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The Pros and Cons of Aerial Drones

Updated on August 22, 2016

The Pros and Cons of Aerial Drones

Drones are very popular today, due to their various uses. Drones are known as unmanned aerial Vehicle (UEV) as they are not directly piloted. A computer or a remote control is used for operating the drones by the controlling person. Drone usage is perceived by some people as unethical while others view its advantages in terms of accurate surveillance.

The pros of Drones

Drones are cost-effective and cheap: drones are generally cheaper and easier to maintain compared to normal aircraft. Drones use less fuel, thereby reducing the cost of fuel. For instance, in Agriculture, spraying of crops as well as planting could be done by drones.

Lifesaving Ability: Drones has saved lives of military personnel when hunted down because they are unmanned. No lives will be lost as risks common to boots on ground missions are eliminated.

Benefit to multiple industries: Agriculture, which is the major Sustainer of human lives could potentially benefit from the use of drones as it could save us several man hours. While telecommunication, transportation, weather forecast, search and rescue operation, and oil and gas exploration could be transformed through drones.

Hours of operation are not fixed: Drones have longer operation hours and are not subjected to fatigue as a man. Though there may be a need for the changing of the controlling personnel after a given period of time.

Accuracy is guaranteed: When drones are operating from high altitudes they have a high accuracy as this reduces any harm to civilians and buildings. Bombs, mines, mortars and shells cause more collateral damage to people and properties as traditional weapons of war than Drones.

International laws legalize Drone strikes: Article 51 of the UN Charter allows a nation to defend itself when it has been attacked. Drones can be used for personal defense by any nation.

Lower risk of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for drone pilots: Drones pilot are not present physically on the battlefield and can continue to live a normal civilian life in their country. This reduces their risk of serious injury or death.

Impact on jobs: Robots are perceived to be gradually taking over jobs of human. But how true is this? This industry will require the services of monitors, maintenance officers, controllers and manufacturers in order to take off successfully. The industry will require new positions instead of taking away jobs.

Cons of Aerial Drones

Limited Ability: Drones cannot communicate effectively for far reached intelligence with the people. Abandoned equipment and war victims cannot be picked up by drones.

Operators may have psychological and emotional stress: The lack of a clear demarcation between personal life and combat, guilt feeling of being an aerial sniper and the isolation during work hour exposes the operator to a higher level of health risk.

Disruption to civilian life: Between 8 to 17% of death resulting from drone strikes are on civilians. Drones movement is also a form of terrorism as it frightens both old and young, disturbs sleep and disrupt schooling for kids.

The military is continuing the use of drones around the world as they believe the advantages outweighs the disadvantages. The number of Drones in the military arsenal is increasing by the day.

© 2016 Alagbe Adedeji Simon


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