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The Problems Of Life

Updated on April 17, 2016

The Bible calls the problem that comes our way in life "light afflictions". Besides, this affliction is not from God but from the devil to get you out of your destiny. I want you to have a mindset that your problem cannot kill you, but will rather draw the attention of God to you. In other words, problem are stepping stones to higher ground, so many people feel that when problems comes, it appears God is very far from them.

This can only be true when you are not in good relationship with God. But when you are in good relationship with God you can be rest assured that you are getting closer to your breakthrough. Nonetheless, the more your problems get bigger, the more God is ready to do greater miracles in your life.

There is always the story behind any glory. No glory comes without a story. You might be humiliated and hated because of the conditions of things around you now or because of your belief, you must learn to endure your present situations, never allow your problems to prevail against the plans of God for your life. Therefore, I crave your indulgence to ready to face problems that comes your way, because if you fight and run away today, then you should be ready to fight another day.

The problem you fail to overcome today will wait for you in the future. If you overcome the devil at first, he will be afraid to come through that same way, because he knows that, the same God who gave you the power to overcome him the previous time will also give you the power to overcome him forever.

However every problem has an expiring date. Though God sometimes permit the devil to afflict his children, it is because he has confidence in them. The power of the devil has a limit; he cannot operate beyond where God want him to that is why you must not be afraid whenever you find yourself in any problem.

This is because he is always afraid of those who know what the word of God says concerning them. But when you don't know the word of God, the devil will always want to exercise authority over you. And if you are not careful enough, you will see yourself meditating on those problems, which can make you to live a destabilized life.

Giving attention to problem does not help a situation; the only thing that can help you is to always reject every unfavorable condition that comes your way. Don't ever see them as your problem, because it is what you accept you will receive. Besides, you have to always speak positively, because life and death are in the power of the tongue.

And you can even determine your future with your confession. It is with the confession of the mouth that so many have also chattered their destiny. Therefore you must be very wise when using your tongue even when problems are mounted up before you, because in no distance time they shall be leveled before you in Jesus Name Amen.


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    • jawwadsaif profile image

      jawwadsaif 6 years ago

      A very convincing hub. I hope to see more from you. Thanks for sharing..

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      God is infinite while the Devil is not. The option depends within us.

      Thanks for sharing Vicogon40. This is a well-written hub. :D