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Shocking Coincidences In History

Updated on March 23, 2015

The Second World War

In June 1944 a 54 year old teacher living in Leatherhead, Surrey in England was visited by two officers from MI5, Britain's premier counter espionage service.

Leanord Dawe was questioned about a crossword puzzle he had compiled for the Daily Telegraph, a national newspaper. They asked him why he had chosen certain words for his solutions.

"Why not?", he indignantly replied.

"Is there a law against choosing whatever words I like?"

His patent honesty convinced MI5 he had no idea of the upcoming D Day invasion strategy.

Trustees of the Royal Marines Museum



So what had given security officers at MI5 such a nasty headache?

A cloak of secrecy surrounded the mightiest seaborne attack in history and vital codenames were used, lest the enemy should discover what was about to unfold.

Five of these codenames were answers in the Daily Telegraph's crossword. One clue, "one of the US", led to the solution UTAH. Another answer was OMAHA. Both of these names were given to the beaches on which the US armies were to land. MULBERRY were floating harbours helping supply ships and NEPTUNE was the naval support.

The word that caused the most suspicion was "some big wig" leading to the answer OVERLORD, the code word given for the entire D Day operation. Hence the visit by the MI5.

In the end, it was nothing but sheer coincidence.



It's 1898. A floating palace sets sail from Southampton. It carries about 3000 passengers, many of them wealthy and savouring its luxurious facilities.

This massive ship is unsinkable and is on her maiden voyage to America. Unfortunately the ship never reached her destination. Her hull was ripped apart by a massive iceberg. She sank with heavy loss of life. The name of the ship......Titan.

None of this is true, of course. It comes from the imagination of Morgan Robertson in the form of a book he wrote called "Futility".

Uncannily it foretold the tragic events surrounding the fatal maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic, with amazing accuracy, 14 years later in 1912.

Ford's Theatre 1865


A Century Apart

In 1838 a baby named John Wilkes Booth is born. He has 15 letters in his name. In 1939 another baby is born named Lee Harvey Oswald. He too has 15 letters in his name. Both men are born in the southern states of America.

When Booth is 8 years old, Abraham Lincoln, (7 letters in his surname) is elected to congress in 1846 and 14 years later in 1860 becomes the 16th president of the USA. When Oswald is 7 years old, John F. Kennedy (7 letters in his surname) is elected to congress in 1946 and 14 years later becomes 35th president.


Both Lincoln and Kennedy were civil rights campaigners. On the day Lincoln was assassinated his secretary, Kennedy, advised him not to go to the Ford's Theatre. On the day President Kennedy was assassinated his secretary, Lincoln, advised him not to go to Dallas.

Booth shot Lincoln in the back of the head in the presence of Lincoln's wife in the Fords Theatre and ran to a barn. Oswald shot Kennedy in the back of the head in the presence of his wife, while in a Ford Lincoln automobile, from a warehouse then ran to a theatre. Both assassinations were carried out on Friday.

The Aftermath

Booth and Oswald were both shot before they came to trial. Lincoln was succeeded by a southerner named Andrew Johnson, born in 1808 and Kennedy was succeeded by a southerner named Lyndon Johnson, born in 1908.

So, if you are the President of the USA and it's 2060 and you have 7 letters in your surname. Wear a bulletproof helmet my friend.


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    • mgt28 profile image

      mgt28 2 years ago

      This is an excellent piece with a lot of research.

    • villyvacker profile image

      Billy Turnock 2 years ago from Manchester England

      thanks very much.....i find this kind of material very interesting.

    • Hankscita profile image

      Sandy 2 years ago from Florida

      Nice, I love these coincidences.

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