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The Objectification of Women

Updated on April 12, 2015
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I have a B.A. in English with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. I've been a Goth since age fourteen, and a Pagan since age fifteen. | Source

Sexual Objectification: Making someone or something merely an object of sexual pleasure.

Many people are unable to separate a human body from sexuality. It is important that we end this inappropriate association, so we can correct the inequality that oppresses women.

Gendered Socialization

Girls are taught to cross their legs. This teaches girls that not doing this signals willingness to be assaulted.

School dress codes for girls include the "fingertip" rule: Length of shorts and skirts must reach their fingertips when arms are extended down at their sides. Similarly, straps of tops must be as wide as two fingers.


Nudity for art is not sexual.

Nudity for examination by a doctor is not sexual.

Society has made it acceptable to shame women for showing their bodies. | Source

Human Chests

The female chest has been so sexualized that women have grown accustomed to covering themselves as though their chests are unnatural.

The male chest has the ability to be sexualized, but only in certain circumstances such as in the media.

Female vs. Male

Women's breasts have the potential for feeding babies.

Mothers are shamed for breastfeeding in public without a covering.

Women must cover themselves at the gym, have swimsuits covering their chest and groin area at regular beaches, and pools, etc.

A man's chest serves no paternal purpose.

A man's chest is not viewed as inappropriate unless they are in a particular corporate environment, restaurants, etc. where there is a strict dress code.

Men are permitted to be shirtless in the public in many situations: Nude or regular beaches, gyms, streets, soccer practice games where teams are split into "shirts" and "skins," etc.


Victim Blaming

Too many publicized rape cases involve victim blaming.

Example: Cherice Moralez

"In sentencing Rambold, Judge Todd Baugh made comments about Moralez that sparked national outrage. The jurist said that the girl was 'older than her chronological age' and 'as much in control of the situation as was the defendant.'" [Muskal, para.4.]

Slut Walks were invented as a way to fight the stigma that comes with rape.

"Slut" is reclaimed to destroy its credibility.

Appearance does not signal consent.

People are invited to wear whatever they wish to the event.

Some participants were rape victims.

Many people bring signs that speak out against stereotypes.

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