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The Quiet Life of a Recent Wave

Updated on December 29, 2011

The Quiet Life of a Recent Wave, poetry by Joanne Kathleen Farrell

A recent wave

paints the velvet smooth shore

when casting out it's foam.

A starfish is laid to eternal rest

among bird, rock, and clam.

Gulls call to the wave and shout to the wind

as he retreats all over again.

Like an oarsman stroking closer to land

in determined melody,

coating rocks wet with a gentle splash.

He's almost mocking me.

Rhapsodical it traces in and out

on the unfrequented beach.

Alto, than soprano

delicately pattered

measuring time as he traces laggard.

It flows over a coffer hidden in powder sand

and in clockwork cadence he dances away.

Ascending then resurrecting

it captures an infant shellback and pulls it out to sea.

The quiet life of a recent wave was not meant for me to see.

For where is my rythm,

my anthem, my song

my God blessed mission

the place where I belong?

I quest to touch the shores of purpose

and live trapped in the narrows unmoved.

It's lonely during the gale of night

how I pray for it to end.

Relentlessly I conserve myself,

my strength for holding on.

I brave the tumbling labyrinth.

My endless courage has carried me thus far.

Here I search for a guiding star

and wait for the sea to calm.

By Joanne Kathleen Farrell written February 2009, by the author of Liberty For The Lion Shield


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