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The Purpose of Life: From The Very Beginning

Updated on March 8, 2013

How We Came Into Existance

*This is how I have come to know Life and our existence."

To understand the purpose of Life, we must first come to understand how we human beings came to exist here on planet Earth.

In the very beginning all there was, was a pure and divine energy. This divine source was perfect in every way. It was all there was, and all there ever will be till the end of time itself. It was all knowing. There was not a thing it did not know. This all knowing energy could not be created, nor could it be destroyed, therefore there was no way that it could NOT exist.

This great and perfect energy became known today by many names. One of which we all know as "GOD" It does not matter what we call it. It is what it is. There is not a right or wrong word to call it. For now we can call it "The Divine."

So this "Divine Source" came to know that there was only one thing that it could NOT be. And that was SEPARATE. The Divine Source came up with a marvelous and perfect plan. "I will divide myself into smaller portions at lower frequency so that I can learn who I am by experience" From here what we know as "The Big Bang" or "Genesis" of the Bible. The Source created Earth.

He made it perfect. On Earth, He made it possible for his people to choose between one thing or the other, and to choose who they are in relation to it, so that he can come to know who he is in experience. "How could we come to know we are the light, if there was no darkness to compare it to?, and how could we know We Are All One, if we don't first realize Separation " Not one thing on Earth could exist without its opposite. "The story of Adam and Eve helped this understanding." Because of this, he granted us our freedom. And we were given all his gifts so that we may create like he did. We were born with a clean slate. Forced to forget of wince we came so that we may only find our way back by choice.

Naturally. We quickly realized that everything here had its opposite. We came to know that there was a greater source even though we could not see it. We also decided that since everything had an opposite. Then the heavens, and GOD must have an opposite too.

These facts were someone true, but not fully. "Hell" was only a place humans can create within themselves. And "Satan" was that of Evil in man. No matter what. We all return back to the source. And we come again and again,Till we get it right.

This is just a small summery of the basics. IT is way more dynamic and goes much much further. This is merely the beginning. I will have more to share on this subject in the near future.


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    • Kuroodia profile image

      Claudia 4 years ago from Mid-Missouri

      I am glad to be of help. Although. We all know from where we came. We just need to be reminded.

    • profile image

      sanya batra 4 years ago

      This is so much facinating !! :D m finally so clear ! thankyouuu :D