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Drone Wars

Updated on August 27, 2017

The Post 911 World

Is it time for a New World Order? It is now 2017, the fog of war, and the battle against

terrorism has yet to disappear. We live under the law of dualism, “In order for peace,

you must prepare for war,” a theory that continues to shape world events, throughout

human history the horror of war has fallen upon mankind many times. The last World

War cost an estimated 55 million lives with civilian deaths making up over half

that number, it ended with the invention of the atom bomb mankind's

most destructive weapon. Will the human race ever evolve beyond the fool's

dream of using the threat of violence to end violence? Nations are now capable of

destroying a billion people in 30 minutes or less, leaving our planet too radioactive for

human habitation for the next millennium . The Cold War has been over for 20 years

yet we continue to point missiles at each other playing a global game of Russian

Roulette. In order to make the world a safer place, nations spend billions of dollars

every year on weapons for the sole purpose of making sure we never need to use

them. Certainly the acquisition of such idle stockpiles, which can only destroy and

never create is not the only efficient means of assuring peace.

Top Ten Deadliest Nuclear Missiles (ICBM)

The Post 911 World

What we should be most frightened of in this interconnected world we live in is the

dehumanizing effect of Modern War. Drone Wars are the next step in mankind's

evolution of warfare. A pilot sitting in a trailer in Nevada drops a bomb on a suspected

terrorist in Pakistan, so far away from the violence he loses contact with the murder

he has just committed. Should we trust our governments reasoning behind this killing,

to make the world a safer place for all its citizens? One man's terrorist is another

man's freedom fighter, I know this is an over used cliché, but the truth behind it is

real. Now that war has become Industrialized , corporate weapon production is now

a staggering $1,000 billion annually. Every year, the US Congressional Research

Service releases a report looking at arms transfers to the Developing World, these

reports we know as the Grimmett Report, after the author, Richard F. Grimmett. What

might shock you is that 5 UN Security Council members are generally the largest

arms dealers Worldwide, the United States leads the pack with a whopping

44% of the Global Arms Sales. This number does not include clandestine

arms transfers, so that number is likely an understatement.

The Post 911 World and The New Cold War

1. The Military Industrial Complex

Eisenhower warned that an immense military establishment had emerged as a

hidden force in American politics, and its people must not fail to comprehend its grave

implications. The new military-industrial complex is fueled by a conveniently

ambiguous enemy, the terrorist. The new coalition of companies, agencies, and

lobbyist dwarf the military-industrial complex known to Eisenhower. Perpetual war

represents perpetual profits for the purveyors of death. War is the closest thing to

hell on earth, for some it's a cash cow in a war-dependent economy. This is exactly

what Eisenhower described as the "misplaced power" of the military-industrial

complex, a power that makes public opposition and even thousands of dead soldiers

immaterial. Ike portrayed the world permanently perched on the brink of war,

with humanity hanging from a cross of iron, he asked Americans

to question the consequences and the path it would lead mankind. The

industrialization of war could lead to the crucifixion of mankind. Was Eisenhower

feeling guilty since he had Site-R, an underground bunker near Camp David,

when Soviet ICBMs tipped with nuclear warheads rained down upon the American

American public who where left out in the cold?

Rise of Drones


Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima

A uranium gun-type atomic bomb (Little Boy) was dropped on Hiroshima on

August 6, 1945, the bomb's blast was equivalent to 20,000 tons

of TNT. The death toll from the blast was about 140,000 by the

end of December 1945. American scientist calculated the proper

altitude to detonate Little Boy in order to effectively kill the most

civilians. After the end of the Second World War the United States

Army went back to Hiroshima to confirm their results, they continued

to conduct research on the survivors to determine the long term

effects of exposure to a nuclear detonation.

Hiroshima Shadow

When the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, the intensity of the

blast was of such intensity that it permanently burned shadows of

people and objects into the ground. These victims became ghosts of

the nuclear age, a reminder of the power of nuclear weapons and it

horror, who's bodies were converted to carbon by the bomb's intense heat.

United States Drop First H-Bomb

Hydrogen Bomb

Hydrogen Bomb

The hydrogen bomb is the single most destructive weapon ever

created by man. A hydrogen bomb can produce an estimated

explosive force of several millions of tons of TNT, reaching

more that 2,000 times the yield of the nuclear bombs

dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. The hydrogen

bomb would make the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and

Nagasaki look primitive.

Hydrogen Bomb Explosion

B-2 Stealth Bomber

The Flagship for America's arsenal of long range strike aircraft, the B-2 is a

low-observable strategic, long range bomber, capable of penetrating sophisticated

air-defense shields. Its futuristic profile comes from its unique “flying wing”

construction. The Stealth Bomber has a radar-absorbent coating known as

alternative high-frequency material (AHFM), its regarded as the most advanced

bomber in the world. The first operational B-2 stealth bomber, The Spirit of Missouri,

was delivered to Whiteman AFB in Missouri, on the 90th anniversary of the first

manned flight by the Wright brothers. An assessment published by the USAF

showed that two B-2s armed with precision weapons can do the job of 75

conventional aircraft, a total of 21 B-2s were built. Each B-2 aircraft cost the

American taxpayer 3 billion dollars, making it the most expensive bomber ever


The Stealth B2 Bomber

The Post 911 World

Any nation that pours it treasure in the purchase of armaments is spending more than

mere money it's spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the

hopes of its children. By diverting social capital from productive to destructive

purposes, war and the preparation for war deplete, rather than enhance, a nation's

strength. When Eisenhower was president, the CIA dominated the intelligence field.

Today, experts refer casually an intelligence community consisting of some 17

agencies. The cumulative size and payroll of the American intelligence apparatus

has grown by leaps and bounds in wake of the 9/11 attacks.

The Post 911 World

Under pressure officials have revealed that intelligence spending exceeds $80 billion

per year, more than either the Department of State ($49 billion), or the Department of

Homeland Security ($43 billion). The Pentagon's budget has more than doubled

since 9/11, to some $700 billion per year. In 2014, national security consumes

almost half of all federal discretionary dollars. One of the main causes of war

is extreme poverty, spending our tax dollars to battle poverty could prevent

the possibility conflicts in the future.


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