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Updated on August 13, 2016
Living in spin..?
Living in spin..?
Life is a carousel..?
Life is a carousel..?
Stop the world..?
Stop the world..?
Round and round and round she goes...
Round and round and round she goes...

The OBJECTIVE Definitions for Life and Living and Dying
(The SCIENTIFIC matter of life and death.)

It turns out that if we look it up in the dictionary,(Merriam Webster, for instance) LIFE is used as a Noun . The term "life" is a noun applied to an object or sets of objects, and living and dying are verbs.

To be used as scientific terms I have defined the term Life to refer, to a single generic object. I've reasoned- and explained the dynamic terms LIVING and DYING, which are synonymous terms with MOVING. For Objective/scientific, clarity, life refers to an object, and living/dying are strictly concepts, or rather what the object does in physical relation to others.

First, here are some Objective(observer free), critically reasoned definitions, for our key terms.

Object: that which has shape- in physical relation to another object or nothing else.(discrete)

Concept: what an object does, i.e- an object changes location/shape in relation to other objects. I.e: the atoms and cells composing a brain, when it thinks.

Exist: concept- objects exist when they have presence in relation to other objects, or simply shape unto themselves.

Space: Void, that which is shapeless, motionless limitless...NOTHING or the commonly termed DEATH.... Death can only be conceptualized, it quite simply does not exist to be pointed at, or experienced. An object cannot die or become nothing..and nothing cannot become an object.

Time: A sentient beings remembered changes of the locations/shapes, of objects.

Sentient being: A collection of objects- ATOMS, which have the ability to process the changes of locations for objects, the illusion of motion. It conceptualizes- utilizing its raw sensory inputs and memories- by re-acting or moving purposefully, within itself by thinking or processing material within or without, moving it's body, growing..etc.

Motion: The illusion of continuous changes in the locations/shapes of objects, which are perceived memorized and processed, by the assemblies of objects-atoms, making up a sentient being.

Physical Universe: The finite- primary object-which has shape in relation only to nothingness- space. The P.U. is exceptional by definition, as IT exists in relation only unto itself...IT only changes location in relation to itself. In short, a universe is a discrete object, OUR universe is the one we are exclusively related to..

The ordinary term "Universe" is only a concept..including objects and SPACE,(as if it was all an object)....The Physical Universe(our universe) however is the UBER object- which has shape, and makes up all other subsidiary, (connective and TANGIBLE) objects, or forms, which exist in relation to each other. The physical universe exists, and is able to move only in relation to itself because there is space- the literally inert, reaction-less, limitless void....

The P.U. is a CLOSED system..all "energy" or rather the motion of IT, is conserved...the motion of it is transferred to it's subsidiary tangible objects, the atoms, and back..incessantly.

Now let's try and answer, rationally, re-framing the questions posed in my last essay...

"What is life? What is Living and DYING? What is the object and what are the processes, that this noun and these verbs, could possibly refer to?"

a) What object-entity is the fundamental object of life? What object that we can we critically reason, must be the fundamental, irreducible unit making up all life??

b) If living and dying is a process, is there a specific process which distinguishes living and dying from all other processes?"

First the simple answer to:

a) The unit of life is the hydrogen atom. This is the one tangible object, fundamentally, which composes all of the other objects that exist and change locations. Traditionally, unscientifically, what is usually called Life, is limited to flora, fauna, viruses, all cells.

The H atom is the physical unit of MEMORY, ergo- Memory is life. The two are synonymous terms, all pointing to an object, an ATOM of hydrogen, basically.

In the formation of these atoms in relation to each other, this is when life/memory is "woven" into the "fabric" of the physical universe.The physical U, is in itself NOT LIFE for it lacks the ability in its raw form to embody memories. it is not an object, that as a whole, can ever be stable enough to be a tangible object .Neutrons are transient components of the physical U. Like "ghosts" which eventually form atoms of Hydrogen.

The forming of atoms is the by-product of "beta decay" when an atom of Hydrogen is assembled when a neutron "decays." forming a tangible, relatively stable, SURFACE- The ELECTRON SHELL , upon which the "angular momentum" of the Physical U. is translated upon, animating it and other atoms.

Hydrogen formation is a primal engram, a memory trace for the physical universe. It's a physical record, a mark of a "time" in the physical universes, other-wise unremembered, eternal(conserved) motion of ITSELF.

You may think of an atom as like a knot In a sailors rope, or like an aid memoir, for an absent minded child.

b)The processes of LIVING and DYING are the relative MOTIONS of ATOMS which are the tangible subsidiaries of the Physical Universe. Without these "tangible subsidiaries"....relative, remembered motion could never occur between any object.

A spinning, moving, atoms Inertia, allows it to balance the simple gravitational attraction phenomena, between atoms. Like a gyroscope wound up, They (the atoms)dance, (process) like they were on a taut string...An atoms E-shell spins. and pulses, they WOBBLE, Like a tiny, slightly off kilter flywheel. An atom is the embodiment of what is traditionally called "potential energy." When the little wobbly "flywheels"..spin down-slow down, relative to another atom(due to friction, the slower atom is termed "DYING", the faster atom, LIVING...

For a familiar example, the atoms consisting the upper dermis of an animal, move slower, relative to the atoms in the LIVING skin beneath.


The hydrogen atom is subject to the (up and down) attraction of other atoms-gravitation, and the inertial (side to side) phenomena between other atoms, always at 90 degrees to gravitational phenomena. A good analogy would be a Etcher Sketch. The two control dials upon which, if co-ordinated carefully, can draw an arc..a curve..

Without inertial phenomena, balancing gravitational phenomena, atoms could not be built up into more complicated, mechanistic forms, the earth would not even orbit the sun..nor the galaxies rotate around their axis-es and around each other...

Hydrogen, smashed together gravitation-ally kept "alive"- in motion, by unstoppable universal inertia, forms into speeding comets, suns, the elements we list in the periodic table, planets, the compounds, viruses, cells, plants, animals and even their inventions, such as robots and computers..

SOME sundry objects, are picked on, pointed at, discriminated towards, and called "LIFE", by some humans and called "not life" , "inert" and "dead" other humans. This is the sheer subjective EGOTISM, of man.....Conglomerations like the cells are gloried at by some, as LIFE..while a virus is not...while computer could never be..

This is akin to dismissing Pluto from the lists of planets orbiting the Sun..because its is small, slow and orbits above and below of the elliptic plane... Viruses may even be integral to how evolution occurs, being able to transfer DNA inter-species..where sex would fail.. What would the flesh and bones of an ape, do without calcium, or carbon, sulfur , sodium, or blood- IRON....? Our "mechanical children", the computers..might well outstrip us yet..functionally speaking..and our robots outgrow their Czech slave names...

Perhaps..throughout the universe there are all sorts of creatures, of all sorts of forms, assembly processes for them, but we can all safely assume that they will ALL be composed of HYDROGEN ATOMS.If we dissemble every form that has tangibility, ultimately..what else other than transient neutrons, what would we find.., what would we find but atoms of hydrogen??

Moreover an atom functions analogically to a cell, every behavior a cell performs an atom has it's version of it..list them yourself and check. I would, but that isn't the function of this article...!

4. Re-Cap and Conclusion

Living/Dying: The relative changes in location of HYDROGEN atoms..


So here, FINALLY, is an OBJECTIVE definition for LIFE, and LIVING and DYING, you can take to the bar...and not confuse the barmaid too much with. The Unit of all life is the atom, and living and dying, their relative motions...

From a lonely neutron-less hydrogen atom somewhere between the a brain cell in your pre-frontal cortex. All are atoms, all are life, all are either living or dying..changing locations in relation to each other.

In further essays I will explore the model for the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE, which in my studies, I have found, explains PHYSICALLY, far more consistently, than this essay has the scope to do. Phenomena, such as light, gravity, Inertia, atomic formation..and the ultimate, inevitable, recycling of all of the tangible matter in the physical universe. The "purpose" of the neutron star.

You may think of it as "son" of the rope hypothesis..The LOOP HYPOTHESIS.

All of the reference sources, I have used to assemble this essay can be found in: "Why "God Doesn't Exist" By Bill Gaede, available at


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  • Jake Archer profile image

    Jake Archer 4 years ago from Great Britain

    Hey Monkeyminds..stop censoring youself!

  • Jake Archer profile image

    Jake Archer 4 years ago from Great Britain

    I don't do religion Fazel...! If life is a "delusion" as you say, what is it a delusion of?..You have yet still to define the term "life"..only a living or a dying creature can have a delusion, they are the conceptual artifacts of a sentient being.

  • Fazel Subian profile image

    Fazel Subian 4 years ago from Colombo, Sri Lanka

    The present life is a delusion created by own ego. To understand this, compare a dream. In a dream material & wave exist. When you are awake, you say it was a dream nothing (Higgs Bosons/ particle of god) exist. It was only a dream. refer to BLOG