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The Next Recession-Proof Jobs for College Grads Are Here

Updated on April 13, 2018
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AI is coming, whether we are ready for it or not. I write about how RPA, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence can be a force for good.

Prepare for Tomorrow’s Hottest Job Market Today


Anyone who had the unforgettable experience of graduating from college during the Great Recession — like yours truly — knows pain, frustration, and self-esteem damage unlike any other. Our generation saw people with countless internships, and “good” degrees take midnight shifts, waitressing jobs, and illegal free internships. We considered themselves lucky for the opportunity to have a shot at a job that paid.

Thankfully, things have changed in the last ten years, but something big is right around the corner. Artificial intelligence is here, and it’s going to transform the workplace. Any college student who has degrees in data science, software engineering, healthcare, banking, and other fields need to pay attention.

AI is already widely used in these sectors. People who will work with this software do not need to be engineers. Few careers won’t be impacted by artificial intelligence in one way or another. Most employees of the future will handover mundane, repeated tasks to AI and get to concentrate on the more creative side of the job.

The biggest challenge companies foresee in the future is finding the human talent that will know how to work with AI according to Entrepreneur. People who are currently working will have to retrain on the job, and this is where college students have an edge. They can get ahead while still in school and land plum jobs that are projected to grow.


Expanded Education

The great thing about technology, is that people who know how it works can convince those who don’t to pay them a lot of money. Many of open resource websites offer students the chance to learn the basics of AI. Most of them do not require an engineering degree or advanced technical knowledge. It’s a chance to poke around and see what this AI thing is about. A list from Machine Learning Open Source includes everything from free basic courses to more advanced options.

Another useful resource are companies that make AI software and products. WorkFusion has an Automation Academy where people can learn about artificial intelligence real companies are using now. Which, brings us to the next point.

Sample the Software

Many AI businesses offer a sample of AI software for free to entice new business. Find a way to get a sample and play with it. There’s no better way to learn how something works than to work with it. It’s not as sexy as Google DeepMind, but it’s much easier to understand. Even a lowly writer can get the basic concepts down.

Connecting with a future employer or someone who knows others in the field in always a good idea. The AI software companies may not be the exact job you want, but they have many clients and know people in different fields. You can get to know the software and where it can be most useful. The next time you show up for an interview in your dream job, this is a chance to show your AI knowledge.



Speaking of working, interns tend to be the cheapest talent around for companies. This does not mean that you settle for an internship that pays in, “experience.” Potential employers should be more willing to pay for interns who focus on AI because they represent the future of their workforce.

Those who want to work in healthcare can negotiate internships where they help with new AI software that analyzes cancer growth patterns. Fashion students can help an e-commerce site implement AI software that will help determine the next big trend. Right now, AI is the key to an entirely new field of work. Almost no industry will go untouched, from art to agriculture. Those who prepare will put themselves in an excellent position for what’s to come.


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