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Multiverse Theory

Updated on May 16, 2013

What Is Multiverse?

You may ask yourself what is this universe and how far does it go?

Well, if the universe is indeed infinite it is definitely possible for the universe to repeat at some point.

Multiverse is pretty much the same thing as a parallel universe where there are other yous.

Yes that means according to the Multiverse Theory there are other yous in the world.

With the multiverse theory there is another pathway or dimension created every time you make a choice.

If the universe is infinite then there are many of them and another dimension or "path" is created for your decisions.

For example you are taking a test and a thought comes in you that you should cheat.

Still, you decide not to do it and then go on with life. Little do you know that another pathway is created in where you cheat on the test.

The World We Live In

The world that we live in may indeed actually have a multiverse. We live on Earth, Milky Way galaxy and maybe in some other universe there can be a gap or "hole" where the universe or "our" universe starts to repeat again. This is highly unlikely since our universe can not repeat so close and it has to be trillions of light years or galaxies away to do something like repeat. IT is also a good possibility that the universe is infinite and if so a parallel universe is very likely.

Parallel Universes

This theory is just in essence saying that existence of a parallel universe is true. For every action there is a door opened. Every single action even as small as giving someone a quarter another door opens where you don't give that person a quarter. Everything else in that dimension is normal except the fact that you didn't give him that quarter.

It is a rather unique and awkward theory though and to most people they will just laugh it off. But there is just so much that you can know or learn about this that it can actually become interesting. Parallel universes were only mentioned in books and shows, but now even some scientists agree that if the universe is infinite there is a multiverse.

Infinity World

We still don't know if the universe is infinite or not and most likely we'll never really know. There are only theories about our origins and existence but none can be proven true. Same is with the Mulitiverse Theory just as the name states it is a theory. The vast universe is just so long and huge that we cannot ever go anywhere other than Mars at the furthest. We don't even have access to go to Mars yet let alone see the whole universe. If this theory is indeed true than that would be pretty amazing to bad you can never really see another you.


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