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The Negative Effects of Money between Couples.

Updated on August 16, 2011

Although this is at times hard to belief but its the truth when money is somehow misplaced or is missing a lot of bad things happen which is not right in the sight of God and Man and we sometimes take decisions that we end up regretting later in life.

Lack of trust:There will be lack of trust between the couples especially when the woman is the victim.Just like Billy he at times gave his wife money to save for him. one day he requested for the money,but his wife couldn't find it, unknown to her a neighbor had sneaked in through the window and stole the money and when she could not find the money Billy stopped loving her so he could no longer trust his wife with money anymore.

Battering:This is the most annoying, when money is missing it could lead to battering.A man sometime ago beat his wife to death after spending so much for the wedding and was sentenced to prison with hard labor. While in jail he regretted his actions.

Divorce:This is becoming rampant globally and as well leading people to hell.People break up now a days because of money issues. You find out that people who prophesy love to each other from the beginning to the altar break up or divorce themselves when the money is no longer coming.

Unhappiness:When there is no money there is of unhappiness in the marriage and this causes quarrels and misunderstanding between the couples.

Anger:When Money is missing or there is no money there will be serious anger oozing between the couples which causes most of the above problems .


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