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The Mongolian Death Worm

Updated on October 17, 2019


How do you feel about worms? When I was a child, I hated them just as much as I hated spiders. To me, worms were so strange looking. You could not tell the top from the bottom, and could not see any eyes or mouth, and I found this very disturbing as a child. Now I am older, they do not bother me. Worms are so important, and I don't think many people realize this. Worms increase the amount of air and water that that gets into soil, and we all know how important soil is. So, hats of to all the worms in the world. Well, all the worms apart from the Mongolian death worm!

The Mongolian death worm is said to live in the Gobi desert. The Gobi desert is huge, and covers parts of northern and north-western China, and southern Mongolia, and covers 500,002 square miles. It is known as a cold desert, with snow occasionally occurring on it's dunes. The climate of the desert can change drastically with rapid changes of temperature.

Map Of The Gobi Desert

The Mongolian Death Worm

The Mongolian Death Worm's native name, Olgoi-Khorkhoi, means "intestine worm", and this is because of it's red color and size, which is said to be the size of an intestine, which is gross I know. As worms go, this one is a monster because they can grow several feet long. Now, the size is enough to freak most people out, but the size is not the most terrifying thing about the Mongolian Death Worm. It has been said that the worm has the ability to spit out yellow acid saliva and can also generate blasts of electricity to kill it's prey. With these abilities, it would be hard to escape the worm, especially with the way it attacks it's prey. It is said the worm begins it's attack by raising half it's body out of the sand and releasing a lethal poison that covers it's prey, and kills it instantly. What makes this even more horrifying, is the fact that it's prey is said to be livestock and humans. So, is there any evidence that the worm actually exists?

Ivan Mackerel


Ivan Mackerel was a well known Cryptologist who organized many expeditions. These included the Loch Ness monster, elephant bird, and the Tasmanian tiger. His first trip to Mongolia was in 1990. It was an eight week expedition looking for evidence of the Mongolian death worm. He interviewed many people in the area, and came to the conclusion that the Mongolian death worm was more than a myth. In 1992, he made another eight week trip to Mongolia. This time, he was warned by a Buddhist monastery that the Mongolian death worm was “supernatural evil” and that he risked his life trying to find the worm. He recalled having a dream about the worm, and waking up with blood filled boils on his back. This did not put him off, and he carried on with the expedition. Apart from witness testimony, he did not find any evidence, but believed the worm did exist.

The Centre For Fortean Zoology

An expedition in 2005 by the Centre For Fortean Zoology investigated the Mongolian death worm. They interviewed new witnesses and had new leads, but found no evidence of the worm itself. They did not rule out that it might exist, and said the worm could live deep in the Gobi Desert along the prohibited areas of the Mongolian–Chinese border.

Investigator Joshua Gates

Destination Truth

TV show Destination Truth investigated the Mongolian death worm in 2006. Destination Truth was a show that I really liked, and even though most of the time they would find nothing, I still thought the show was interesting and entertaining. They traveled to the Gobi desert in search of the Mongolian death worm. They visited a town that had been deserted, supposedly the people in the town feared the worm so much, they abandoned the town. They searched at night for the worm with their night vision cameras, but did not find anything.

Could The Mongolian Death Worm Be Real?

So, there has been a few expeditions over the years to try and find the worm, and while there is eye witness accounts, there is no body, nothing at all. So, is this just another story, passed down over the years? A story to tell children on a stormy windy night? Are these witnesses making it all up? Of course, there are many skeptical people who believe there is no giant death worm living in the Gobi desert, and you can understand why. With a creature like Bigfoot, at least we have foot prints, and multiple sightings. We simply don't have enough to go on when it comes to the Mongolian death worm.

Another important thing to take on board when it comes to the Mongolian death worm is the chances of a worm living in the Dobi desert. We do know that some worms can be very long, and some worms can even spurt streams of fluid, but no worm exhibits a water-retentive cuticle, which would be a must if it was to survive and live in the desert, otherwise, it would dry out. Some people would argue that a worm could have evolved to live in such dry and hot conditions, but that really is not likely. So, if we go by other worm species, then there is no chance that a worm could survive living in these conditions.

So, it does not look good for the Mongolian death worm, but of course, we can't rule it out completely, but we need more than witness testimony, and for years now, that is all we have had. I understand the desert is vast and dangerous, and not the kind of place you want to spend a lot of time looking for a worm, but you would have thought some sort of evidence would have turned up by now. Of course, there is a chance that it could be a species of snake or lizard, and the eye witness accounts are just Misidentifications.

But if I am honest, this is one creature I hope is not real. Everything about the Mongolian death worm is terrifying!

Could The Mongolian Death Worm Exist?

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