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The Miracle of Mind and Existence.

Updated on August 12, 2014


The human race is teetering ever closer to what is dubbed A Grand Unified Theory, (or GUT/Theory of Everything). A GUT is, in essence, the endeavour to marry Einstein's theories of Relativity with the burgeoning breakthroughs in Quantum Mechanics that have been developed since Schrodinger. The state of a cat however, is the smallest of possibilities in the labyrinth and minefield hybrid that is arguably the most intriguing and confusing of scientific disciplines. For those unaware of Schrodinger's Cat, it was a fundamental stepping stone towards a model for Quantum Mechanics. The philosophy works on the notion of a cat, inside a box, with a closed lid that cannot be known as being alive or dead until it is observed. The metaphorical "cat" can be either in a living or dead state when observed. However, Schrodinger theorised that at one point between observation, the "cat" could be alive and dead at the same time, or exist between both states.

This presents merely one of the myriad enigma we witness amid the chaotic world of the Quantum. Feynman expanded on Schrodinger with his views on the Double-Slit Experiment. Two miniature walls are lined up parallel and electrons are fired at the nearest wall (containing two gaps) in order to accumulate the electrons on the far wall, resting upon the opposite side of that slit. It was initially assumed these electrons would journey in a straight line. Although Feynman posited that rather than journey in a straight line, an electron will take every possible route in order to venture past the slit.

More details on the Double-Slit Experiment and greater information can be found here:

The rabbit hole goes ever deeper. For example, Quantum Entanglement postulates that two (or more) particles, no matter how far apart their distance, can remain intertwined. The state of particular particles also change once observed. When we peer deep within to the Quantum level, we are truly experiencing The Twilight Zone. A vaguely flailing veil where understanding and mystery make queer bedfellows.

Where though, can understanding take us on this most bizarre of knowledge branches? Can we be certain of anything before the strong wind of doubt shakes the fragile branches that have bloomed along the scientific tree? If knowledge is power, prompting green shoots of understanding, is control the natural companion of said understanding? In the case of medicine, comprehending the functions and processes of a virus or organs, means treatment of maladies become easier via subsequent research. By the same token, once the mastery of this greatest of conundrums of physics unravel before our collective eyes, are we nearing the cusp of tampering with the fabric of reality itself. Leading to matter, then Space-Time command?

Couple this thought with workings of the brain. According to the theory of Solipsism, the self is all one can know to exist. To paraphrase the immortal Descartes quote: "Cogito Ergo Sum," (I Think, Therefore I Am). A possibility leading to my own adage: "What the mind can conceive, the will can achieve." Although currently this is mere conjecture, rhetorical musing through the cyber medium. The cyber medium, through our vast social web, and our interactions with technology mean we are constantly extending ourselves outwards. Therefore, by the most rudimentary definitions, our consciousness is beginning to expand in the same method.

Directing you back to the saying I quoted earlier, is thought, in the same manner that an atom is a constituent of a body or matter, an element of the brain, a similar, cognitive component relating in turn to the Universe? Ergo, does the Universe think, does it develop itself through the sentient species that evolve within it's macrocosm?

Information on Kurweil's 6 Epochs of Technology Evolution:

This blog will examine what our place in the Universe is, how we can extend ourselves into it and more. For example, future posts will discuss where the Big Bang came from, how the Universe will end, what lies beyond the Universe's boundary. Antimatter, Dark Matter/Energy, Dark Atoms and Particles, Dark DNA, and sub-atomic particles that may as of yet allude us. Finally, I will take us into a voyage into the Multiverse, Time Travel and our "Other Selves."

Please bear with me and remain with what, at times, can seem like the ramblings of a madman! But were not some of the greatest minds castigated for their thoughts? Namely Copernicus? Who was ultimately proven to be right with his Heliocentric model of the Solar System? Thoughts here are (currently) not researched thoughts, I may be considered a Layman in this field. However, since we are all motes of dust in the cosmic desert, any mental perambulation across this expanse, perhaps could be construed as an indication of the search for the ultimate self, existence trying on theories for size.

Stay Tuned! Keep watching the skies and examining your innermost motions!

© Brad James, 2014.


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    • goatfury profile image

      Andrew Smith 

      4 years ago from Richmond, VA

      It's a great time to be alive, to see all these innovations and discoveries!


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