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Life Experience - The New Love of My Life

Updated on August 29, 2012
- Life Experience - The New Love of My Life, photo by Rosie2010 -
- Life Experience - The New Love of My Life, photo by Rosie2010 -

We met online. His picture was not a closeup, so it didn't catch my eye right away. I think I must have looked at the list of available males half a dozen times, before I clicked on his picture and read his profile.

His name is Erin. Erin is taken from the Gaelic Eirinn, meaning "of Ireland" or "from Ireland". Although Erin can either be a male or female name, here in North America, Erin is usually a female name. I wondered if Erin was aware of this tiny bit of anomaly.

Erin's profile peaked my curiosity. It seemed that his lady just recently dumped him. He must be broken-hearted, and in dire need of love and companionship. Well, I have lots of love to give. It has been almost six years since my husband passed on. My beloved pet, Jayjay, had passed away three years ago. I'm ready for love and companionship. Erin might just be the one.

I arranged for us to meet. I was very excited and quite nervous. On my way to meeting Erin, I couldn't shake this silly thought. What if he didn't like me? I am a friendly person, but a little weird. Even my children think so. I am very cheerful, but maybe too cheerful. A guy told me once, I was adorable. No, not my late husband. If he was around, he would probably burst out laughing.

And what about if I didn't like him? I would hate breaking his heart at this vulnerable time of his life. His picture didn't look attractive at all... what if he looked worse. Bad looks, I can live with. Heck, I'm not much of a looker myself. But butt-ugly? Maybe not. Even beggars can be choosers, you know.

Erin was waiting for me. To my relief, Erin was not butt-ugly. Actually, he looked kinda cute. I said, "Hi Erin, I'm Rosie. It's so nice to meet you." Erin didn't say anything. He just stared at me. "Is he in shock or something?" I wondered. I kept talking. I do that when I'm nervous. Erin didn't seem to mind. He was a good listener.

We took a lazy walk in the park. I talked; Erin listened. We seemed comfortable with each other. So, I took the chance of asking Erin, "Well, do you want to come home with me?" He looked at me, and I swear, I saw a fleeting smile on his face. Maybe the smile meant "Are you kidding me, lady? Not in a million years!" But I'm a positive person, so I took it as a yes.

When we got home, Erin seemed a little uncomfortable. So, I turned on the music and gave him something to drink. I love listening to Michael Buble, and Erin seemed to like it, too. And when I sat down on the couch to watch the results of the X Factor on TV, Erin quietly sat with me.

That was yesterday. Today, I went to the grocery store and left Erin at home by himself for the first time. When I came back, Erin was so excited to see me. He was bursting with joy. My goodness, you would think I was gone for ages instead of just a few minutes. It was hilarious. Erin couldn't contain his happiness, so he showed me the only way he could. He ran around like crazy and then jumped at me and slobber me with kisses. It happened so fast that I lost my balance and fell. He did something else that surprised me. Yesterday, not a peep. Today, he barked. I was so happy, I started to cry.

As Michael Buble's song "Feeling Good" goes...

It's a new dawn

It's a new day

It's a new life

For me (and Erin)

And I'm feeling good.

Meet Erin - The New Love of my Life

The Love Love of my Life, photo by Rosie2010
The Love Love of my Life, photo by Rosie2010

Erin (now called Snuffleupagos, Snuffles for short) is a four year old Spaniel mix. He was surrendered to the Toronto Animal Services a few days ago, as his owner (a young woman) started travelling a lot and could not take care of Erin anymore. That was Erin's second adoption; it lasted a year. Before that Erin's first owners surrendered him to the Animal Shelter for the same reason; they could not take care of Erin anymore.

I was Erin's third chance to have a forever home.

When I saw Erin at the shelter, he was shivering and looked lost and scared. I would be too if I suddenly found myself in a strange place, with a next door neighbor like Rollo, a big dog, and was barking furiously non-stop. The shelter attendant said Rollo is really a sweatheart, he just not kennel well.

If you are planning on getting a pet, please consider adoption. There are many pets waiting for a forever home. They are waiting for you.

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