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The Pin Worm Plague! What are they and how to get rid of them!

Updated on August 27, 2011

"What are pin worms, mommy because Mary was out sick with them." asks your small child. Naturally, as a caring parent you research the question to come and find out that these are small intestinal worms. Yuck!

Pin Worms or Enterobius vermicularis, are a very common intestinal infection. In fact, there are at least 40 million cases a year reported a year in the US. The only host for these little parasites is the human body and are found mostly in children between the ages of 5-10. However, since these creatures are easily transferred adults and older children can get them as well. The good news, is this condition is easily cleared up and is harmless.

The first step, to getting rid of these little beasties is a diagnosis. You or your children might have them if you have severe bottom itching, particularly at night, if you see small white thread like items in your "poop". If you have any of these symptoms, you should see your family doctor where he/ she can check for the eggs. If they confirm the presence of the pin worms they will prescribe a medication that will get rid of them.

Now, if you or your children have been exposed to someone with a case of pin worms, suspect that your child has them and can't get to a doctor there are quite a few things that you can do at home to rid them of pin worms.

Since, pin worms are parasites they need to have a human host to reproduce, therefore in order to get them you have to ingest the eggs. YUCK!. Some of the ways the pin worm eggs are transferred are through unwashed produce, like lettuce, dirty hands and fingernails. So, if you have a confirmed case, suspected case or just want to insure you don't get them hygiene is crucial.

Always, wash your produce thoroughly.  Proper hand washing, is crucial in preventing the spread of pin worms. Make sure your children wash their hands and clean their fingernails after every bathroom trip, and playing outside.  Regularly, wipe down and disinfect your toilets and sinks.  If you have pin worms you also need to wash, and change your bedding and underwear and jammie bottoms every day.  This also, also includes any stuffed animals your little ones sleep with and towels and washcloths.  Regular vacuuming, and mopping of your floors is also important to ridding your home of pin worm eggs.

Diet, is also very important in combating and even preventing the pin worms.  Cutting back on  white sugar or avoid it all together.  Pin worms just love a sugar laden body and in fact they need it to reproduce.

Garlic, either eaten daily or in supplement form will get rid of them.  Garlic is a poison to them and will kill them quickly.  You can also mash up to cloves of garlic and mix it with a teaspoon of honey and take two or three times a day for several weeks will not only get rid of them but will keep them from coming back.

Probiotics,  like you find in yogurt will also keep them from reproducing as it adds good bacteria into your body.  If you, can't eat yogurt you can check your local health food store where they sell probiotics supplements.

Pumpkin seeds also act as a poison on pin worms and there eggs.  Raw pumpkin seeds are the best but you can use roasted pumpkin seeds as well.  I have also, read that eating raw lemon seeds are very effective as well.

The best thing about these diet remedies are that they all provide other health benefits in addition to ridding you and yours of a nasty problem.  And most importantly, keep them from invading to begin with. 


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