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Making a Difference!

Updated on August 27, 2014
The various attributes that make a teacher a perfect motivator
The various attributes that make a teacher a perfect motivator | Source

Who is a Teacher?

A teacher is just a human being who wakes up in the morning and goes back to sleep at night , but what he does in the midway makes all the difference in the world.

Just as the trees trace their origin to the soil , all the professions find their direct source and influence to a particular group of people - The Teachers.

A teacher is not just a person who imparts knowledge , but he is the source of motivation and help. He is a philosopher , a guide and a friend.

A Perfect Teacher Is The One Who Is..

1. Patient

A perfect guru has to practice the art of being patient while delivering knowledge. It is definitely not an easy task when you are expecting a student to have caught the topic whilst he keeps on fumbling. There are many teachers who feel like the world getting on their nerves. But , obviously this doesn't help the cause. Yelling at a student just confuses him even more.


A speaker or a lecturer must enter the class every time remembering that every child doesn't have the same capacity to grab matters. Some have a grip on the topic sooner while the others , later. A definite amount of time must be allotted for the students to clear the doubts , no matter how many times they pose the same questions , towards the end of a class. After all , when a whole class has comprehended the lecture , it satisfies them and the lecturer even more.

2. Friendly


A teacher has to understand the fact without the slightest cloud of doubt that "fear" slows down the process of "learning" in every situation. If the students start viewing the person on the dais as a dinosaur who would eventually swallow them up in case they don't get the subject matter , the whole session turns to be a futile joke.

A smiling face , a hand to help and an inspiring voice can touch even the weakest of pupils. With a thirty people sitting in front of you with some of them perhaps elder to you , are far behind when it comes to experience in the particular subject. It is the duty of the presenter to ignite the spark of interest in every soul.

3. Approachable


A good student develops nice and intelligent questions in his mind. But sometimes he dares not pose it to the teacher. The questions face premature deaths which could have presented themselves as the scopes of research for the class as a whole.

It is yet another important virtue of a great and successful teacher when he instills the right to come along with intelligent and smart questions in every student. Not only do the interrogations make the whole matter even more smooth and facile for the class , they often give the teacher to culture his knowledge!

4. Realistic

A neat and powerful presentation is important for a teacher to conduct the regular classes and maintain his standard. On the other hand , it is equally unavoidable to plan the lesson. I am talking about both the length and the breadth. Trying to load an unrealistic ton of matter into the brains of the thirty people can result in them forgetting the previous exercises and make them feel like prisoners.


I repeat , it is evident for the presenter to understand the capacities of the students in general. He must never judge a whole class based on the capability or merit of a handful of people.

It is excellent to give birth to dreams , but not to such an extent where a student starts to dream that he can learn French in a month! Being sensible and practical are the keys to become a good teacher in the eyes of the students. If a person is lagging behind , help him rise up and show him his real status. If he is serious , he will take it as a step to success.

5. Inspirational

One of the most important aspect of being a successful teacher lies in his ability and proficiency in the field of charging the motivation in every student. It doesn't matter how hard a grip a teacher has over his subject/s , a demoralized listener isn't really present in the class.


A formidable voice , an attractive personality and a striking confidence makes the job of a teacher much easier. He should look for newer ways to inspire and make the class believe in 'YES WE TOO CAN DO IT!' The students should enter the class in search of something even more wonderful than the previous day and leave the class at the end of the session with an uplifted and motivated mindset.

Having knowledge in a particular chapter is a boon for a learner , but practicing his knowledge requires motivation and confidence which must be given birth to by a master.

6. Passionate

A first - class teacher loves his work. He never views his career as a job life thrust upon him , but holds it as a sense of duty towards each student. The books are his God , the classroom his Paradise and the students his boon. They give him the opportunities to develop his grip on the very subject even more with each passing day.


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He never boasts of his strength , but works silently to minimize and curb his weaknesses. No matter what heights he has reached , he is to be down-to-earth and modest.

Any subject is an ocean of treasures and a perfect teacher must never forget the truth that even a master can NEVER swim across it in a lifetime. He can only improve himself with experience.

Selfless teachers are the need of the hour
Selfless teachers are the need of the hour | Source


Spoon - feeding a student is a curse. A teacher can show the path but he can never walk the path for him. If a student falls , he extends his hand to pull him up so that he can wipe off the dirt and continue moving. The student knows that no road is really blind when his master is keeping a watch on him. He must never call it a quit.

There is something which I tell all my students ,

"Start the engine. Let go of the brake and let the car move! You will find it hard to steer at first and face a couple of jolts , it is quite natural. But if you don't reach for the gear , it is better off to keep your car in the garage...but , that is NOT an option. So keep moving!"

The relationship between a teacher and his student/s should be pure and gentle. it is not like an agreement or a compromise like in a business. It is a true bonding by an invisible golden cord that remains forever intact. A student can reach for the sky and the clouds , but the qualities of a teacher can make him bow and thank even after many a year.


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