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The Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013

Updated on January 18, 2014
The road to a nuclear bomb
The road to a nuclear bomb
Iran's centrifuges
Iran's centrifuges

President Obama is bending over backwards in appeasing the Iranian regime, allowing them to get a nuclear weapon so to avoid a military action. Many think this is wishful thinking because once Iran does have it, they will use it as a "threat tool" or even actually use it against Israel or others. If this does occur, the same thing Obama is trying avoid will happen. So, 59 senators of both parties have created a new bill to prevent this through increased sanctions on Iran's oil and financial industries IF Iran walks away from the agreement for whatever reason.

Makes sense to me and others. The bill also lists the terms of any final deal, such as, compliance with on-demand inspections, bars enrichment and missiles capable of carrying such a weapon. There are many Democrats in support of this because they feel Obama wants a deal at any cost. Of course, Obama has said he will veto the bill if passed.

Obama seems to be willing to allow Iran to enrich enough-just to near weapons grade. The deal so far that Obama has on the table releases $7 billion of frozen Iranian assets over four months and the French will be in Iran next month for other deals. In exchange, Iran promises to dilute its stockpile of higher levels of enriched uranium, stop installing new centrifuges, and halt work on its heavy-water plant temporarily. Although, by law, Obama must release the fine details of the agreement, he had avoided this so far by stating national security. Congress is not happy about this.

What Iran can continue to do is continue R&D work on centrifuges that are faster. No country even needs them unless they want a nuclear bomb. Iran can continue some work on the Arak heavy water plant due to open next year. This will allow them to get a bomb using plutonium, and Iran can continue to enrich to 5%. But in reality, it would only take them 4-6 weeks to enrich weapons grade material, if they want to. The agreement allows the IAEA to inspect Natanz and Fordow enrichment plants daily and Arak, once a month. But, the agreement does not allow inspections at Parchin, where Iran may be creating triggers and delivery systems for a nuclear warhead.

Why? That is rather critical. Iran's nuclear team has stated that they are able to return to 20% enrichment in less than a day and can easily convert nuclear material. They have stated their nuclear program remains intact and that nothing will be put aside, dismantled, or halted. They have said enrichment will continue. Lastly, they said that the Geneva agreement forced the world powers surrendered to Iranian nation's will.

What a deal Kerry and Obama have got for America. Let's hope the new bill will be passed despite Obama's threat of veto. Just wait until the Saudis and Turks both start their nuclear weapon programs. The Saudis just have to buy it from Pakistan.


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