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The Personality Traits of a Cancerian

Updated on June 18, 2011

According to Greek mythology, the Goddess Hera attempted to defeat the hero Heracles. Her attempts failed due to his incredible strength and she cast a spell of madness on him instead, which caused him to commit a great crime. In order to be forgiven, Heracles needed to complete twelve trials, one of which was beating the nine-headed snake Hydra. Hera, still bent on killing Heracles, sent a crab down to aid the serpent but Heracles crushed it with his foot during battle. As a thanks for its service, Hera placed the figure of a crab in the night skies, forming the constellation Cancer. The zodiac sign Cancer runs from the 21st of June until the 21st of July, coinciding with the summer solstice on the 21st of June.

Cancerians are the most contradictory of all the signs. This can be drawn back to the legend, where the crab who was sent to aid in the killing of a hero was revered in the night sky. Those born under the signs of the Cancer tend to have traits to be able to achieve independence. However, they depend on other people to develop their feelings of self-worth.

It comes as no surprise then, that the sign of the cancer is often depicted with a symbol resembling a 69 on its side. This image means you don’t know where the cancer begins or ends, where it is heading or where it came from.

Temperament of the Cancerian

Those born under the sign of the Cancer are complex and fragile and need lots of support from others. They are often emotionally closed off to the world, causing built up anger and resentment inside. What the Cancer needs to learn is to let go and live in the present, instead of always looking back at “better times”.

The Cancer is represented by the Moon, which can be a powerful, good force, but it can also be unstable and detrimental. The word ‘lunatic’ stems from ‘luna’, meaning moon. Just like the tides that are governed by the moon, the mood of the Cancerian fluctuates.

Strengths of the Cancer sign

The Cancerian is known to be loyal and dependable as well as very caring. They are often adaptable and responsive. Cancers are loving, intuitive and imaginative, shrewd and cautious and protective and sympathetic. Once they let you through their hard shell, you will really have found yourself a true friend, who will stick by you no matter what.

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Weaknesses of the Cancer sign

However, Cancerians can also be moody, self-pitying and clingy as well as often being over-sensitive and self-absorbed. One of their main flaws is their possessive nature, although this is often caused by their need to cling on to someone once they have found them.

Cancers can also be physically weak, which is related to their lethargy (that borders on laziness). They tend to dislike discipline and they tend to avoid issues, rather than rebelling against them or confronting them.

How to be a Happy Cancer

What a Cancer needs is someone who can see through the hard exterior shell of the crab that represents them, to the soft, mushy person that is hidden inside there. They cannot get enough of love and really just need someone to help them feel good about themselves and to love them unconditionally. They are hence best matched with another water sign, like Scorpio or Pisces. Focus needs to be brought on their strengths, because once the Cancer believes in himself, he becomes a fantastic person that everyone would want to be friends with.

Cancerians have the potential to achieve anything in life, but because they are so domestic and protective of their home life, they need someone to push them. If you are interested in being with a cancer, you will have to take the first step as they will not do this. But once you have taken that first step and they have let you in, you will realise what a strong partner or friend you have found, that will care for you and protect you through thick and thin.


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  • princesswithapen profile image


    7 years ago

    I'm passing this hub along to a fried whose sun sign is cancer. She sure is moody and sensitive like you've mentioned.



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