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The Phoenix Lights forced opinions noted facts.

Updated on November 1, 2015

Finding the Light

Flying through the night sky, eerie and ominous a spacecraft encountered the Arizonian and Nevadan landscape. Brains everywhere were scanned for potential information about the topic, only days later. What could it mean to have seen the “Phoenix Lights” many nights ago? Aliens cruising along the boardwalk of the sky, stopping in to say hello and leave forever. What if the world saw a second event similar to this, happen three hours later in the same general area. We now have something on our hands that isn’t right out of the looney bin.

The Phoenix Lights phenomenon occurred on March 13th, 1997. It consisted of two separate events which were different in description. They were observed to be as lights showing over Phoenix, Arizona and some places in Nevada. Which were recorded and video taped as the incident in question had been occurring. Over a span of three hundred miles, the “aircraft” was reported at two radio stations. This happened at around 18:55 PST March 13th 1997. At which time there was a reporting of a V-shaped object above Henderson, Nevada flying southeast. A word from the U.S. Air Force made it clear that it was not they who had been flying in the air at the time of the lights. Yet still from the baffled witness in Henderson, is an account of “rushing wind” and “glowing lights over head” (Wikipedia). There were some to little recorded occurrence of such lights, and they had been seen later in that night at about ten o’clock.

The second event which was a set of nine lights appearing to "hover" over the city of Phoenix at around 10:00 pm March 13th 1997. The second event has been more thoroughly covered by the media, due in part to the numerous video images taken of the lights. Many videos continued “trickling in to news casting stations for months after the incident”(Youtube). This was also observed by numerous people who may have thought they were seeing the same lights as those reported earlier. Yet it is not known if they are the same lights as earlier before that night. This time the lights did not move across the sky but fell behind a mountain range. The lights that flew over the state of Arizona earlier that night at 7 pm, were not the same lights as the nine that were seen at ten o’clock that night. The nine looked to dissipate or fall behind the Sierra Estrella after a while of luminescence. These newly viewed lights being something unidentified was easily targeted and shot down by the U.S. Air Force in Arizona with their statement of being flares as a training exercise. Unfortunately no conclusive evidence has been recorded with precision accuracy stating that their alien nature is now known.

Skepticism is drawn on the conclusion that the encounter with the lights is in fact a UFO. Many seem to believe such a phenomena to be alien space crafts flying overhead in Arizona and Nevada. An eye witness claims that he saw the spacecraft. “I'll never be the same. Before this, if anybody had told me they saw a UFO, I would've said, 'Yeah, and I believe in the tooth fairy'. Now I've got a whole new view. I may be just a dumb truck driver, but I've seen something that don't belong here." says Bill Greiner (51 years old), a cement driver hauling a load down a mountain North of Phoenix (Ortega). With the lights being something alien, many people decided to place their input to the whole agenda of UFO enthusiasts. With a lot of false information that people are trying to push into the media and the people who are down right crazy, it is forced by the enthusiasts to see Aliens in the footage that is brought to our attention.

Those out there that believe that this incident was neither aliens, nor air force find it hard to keep evidence locked away. It is known that the lights observed over Phoenix were two separate sets of lights and not connected together. That the first was possibly a UFO but the second was definately not, given the fact that the lights dimmed out passing the mountain ridges tallest point. With the information that the military was part of the flares that were the second occurrence made skeptics believe that the first part may or may not have been aliens in the first place. In addition to the falsified statements by paid alien fanatics as well as politicians saying otherwise it is unevenly spoken about when the Phoenix lights are brought to topic. That either side has no supporting evidence either way.

For the truth you must listen and hear, but also see and believe. In seeing you may hear what is being brought to your attention, in listening you believe what you are being told. Seeing the lights over Phoenix could mean that atmospheric pressure changed or wind cycles kicked up hot ash from a near by fire I cannot know. Personally I believe that the first lights at 7:30ish were aliens and that the 10 o’clock showing of lights was a pseudo communication device used by the air force, in this case flares. Also that when the lights were first seen, it was not called in in mass numbers, so it was as if the aliens wanted us to not see them. Having only one video of the first phenomena, it is hard to say with definition that this was an abduction. Unfortunately the lights on their ships were too bright to cover up. The ship flew overhead starting at Seven o’clock March 13th, and did a sweep of arizona’s population abducting some and bringing them on board before taking off. All other people were brainwashed into not remembering the night. Yet an eyewitness at Luke Air Force Base “detailed how the planes banked sharply and headed straight towards the UFO which then shot straight upwards and disappeared in an instant”(Altered Dimensions). All attempts to retrieve the abducted were futile.

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