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The Plasma Driven Universe

Updated on December 10, 2013
CPEP Fusion Chart
CPEP Fusion Chart | Source

We have been lied to by science and scientists that dare to tell you the truth are often killed mysteriously, some of them are listed on Steve We are being lied to about the Big Bang because of the free energy that is expanding the universe at an accelerated rate is based on ionizing of particles;This is known as plasma. In 1956, Winston H. Bostick coined the word "plasmoid" for the body created by ionized atoms forming into tiny clumps that resemble the shape of distant galaxies. The creation of the universe in a test tube is seldom spoken of and people ridiculously keep the idea of a big bang theory alive and teach our children this theory as fact even though it clearly does not follow the laws of physics as the plasma theory of creation does.

The cosmos is composed of “plasma” which is composed of atoms in an excited “ionized” state. The sun’s plasma is fueled by nuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms, and as solar winds, reaches the earth, sometimes with cataclysmic results due to the electromagnetic effects it would have on all electronic devices. The ionosphere that surrounds earth is plasma and is our protection from solar radiation that would destroy the earth by absorbing the energy from the solar flares, by expanding out farther into space dissipating the energy. Is it not a coincidence that plasma drives both the energy of the sun and the protection from the sun.

Plasma is visible in certain instances as light, such as the fluorescent bulb. Einstein’s theory of relativity tells us that light is subject to gravitational forces and this was proven to be true by measuring the bending of light of a star by the sun seen with the help of a solar eclipse. Anyone who has played with a plasma globe by touching it and watching the electricity arch towards their hand knows that plasma is also subject to electromagnetic forces. Plasma follows the laws of physics and can explain how the origin universe needed a gravitational attraction of hydrogen atoms and an extremely high temperature in which to produce the plasma stream. The plasma converts the gravitational energy to electromagnetic energy by the movement of the excited hydrogen atoms moving through each other’s electromagnetic fields. As gravitational forces increase by the clumping of ionized hydrogen atoms, the electromagnetic forces increase. This explains where the energy comes from for the expanding universe.

It took billions of years for the universe to expand as large as it is now and the process couldn’t take place at all if it wasn’t for the near perfect vacuum of space. The atomic physicist Winston H. Bostick even proposed a plasma engine that could propel a space craft to 700 miles per second using the plasma stream created by electric current and electromagnetic acceleration of charged particles out of the engine like a rocket. The science is sound but websites such as the Fermilab particle accelerator keep mentioning the big bang theory as part of their astrophysics. Is it to mislead us from the main goal of harnessing an endless supply of energy? There is speculation of Large Hadron Collider is on the verge of discoveries of the “hot dense matter” that was present milliseconds after the big bang. The need for anti-matter to fuel the Universe or any other fuel other than the hydrogen atom is not based on science. Plasma that makes up 99.997 percent of the universe and is the powerhouse of the expanding universe


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    • OpinionDuck profile image

      OpinionDuck 6 years ago

      The big bang is a big bust.

      It is a bootstrap to hang theories onto.

      Singularity that could hold the entire universe is beyond any understanding by science.

      Many of the scientific theories that we have our based on observation of the universe from our solar system. Cosmologists use red and blue and classify models to judge size and distance of other things in the universe. But these are just guesses based on what we think we know.

      We don't really know where we are because all of our references are relative. We don't know where the alleged singularity was or is, and we don't know if the universe is expanding or not. For that matter our vantage point could be the one that is moving away from the rest of the universe, it could be drawn by some force that we don't even know exists.

      We knew about gravity even before Sir Isaac Newton and we know more about it today. But we don't know how it really functions. Science makes many assumptions about it but it is more of a guess than a fact.

      For example, it would make more sense if our Sun and all the planets were revolving around it in a circle, instead of an ellipse with the Sun being at one end. You would think that when the Earth was going the farthest away from the Sun that it would just keep going. Especially when the Sun has been converting mass for over four billion years, the gravitational forces would have dramatically decreased. You would think that the massive asteroid and meteor belt would have an effect on the gravity equilibrium of the solar system. Especially where these asteroids collide into the planets, and moons in the solar system.

      The big bang has no answer for how the bang started but all that is in the universe would have had to been in the singularity. But it is also possible that the big bang could have been like the first break on a pool table. This would be possible if the singularity was a porthole and some force on the other side of it was in motion. this wouldn't answer the question of an expanding universe. But if the universe is expanding maybe it is due to forces on the other side, maybe even an opposing singularity.

    • OpinionDuck profile image

      OpinionDuck 6 years ago

      The phrase making something out of nothing, is meaningless. There is no connection between the biblical God and the universe. The bibles are very impressive works of writing, but so were the works of William Shakespeare.

      There is nothing in the bibles that give any details that can be verified in specific nor do they have any information that was not known by man at the time of their writing of the bibles.

    • profile image

      Tim Inman 6 years ago

      I took poetic licence in my article to explain that the explanation of a super-dense material that exploded in a big bang is a theory that cannot be true due to proven science from the Hubble Telescope proving the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate. I tried to be as simplistic as possible for everyone to understand that the universe is billions of years old but keeps expanding due to the unlimited power from the interactions of gravity, electromagnetism,light and motion in a plasma state.I made the point that the universe is made of plasma and we are just beginning to understand the particles that are unseen make up the energy that creates what is seen (matter). I also tried to make the point that the universe could never exist without the existence of space for the transformation of energy by using the plasma engine as an example. Space allows the energy equation for the universe to be balanced.I do not know the equation but I know that space makes it possible by allowing the frictionless motion of particles and the conversions and reconversions of energy and matter. If the universe only needed a plasma of hydrogen atoms to get started, then the mystery is how did the atoms come into existence? The self perpetuating engine known as the atom is pure "genius" and its' properties are still perplexing physicists. I propose that we no longer keep arguing the existence of God but in finding out the design of the Atom on the subatomic level.

    • OpinionDuck profile image

      OpinionDuck 6 years ago

      That is why they keep trying to find a unification theory.

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