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Top 3 Biggest Mysteries of the Universe

Updated on February 20, 2016

Mystery #1 - Creation and Existence of the Universe


How was it created? Why and how does it exist?

The universe has posed humans with the most baffling mystery of all times - how it was created, is it expanding, is it contracting? The questions are endless and the theories are infinite. Scientists spent centuries looking for answers to these questions, eventually leading to the evolution of the Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang Theory suggests that several billion years ago, a huge explosion happened resulting in the formation of a very hot, dense and infinitely huge mass that we know of as the universe. This mass gradually expanded and cooled over time, and will continue to do so till the end of time.

While the Big Bang Theory has been the most widely accepted explanation for the creation of the universe, it had raised more questions in the minds of scientists and researchers.

  • What happened before the Big Bang? Was it the beginning of time?
  • How did an explosion of such colossal size happen out of nothing?
  • Surely, some type of atomic or sub-atomic particles would have been involved in the whole process, since the possibility of an explosion within a complete vacuum sounds impossible. If so, what were these particles?
  • If such particles existed, where did those come from?
  • Can this process reverse? Can the universe start contracting, just the way it expanded?

The Big Bang Theory failed to answer many such questions, leading to the formulation of several alternative theories.

The String Theory is one such contrasting theory that considers the existence of parallel universes. Each universe is supposed to comprise of a 3-D world known as a membrane that floats through an infinite 4-D realm. These moving membranes or worlds can collide with each other, resulting in chaos and massive explosions like the Big Bang. In other words, the String Theory attempts to explain the cause for the Big Bang.

While astronomical researches and space missions continue, to this day, there is no concrete evidence to confirm what exactly happened so many billions of years back.

That is not all. We know that the entire solar system, the stars and constellations, galaxies and supernovas are all bound by certain forces or laws that hold them together. The most common force in our lives is the gravitational force. But how did this force come to be a part of every cosmos? Are these forces becoming stronger or weaker with time? Nobody knows for sure.

Mystery #2 - Black-holes and Worm-holes


What is a black-hole?

Black-holes are very old stars that have collapsed upon themselves, resulting in extremely high forces of gravity. So high is the gravity in these stars that they don't allow even light particles to escape. As a result, they appear completely black and undetectable. Any object moving closer to a black-hole gets sucked up inside and cannot escape it.

With recent researches, we know for a fact that black-holes exists. Light rays from inter-stellar bodies have been seen to unexpectedly deviate from their straight paths as they approach any region suspected to be within the ranges of a black-hole.

The biggest mystery is - what happens to all the objects that get inside a black-hole? Does the object perish? Or does it take us to another dimension?

What is a worm-hole?

Worm-holes represent a bend in the space-time plane, also known as the space-time continuum. It is like a pipe or a short-cut that connects two different points in space at 2 different points in time. Einstein first came up with the concept of worm-holes. According to him, when an infinitely heavy mass is made to travel through our regular 3-D space at a tremendously high speed, faster than the speed of light, it can create a dent in the space-time plane. This dent can go deep enough to reach or pierce another point in the space-time plane, leading to the formation of a worm-hole.

Any entity that travels through a worm-hole should theoretically end up bypassing the usual flow of time, enabling the entity to instantaneously appear at the location on the other end of the worm-hole. Of course, in practice, it is not feasible to achieve infinite mass or to move it at a speed faster than light.

Mystery #3 - Concept of Time and Time Travel


What is time really?

Time is also known as the 4th dimension. Nobody knows when time began, or when it will end. There are endless questions that come up in our minds:

  • Why is time moving at the speed at which it is moving?
  • Why doesn't it ever move backwards?
  • Or can it move backwards in another dimension?
  • Can time ever be frozen, even if for a moment?
  • Will time travel ever become possible?

As per human knowledge, time represents the process of aging. All living creatures age and non-living things gather age too. We associate time with irreversible changes. But what if those changes could actually be reversed? Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Time, as we perceive it, moves forward and leaves behind a series of events, each leading to more events. Every time we take a decision or an action, we choose "one" of the many million paths that we could have taken. Each of these paths spread out in the form of roots of a tree, depicting a unique series of events, leading to a unique outcome. There is no way of knowing all the various outcomes, or how different each outcome would be from on another. Not unless we are to believe the concept of parallel universes.

Is time real or just an illusion?

Many people believe that time is just an illusion. After all, it's a scientific fact that clocks tick faster or slower depending on the distance from the Earth's magnetic pole. But the real question is - can we ever really measure time accurately?

When we sleep, our minds lose all the sense of time. Our body wakes up after a certain interval of physical rest, but the mind continues to work in our sleep. In our dreams, time can travel faster or slower, as our minds jump from one dream sequence to another.

We can only perceive time through the changes happening around us - the day and the night, the different seasons that come and go, the way a civilization progresses, the movement of planetary bodies and various natural phenomena.

What "time" means to us may hold a completely different meaning outside our 3 dimensional existence. Only time will tell if we humans will ever be able to comprehend it correctly.

Are we ready to learn the answers?

The questions are much more than the answers we might ever get. The biggest point to ponder is - are we even meant to learn the answers? There has to be a reason why are they hidden from us in the first place. Maybe human beings are not ready for this knowledge.

As wise men and women have said, knowledge is power. But history is a witness to how there are always those who misuse and manipulate knowledge. So, maybe, it is for the best that mankind remains remain ignorant till they are mature enough to handle the responsibility that comes with power and knowledge.

© 2014 Ritu Temptor


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 21 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      You are very welcome, my friend. You just keep looking inside your spirit and grasp those ideas that mankind doesn't understand. Sometimes it is those hubs that get the most readers.


    • temptor94 profile image

      Ritu Temptor 21 months ago from India

      Sure Kenneth, thanks for the inspiring words :) I am happy to have you as a reader and honoured to follow you.

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 21 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      temptr94: just keep up the great work. Deal?

    • temptor94 profile image

      Ritu Temptor 21 months ago from India

      Thank you Kenneth :) Glad that you enjoyed it.

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 21 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      Totally amazing. Great stuff. Loved every syllable. Keep up the great work.