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The Official SAT Study Guide and the Real Deal

Updated on May 31, 2015

It's worth it!




Studying is the key... of course.

Courses, online reviews, summer schools, flashcards, private lessons, etc... All of them of course useful, but also time and money consuming, and in great quantities. Is it all really necessary just to get a good score? Probably! Can you do it without? Of course. Where there is a will, there is a way.

I my self am preparing of the SAT like a madman and with no external help and am standing at a reasonable 2020 from a max. of 2400. As most of the practice books say - without studying it won't work. I thinks that completely true. Obviously there are people with special need, or have difficulties with specific aspects, but in general, I think every person who wants to get into a good college/university must just realize that it will not work without hours on end spent sitting in front of a desk with practice test in front of them.

Another thing, which helped me achieve real confidence before and during the exam was practicing the essay. I know many people find the essay scary as one has to write about 400 words of great prose with eloquent language under stressful conditions for 25 minutes. This may seem really bad, but it actually isn't. The essay is most important. Practice the most for the essay by improving your grammar, vocab and writing style. If you do the essay with confidence, the rest of the exam is easy. Trust me! Improving your writing skills is also a great advantage and plus for the future.

The only thing from all the above listed that is really quite useful are the flashcards, especially for people with little time to concentrate on the SAT. They are easy to use and cover all the words that may appear in a SAT. So if you have decided on external help, forget about all of the private tutoring, course and summer school, and just sit on your bum and do practice test until you are blue in the face with them, do your exam calmly and confidently and finally then go an spend the extra saved money on something truly useful.

Facts and Figures

  • The current SAT was introduced in 2005
  • Costs 50$ in the USA
  • Score Range: 200 - 800 per section
  • 3 section (Maths, Reading, Writing) + Essay
  • Implemented by CollegeBoard

The Logo and Motto
The Logo and Motto
Some criticism
Some criticism

Books, Books, and more... Books!

You and the SAT

Have you taken the SAT, if yes where does your score lie?

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Quick Update

I have just seen my scores from June... and I have received 2130 and am better than 97% of all people, which took the SAT then, so you as well listen to me. :D


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