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The Powers That Be, Exploring the Mysteries of Planet Earth

Updated on October 18, 2015

Tarantula Nebula

Searching for answers to humankind's greatest mysteries is like trying to grasp the vastness of the Universe, it is never ending.
Searching for answers to humankind's greatest mysteries is like trying to grasp the vastness of the Universe, it is never ending. | Source

Earth's Magnetism

Because our planet Earth is a living breathing spiritual entity just as we are, it too seeks to Ascend to a higher consciousness, just as we do. The Earth travels in endless cycle of time through third dimensional space. These cycles are like a spiral through space, that allows it to enter regions of space that are infused with light particles from the central Sun of our Universe. Just as our planet orbits our Sun, our solar system orbits a different Sun known as Alcyone in the Pleiades star system.

The Mayans knew that our planet travelled in cycles they called the Great Year, through their intricate system of charting the stars, what some call the Mayan Calendar. Not only is the planet Earth and the solar system completing its cycle around the Sun known as Alcyone but the Earth is completing its own cycle around our Sun known as the Precession of the Equinoxes or Great Year. Both these cycles take roughly 26,000 year to complete and as our Earth and solar system travel through space they move through other spirals or vortexes of the ether, one of these was discovered by astronomers in the late 60s and named the Photon Belt.

This region of space, some call the Christ Consciousness, are infused with high frequency light particles that change all living matter on any planet that passes through it. These particles literally mutate DNA and matter to allow the natural evolution of life to expand into higher dimensions. It will take the Earth and our solar system 2,000 years to pass through this region of space. This is why the Mayan considered the end of this cycle, the beginning of a New Golden Age of Mankind

They knew that our planet would be moving into this region of space during this time period and noted it on their calendar system as December 21, 2012. They marked it as the end of one Great Year and the beginning of another. The Powers That Be to prevent the masses from understanding the nature of our Earth cycles, distorted this information through propaganda, books, movies and science as some great dark event and the End of Time.

Essentially, they were correct but not in the sense that mankind or our planet would meet some grim fate but that we would end the way we perceived time, as linear. This new cycle of time, that some are calling the New Golden Age of Mankind, will allow humanity to move with the planet Earth into a higher dimension, the 5th Dimension.

As we begin this new cycle, humanities DNA and all the DNA on the planet, is being changed through these light particles, we call photons, to allow us to evolve spiritually and mentally. These photons are like a vast vortex of electromagnetism that charges the ether at a different higher frequency, which the planet is passing through. This higher frequency of electromagnetism is infused into our cell structure, to fundamentally alter our perceptions, how we think and even how we act.

Now to be sure this is a gradual, barely noticeable phenomenon but what it means is that everything we think, just like magnetism we attract to us. So if we live in fear we will attract fear to us, if we live in joy and love we will attract that to us as well. We will literally begin to recognize this new frequency by how our world changes around us. We may not be consciously aware of the changes, until we learn through experience how our thinking is evolving our world.

Because The Powers That Be, Exploring the Mysteries of Planet Earth are afraid of losing their grip of control on humanity through fear and the manipulation and censorship of knowledge, they try to suppress this information.


From the Pleiadian star system spirals a vortex of high frequency energy known as the Photon Belt.
From the Pleiadian star system spirals a vortex of high frequency energy known as the Photon Belt. | Source

Mysteries vs Proof

In this article The Powers That Be, Exploring the Mysteries of Planet Earth, I will tackle the difficult subject of learning how to find the truth when we are bombarded by so many theories, hypotheses and 'supposed' facts, that we don't know what to accept as the truth. I will explore what we 'think' we know compared to what 'feels' right. I will show how speculation, critical thinking and maintaining an open mind can lead to many very simple truths, that are undeniable. I will try to give many different sources and links to them so that the reader can decide for themselves what is true.

There are a few fundamental questions that everyone on this planet has asked themselves at some point in their lives, among them are;

  • How did the human race begin?

  • Is there other intelligent life out there?

  • Is there really an omniscient entity that created everything?

  • What will happen to ME when I die?

Of course when we try to answer these questions by researching them, reading about these topics or simply think about them it leads us to even more questions, without the satisfaction of clear cut answers. Because of this many people simply give up and concentrate on the problems and difficulties of their daily lives, which is only natural.

I too try to answer these questions and I do this by writing articles about them. I have found that this is a way for me to clarify my thought process by putting them into written words. Because we all absorb a massive amount of information, even on just a daily basis but we rarely organize it, research it and explore it. This leads to us forgetting interesting details or exploring new ideas and we just forget about them.

Because of this tendency to move on to other subjects without fully exploring the ones we have questions to, they never get answered. It is information overload and believe it or not our society has been designed specifically for this to happen, just as it does.

That is why I included The Powers That Be in the title to this article. To clarify, when I refer to The Powers That Be what I am implying is the very small minority of humans that really control, manipulate and run this entire planet.

Make no mistake about it there exist today a small group of men and women that control through finance, power, greed and influence everything that happens in our world today!

Through meetings and councils, such as the Bilderberg Group and Council on Foreign Relations, these 'think tanks' decide how to manipulate world finance, start wars, famines, diseases, healthcare initiatives, even the way we think by controlling what we see on TV.

So by simply overloading the amount of information available to the average human, they don't ever have to answer any questions or provide any clear cut answers, because they know that when the average human becomes bored, frustrated or confused with any subject they will move on to the next one.

They know how the human mind operates, how it thinks and because of this they know how to manipulate it. That is why so many information retrieval devices have been invented, marketed and made available to the average man, so that they will be distracted, entertained and occupied. This tactic was designed, conceived of and implemented hundreds of years ago to prevent the average man from taking the time to answer the fundamental questions that he has searched for since his time on this planet began.

Because The Powers That Be have no intentions of ever offering absolute proof to any of the more profound questions we seek answers too, it is up to us, the average man, to make the time necessary to discover these answers for ourselves.

So the true question it raises is how do we find proof for these questions, when we are overloaded with 'scientific theories', conspiratorial hypothesis and fantastic ideas.

We learn to think with our hearts, that tiny God spark that is inside all of us because it knows the truth.

The one thing everybody wants, that will unequivocally define our paradigm or understanding of the Universe, is the one thing The Powers That Be will never, ever give us and that is the knowledge we all seek. Because Knowledge is Power and as long as we keep searching for answers, they can keep the merry-go round of information spinning endlessly and no one will ever get off.

Flower Of Life

Notice that all of the platonic solids, can be made from the Flower of Life by connecting intersecting lines
Notice that all of the platonic solids, can be made from the Flower of Life by connecting intersecting lines | Source

Flower of Life

If you will study the picture above you will recognize some fundamental truths that at first you may not be consciously aware of, this is important information that the Powers That Be wish to remain hidden and because of this it is not taught in our education system.

The Flower of Life as it is called begins with the simple shape of one circle, with six other circles at a 30º crossing at its exact center, making up 7 circles, like the days of the week, this is not a coincidence as we will learn. By adding six more circles to the circumference of the original circle at a 30º with a different starting point, the shape begins to take form. We then place six more circles to the circumference with a different starting point and we arrive with the flower.

Of course six times 30 is 180 which is exactly half of the degrees which make up a sphere (360). This Flower of Life is important, as it was known to ancient man. Because to understand our future we must recognize our past, everything is connected. Understanding this allows us to create shapes by connecting where the circles cross each other. These shapes are known as the platonic solids, the building blocks of the Universe.

What I mean by this is that, all matter at a subatomic level exist uses these platonic solid shapes to create form. The five platonic solids are listed below showing the name, 2nd dimensional shape, the number of sides and the element it is connected too.

  • Tetrahedron (pyramid), made up of four sides (Fire).

  • Hexahedron (cube), which six sided (Earth).

  • Octahedron (diamond), which eight sided (Air).

  • Icosahedron (star), which has twenty sides an is connected too (Water).

  • Dodecahedron (pentagon), which is twelve sides (Universe).

These platonic solids are fundamental to our understanding the Universe and help us to recognize this connection, As Above, So Below.

In the late 60s and early 70s the power of the pyramid or tetrahedron was being touted as an esoteric symbol of the New Age movement. The Powers That Be realized that if this knowledge was explored and understood, that the general public might begin to recognize the true nature of their existence.

So, a campaign of deception, censorship and ridicule began to condition the public to think of this knowledge and what it represented as silly and unfounded by scientific fact. This tactic has been used over and over again to prevent the public from not only becoming aware of what our ancestors took for granted as common knowledge but to keep us from exploring our spiritual nature, even to the point of labelling it as a conspiracy.

To this day any new information that might threaten The Powers That Be firm grip on knowledge that could potentially unlock the true nature of humanity is ridiculed, scorned and touted as conspiratorial esoteric nonsense. That is why articles such as this one, The Powers That Be, Exploring the Mysteries of Planet Earth are so important to our world at this moment because they help us to explore and understand the hidden knowledge that allows us to make connections with our higher selves.

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Pyramid Power

This structure is part of the natural power grid of Earth, designed to transmit and receive the electromagnetic energy of the planet.
This structure is part of the natural power grid of Earth, designed to transmit and receive the electromagnetic energy of the planet. | Source

Human Race

When our planet Earth had evolved to the point where intelligent life could be introduced, it was. We did not begin in the primordial soup, that the scientist that propound the theory of evolution, would have us believe. According to the book The Gnosis and the Lawwe were planted here much like you would plant a garden in your backyard.

A race of beings that are actually very much like us in physical appearance, whose job it is to seed and nurture planets capable of supporting intelligent life, were tasked with creating and introducing life on this planet, see Keepers of the Garden by Dolores Cannon. After it had been determined that our planet (Earth) had evolved to the point where intelligent human life could exist and thrive we were grown elsewhere and brought here to begin the process of developing as a species.

This concept of humans being grown elsewhere specifically for this planet and introduced to Earth millions of years ago, can be found in many different sources of information too numerous to list here, suffice to say that it is not a new idea.

These beings belong to a civilization that is millions of years old and whom took the job as a race to be the Gardeners of Life not just our planet but millions of other planets throughout our Galaxy. They have extended life spans of thousands of years but do die as all life does and each generation continues their mission with the same purpose of existence.

The planet Earth is already in the process of evolving to the next evolutionary stage and will not be hindered in its advancement by those living on its surface. So those that have the capacity to evolve with it, will and those that do not, will be removed and located elsewhere to continue their spiritual evolution.

Contrary to popular belief ours is not the first advanced civilization to exist on this planet but it will be the last. The advanced civilization of Atlantis and Lemuria began around 4.5 million years ago, after three previous human civilizations Ascended and endured right up until about 12,000 years ago. However advanced civilizations existed on this planet even before them (7 million years ago) and either left to explore the Galaxy or destroyed themselves through warfare or Ascended.

Furthermore another intelligent species of humans evolved along with us, what we call Neanderthal Man but as our species became more warlike and aggressive they became more passive and nature oriented.

Since they are predominantly telepathic in nature and have only a rudimentary form of verbal communication, they were able to express (telepathically) their desire as a species to evolve along a different path, than ours. Their desire was heard and answered by the Council of Worlds and thus they were given the means to co-exist with us by living out their lives in remote parts of the planet inhospitable to modern humans.

They are occasionally seen by us and misidentified as Big Foot, Yeti or the Abominable Snowman but do exist living in caves, high mountain valley's and the deep woods and jungles of our planet. Their keen telepathic abilities, that they have developed over millions of years, allow them to identify us even when we are many miles away and so avoid us. However to be sure all humans possess the ability to communicate telepathically on this planet, we just have lost this ability after thousands of years of disuse.

As various cultures and groups of humans evolved on this planet some became more advanced spiritually and mentally and evolved quicker than others. Most of the various cultures of our current civilization has adapted and evolved an aggressive warlike orientation to solve disputes and unfortunately this too is by design. However despite having so many warring aggressive people around them the Nation of Tibet has adopted a peaceful orientation, providing hope for all mankind.

The last war Tibet participated in was 1,300 years ago proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that warfare is not human nature but was conditioned into our society as a means of control. Neanderthal Man does not practice warfare with us or each other and has existed for millions of years. Both Tibet and Neanderthal Man practice telepathy, both societies (cultures) are spiritually oriented towards nature, both societies do not engage in warfare but practice avoidance, live and let live, this is not a coincidence.

What is important to recognize is that, despite the best efforts of The Powers That Be, a vast majority of our current population is becoming aware of the deception and censorship that has prevailed on this planet for thousands of years. Mankind has entered a New Golden Age of spiritual, physical and societal prosperity that will usher in many new wonders and advancements not even remotely imagined even twenty years ago.

In our lifetimes many concerns such as energy, finance, pollution, hunger, disease, health care, transportation, government and even space travel will change dramatically for the better. It will be hard to see from our current perspective but rest assured these changes are just around the corner. The Powers That Be, Exploring the Mysteries of Planet Earth is my attempt to help all of us usher in this new Golden Age of Mankind with hope and promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Lost City of Atlantis

according to many sources the City of Atlantis was built in concentric rings with large canals separating them.
according to many sources the City of Atlantis was built in concentric rings with large canals separating them. | Source

The Cabal Attacks The Council & Ascended Masters

Usually the Council of Worlds, Ascended Masters and other benevolent Aliens that work tirelessly to help third dimensional worlds to Ascend and evolve to the next spiritual level, do not interfere with the natural developments, such as war, famine, plagues and natural disasters. In essence they allow free will to rule, the freedom to choose ones destiny.

However a couple of weeks ago they were working with the Cabal to reach a treaty and incarnated into third dimensional physical bodies to meet with these Dark Ones on the planet. They were attacked with a nuclear weapon (mini-nuke) when travelling to the meeting site and barely escaped without harm. God decided to intervene at this point and remove all the Dark Ones from this planet.

This does not mean their physical bodies have been removed, only their souls (higher selves) have been removed. They have been moved to a 4th dimensional temple where they will stay until they have fully integrated into the light. If they choose not to go through this process their soul will be disintegrated and they will cease to exist, their body will die here in 3rd dimension space. To them this process may seem to take thousands of years, but 4th dimensional space exist out of time.

When they have been fully returned to the light, completely reviewed by their assigned Angels and Ascended Masters, they will be returned to their bodies and only a moment of time will have elapsed. The Council, through the direction of God, gave the Dark Souls of this planet, one week to come to the light for rehabilitation. On February 11, 2015 at 8:00 p.m., 5 million Dark Souls were removed from our planet never to return.

What this means for the planet Earth is that we (the rest of us) now will have the ability to create a new paradigm without the interference of many of the most evil and despicable humans on the planet. We have the opportunity now to meet with Alien civilizations, create new energy sources, clean up our environment, reinvent our education system and essentially have the freedom to live they way we choose.

More information about this intervention can be found at or can be listen to in a radio channel-cast, by Kathryn May. I encourage everyone whom reads this to visit the site or listen to the blogtalkradio program for better clarification.

Intelligent Life in the Universe

As it stands right now, if one were to give polls much credence, 75% of the Worlds population already believes that intelligent life exist in the Universe and of those 60% believe that Earth has already been visited by EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities).

In what is known as Public Acclimation Project (PAP) scientist, writers, movie directors, TV producers, researchers and reporters are routinely given information to help prepare the public for eventual Full Disclosure. This has been going on for decades now but is most predominant in movies and TV shows but also through new technology and inventions.

However what is important to recognize is that most of this advanced technology has been slowly introduced into society since the subsequent 'crash' of an Alien spacecraft in the New Mexican dessert in 1947. This is not a coincidence, as the US Military decided the best way to reverse engineer much of that technology was to put it in the hands of Corporations that could make a huge profit if they could determine how the technology worked.

NASA is also involved in acclimating the public to eventual Full Disclosure by releasing various Mars photographs that show that life existed on this planet in the past and is even there now to a limited extent. has picked up on many of these stories and are promoting them in the form of speculative articles, which allows the public to comment and discuss these photographs in an open forum.

The Council of Worlds, which is a body of Alien civilizations that have banded together to instill law and order in this section of our Galaxy, have also been revealing their presence in the form of allowing UFOs to be photographed, video taped and recorded by the public.

This governing body has kept our planet in quarantine for the last 12,000 years to allow the current human species (us) to develop and evolve in a more natural setting. The Council of Worlds controls how much information the public receives, any new major archeological discoveries that reveal our past to occur, new scientific discoveries to be made, what satellites and probes are allowed into space and how wars, diseases and other man made 'natural disasters' take place.

They do this to awaken the planet and to control the Powers That Be from limiting the public through deception and manipulation. Make no mistake the only competition the Powers That Be/Dark Cabal/Illuminati have are with the Council of Worlds, our rulers are waging a secret war with the Council for control of the public and are losing, badly.

As of Wednesday 8:00 p.m. February 11th, 2015, the last vestiges of the top tier of Cabal/Illuminati or Powers That Be leadership and underlies, as I choose to call them, have been removed from the planet. We are no longer governed by these greedy, power hungry and Service To Self (STS) oriented beings. What this means is their souls (5 million total) or higher selves have been removed from this dimension of space into the 5th dimension for reeducation and re-indoctrination.

In essence they are going through the process of death, without returning to the recycling process that by-passes the 5th dimension and God. Many years ago (thousands of years ago) the Cabal or Dark Ones that ruled this planet, learned how to recycle their souls through the 4th dimension, without having to go through the process the rest of us do that requires we review our just finished lives, after death. This enabled them to retain their memories and recycle into a new body almost immediately, without having to go through any kind of review process. For more information on this ability the Dark Cabal learned to do to avoid the death process read Alien Interview.

Because our conditioning has gone on for untold generations and we have lived our lives basically through fear and ignorance, filling the vacuum left by these souls will take some time too develop. However it is now up to us to take control of our own destiny and shape a new paradigm closer to the heart. The Council of Worldsand Ascended Masters have done this to level the playing field and allow humanity on this planet to create the New Golden Age of Man, as they so choose.


I have talked to many people lately that have felt betrayed by their concept of God, taught to them throughout their entire lives and are searching, confused and angry.

What is important for the reader to realize is that most of my life (at least forty years) was spent as an agnostic. I basically didn't care whether God existed or not, as I did not see how it would affect my life.

What changed for me was when I learned how to live a sober life. I was told that for me to become sober I would have to create my own version of a higher power, so that I could pray to this power. It took me many years to fully create this concept in my mind however I did formulate an idea early on and built on it as my mind became clearer.

What amazed me almost immediately was that the power of prayer worked, not always how I wanted it too but it did work. I stopped thinking that coincidences were just a natural phenomenon and really began to notice how staying positive at all times seemed to attract positive things to happen to me.

My Spiritual Awakeningis what William James, a social psychologist calls, 'of the educational variety' because it came about slowly, no bright white lights or Angels. After about six years of living sober I did have an epiphany, which was more akin to aEducational Awakeningof the spiritual variety.

What I mean by this is I learned how to 'think' with my heart, instead of my mind. The mind can be changed very easily with logical arguments, evidence and proof. When one learns to think with your heart they no longer need proof, evidence or logic, it is not required.

This can be accomplished by learning to communicate with that God spark, higher self or soul that is inherent in all of us, through prayer, meditation and dreams.

When people express their dissatisfaction with their current conception of God, I remind them that everything happens for a reason in God's Universe and this maybe a way of telling you to explore more esoteric new age avenues of perception, after all it is still God's Universe, that does not change.

When we move or Ascend to the next level of human evolution what changes or evolves is our perception, the way we think, how we recognize the world round us. So becoming aware of all levels of spiritual elements affords us the opportunity to grow and to learn. Gaining more understanding to the spiritual elements all around us, allows us to recognize what has been denied and censored from our education system.

That is why I write articles such as this one The Powers That Be, Exploring the Mysteries of Planet Earth to share with others what I have learned on the difficult path to the truth.

Leonardo da Vinci

Is this your vision of the Creator of All?
Is this your vision of the Creator of All? | Source

Seal Of the Knights Templar

The seal of the Knights Templar shows their mission to escort pilgrims to the Holy Land and that they often rode double.
The seal of the Knights Templar shows their mission to escort pilgrims to the Holy Land and that they often rode double. | Source

List of Books on the Afterlife

These books I share with you all explore the same basic theme of what happens to us when we die but are only the ones I have read and can be sure share the same philosophies I have garnered in my lifetime. Of course considering the nature of the subject matter, they can only represent opinions through discovery and research and should not be considered foregone conclusions.

Michael Newton PH.D., Journey Of Souls (1994), is a must read for anyone exploring the nature of human experience with the afterlife. Using twenty-nine different people put into a super-conscious state, a technique not entirely unique to his research and therapy but designed by him for this purpose, he is able to record what these people experienced in between lives.

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, I Believe (1977), was one of the last books he wrote (17th), it deals almost exclusively on the subject of life after death or between lives. His first book The Third Eye and all the books in between, do include information on this subject this book is dedicated to this subject, exclusively.

Dolores Cannon, Convoluted Universe(2001) should probable be read after Custodians, as it is its sequel, this book has more to do with information concerning life between life, than the first book, that is more about Alien interaction with humanity. The Convoluted Universe relies on Dolores' own version Hypnotic Regression Therapy to pluck from the memories of her patients an amazing detailed account of not only the physical Universe we go to after death but our purpose for being there. Another book by her entitled The Three Waves Of Volunteersalso explores this subject but is more about incarnating souls here to assist with our Ascension.

Bob Frissell, You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience (2001), while by no means can be considered a look into the world of the afterlife, does give the reader a starting point in the form a spiritual handbook for the uninitiated.

Barbara Hand Clow, The Pleiadian Agenda, (1995), gives the reader a look into the mind and spirit from an Alien and Cosmological perspective and will help the reader to recognize that humanities destiny can be found inside all of us. This groundbreaking book allows the reader to connect with a philosophy so profound that the afterlife can only be a foregone conclusion.

David Morehouse, Psychic Warrior, (1996) while this book deals more with remote viewing it does give the reader a glimpse into how one man, a highly decorated and conservative Army Officer, deals with such issues as reincarnation, the afterlife, other dimensions and mysteries far beyond the purview of his military training.

These are just a few books that deal with this fascinating subject but should give the serious researcher a wide variety of paths and directions to take when searching for their own version of what to accept as the truth.

Life After Death

There are many schools of thought about what happens to you when you die and for many years I just felt that your body returned to the Earth and that you ceased to exist but that has all changed and I feel somewhat foolish for ever thinking that.

I now feel, based on numerous books I've read on the subject, research, meditation, contemplation and prayer that one fairly short lifetime on this planet does not afford anyone enough time to learn all the lessons one would need to Ascend to a higher state of being. That only through numerous reincarnations over thousands and perhaps even millions of years could a soul achieve the experience necessary to accomplish this.

Numerous religious principles follow this line of reasoning as well but much of this information, including the teachings of Jesus, have been censored, ridiculed and derided as nonsense in Western culture. The New Age Movement in the 60s tried to reintroduce this concept to America and that is why it was infiltrated and disrupted from within. Almost all of Eastern philosophy accepts this premise and various Buddhists sects describe its inner workings in some detail.

I submit to the reader, that this censorship was done on purpose and not out of any religious differences. The Catholic Church and its many off-shoots have discouraged this line of reasoning, despite the teachings of Jesus, which it is/was based on. This fact alone, should give anyone pause, when considering the wide spread implications behind it.

Try to remember, that our entire sociological structure revolves around the all pervasive fear of death. When one considers this, it opens up whole new avenues of thought, that reveal why the concept that Jesus Died on the Cross for our sins, was contrived. If one considers this concept was designed specifically to alleviate our sins and eradicate any bad karma, then one will recognize why the teachings of Jesus about Karma and reincarnation was for the most part deleted from the Bible by the Council of Nicaea.

These teachings and even perhaps the bloodline of Christ, that have long remained suppressed, may have been the very information retrieved by the Knights Templar, that enabled them to blackmail the Church and rise to absolute power in Europe during the Crusades.

Consider for a moment his true purpose for allowing himself to be crucified, for surely the Son of God knew his own fate, was to show that indeed, the after life existed. Furthermore he taught that each human was responsible for their own karma and that no human could take another's Karma as his own. These two concepts, if they had been taught, explored and recognized for the last two thousand years would have altered man's inexplicable fear of death and could potentially have altered all of human history during that time.

My own concept of death is of a more esoteric nature, however having never truly faced my own impending death with any certainty, I cannot say if my own philosophical thinking on the matter will alleviate any fear of its prospect. However I can describe to the reader and share with you the research that lead to this paradigm.

I have come to my conclusions from numerous sources, mostly through books on the subject of the afterlife and will share them with in a side bar to this text capsule.

My thinking on the matter is, that our soul uses this vehicle or body if you will, as an Avatar so as too experience emotions and physicality in third dimensional space. That when this vehicle wears down or becomes diseased beyond repair, it simple ceases to function. The soul then leaves the vehicle using fourth dimension space, which is merely a highway system between dimensions, to move back to its original starting point or way station.

Here the soul undergoes a rigorous review process that reveals, the impact of choices made by the vehicle during its last incarnation, on other vehicles and its own emotional spiritual state of being. It is in reality a way to relive the events, choices and emotions derived from their previous incarnation and to learn how better choices could've been made, what lessons can be learned from them and how to avoid any spiritual setbacks in the future.

As I said above The Powers That Be learned a way to avoid having to go through this process, after death, retaining all of their memories from past lives and reincarnating almost immediately. This avoidance process is what allowed them to have an advantage over other reincarnating beings on Earth and in essence gave them a degree of immortality by retaining previous information gained in past lives. So while their bodies were not immortal their souls did not go through the re-education process of having to gain information through life experiences from the moment of birth. This distinct edge allowed them to reintegrate back into the secret rich elite societies that in reality have controlled this planet for untold generations.

As I noted above this Dark Cabal has been removed from our planet to begin the process they learned to avoid for so many lifetimes ago. There are many mysteries left to explore but humanity will no longer be hindered by the select few I call The Powers That Be, there time is done. This article The Powers That Be, Exploring the Mysteries of Planet Earth touched on just a small number of the profound mysteries involving the planet Earth and the human race that calls it home.

Akashic Records

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