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The "O-Wing" Experiment, a paper plane revamped.

Updated on June 27, 2011
The O-Wing Experiment, like a paper aeroplane.
The O-Wing Experiment, like a paper aeroplane.

What is it?

Paper planes have been popular (especially in classrooms) for ages. They are there to create, design, have fun and to annoy (teachers). One problem to overcome in the paper aeroplane is its distance of flight.

That is why they invented the "O-Wing" Experiment.

For the original document, which is great for teachers, full explanation on the variable testing and much more detailed (than me), download it here.

Okay, although this is an "experiment" and it involves testing different variables, experimenting and all that science stuff. You want just the O-Wing, right? Not hard at all.

Things you need.

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Paper/card (preferabbly card)  
A few straws  
Paper clip  
Sticky/masking tape
A long, open corridor or outside or somewhere big!
An explanantion of how to make the "O-Wing" Glider.
An explanantion of how to make the "O-Wing" Glider. | Source

Does it work?

If you do it properly, of course it will work! Notice how it kind of floats its way through the air, rather than fly. Slower than a paper aeroplane though. The above explanation isn't too detailed. Here are some important facts/notes to consider.

  1. Make sure you have 2-3 straws as the fuselage, not just one like above. It works better.
  2. Add a ballast, or in this case, a paper to the end with the smaller O-Wing. It will produce a better and more accurate flight.
  3. Do not throw excessively hard. This never works. =P

Please say thanks and comment if you have any issues with this task!


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    • profile image

      Sam 4 years ago

      *fart sound. It doesn't work!

    • profile image

      ching chong 4 years ago

      this dosent work

    • profile image

      dan 5 years ago

      could use more facts