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Ancient Egyptian Gods- The God Osiris and The God Horus

Updated on February 19, 2015
Osiris- King of the Dead
Osiris- King of the Dead | Source
Isis- sister/wife of Osiris
Isis- sister/wife of Osiris | Source
The God Horus at Edfu temple
The God Horus at Edfu temple | Source

The myth of the God Osiris and the God Horus

Nut, Goddess of the sky, gave birth to two sons and two daughters. Osiris, Isis and Nephthys were good children but their brother Seth was a troubled and angry man and his birth brought his mother great pain.

Osiris the ruler of Egypt

Osiris ruled Egypt as a wise and just pharaoh, taking his sister Isis as his wife! The land of Egypt flourished and the people were happy. Seth was so jealous that he decided to kill his brother and take his place to rule as pharaoh. Seth trapped Osiris inside a wooden decorated chest and threw him into the River Nile. Owing to his disappearance Seth was able to usurp the throne and Isis, grieving at the loss of her brother/husband set off to find him.

Osiris is found dead

Isis found the dead body of Osiris in the chest at Byblos and took the body back to Egypt to bury him in the dessert. Seth discovered this plan. He was so angry that he took the body from her and dismembered it, scattering body parts all over the kingdom. Isis and Nephthys transformed themselves into birds and flew all over the kingdom collecting body parts, until only his penis was missing. Isis, a magical healer, restored her husband and spoke the magic words that would bring him back to life.

The Birth of Horus

Nine months later Isis bore a son a baby named Horus. Worried for his safety she hid in the marshes to protect the baby until he was old enough to protect himself. When mature Horus was able to unseat his uncle Seth and became pharaoh of the living Egypt. His father, Osiris, a bandaged mummy, retreated into the west to rule the dead. Henceforth all living kings would be Horus kings and all dead kings would become one with Osiris.

By the Middle Kingdom the Umm el-Qa'ab had been identified as the burial place of the God Osiris, and the tomb of Djer had been converted into a cenotaph for the dead God. Abydos rapidly became one of Egypt's cult centres and pilgrims flocked to the cemetery, leaving behind them millions of pottery offerings. These have given the site its modern name Umm el- Qa'ab or "mother of pots".


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