them that the Saint had given him a magic plate with which he was able to get any food he desired. Now we won’t have to work any more. We can all have whatever food we want,’ exclaimed Deva `O brothers, are not we lucky?’ yes, of course’, replied his brothers. And you are so kind, dear brother, to share all this with us’. but they were already scheming to get hold of the magic plate.

One night when Deva was fast asleep, his second brother crept in slowly. Carefully, he removed the magic plate from beneath Deva’s pillow and substituted a similar one in its place. Together with his eldest brother, he quickly left the house.

The next morning Deva woke up early as usual and took out his plate. Holding it in his hand, he thought of his breakfast and waited for the food to appear on his plate. But to his surprise nothing happened. The plate remained empty. He repeated the procedure, but the food did not appear. Deva then went searching for his brothers, but could find no trace of either of them. Realizing that they must have duped him. Deva went looking for the Saint once again. O divine sage, you have come to my aid twice before and I am very thankful to you. But once again, I have been let down by my brothers. The magic plate which you gave me has been taken by them. Instead, they have left me, an ordinary plate. Other than you, I have no one to turn to. Kindly advice me, good sir,’ said the Deva.

The saint gave him a stick

The saint gave him a stick and said go now, my son, this will solve all your problems. Just look for your brothers and tell them this a magic stick. The rest will take care of itself. May God bless you.’ this was the last time I’ll be able to help you. So be careful and learn to take care of yourself and your property’. So saying the Saint went away.

Deva went around looking for his brothers. He searched everywhere and at last found them under a tree feasting with his magic plate. As soon as they saw him, they jumped up and were running away when the stick flew out of his hand and began to chase them. Then it started hitting both of them till at last the brothers cried mercy and begged Deva to call his stick back.

Please don’t go away, my dear brothers. I am not all angry that you have taken my magic plate. In fact, if you hadn’t done so, I wouldn’t have got this magic stick,’ said Deva. Now this stick becomes very angry when anyone takes what rightfully belongs to me,’ he continued.

We are very sorry, dear brother. Here is your plate, we have learnt a lesson and we will not so ever again,’ the two brothers said together and please forgive us and don’t send your magic stick after us. We will go far away and not trouble you again.'

Deva being a kind hearted man forgave them and kept them with him. The elder brothers did not try to take anything from him as they were afraid of the magic stick. In fact, they were very grateful to their youngest brother for taking re with them in spite of their meanness. From that day onwards, Deva lived happily with his magic plate and magic stick.


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