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The Real Nature Of The Universe: Playing The CD-ROM Of Existence

Updated on June 30, 2009

For example, if the data is on a CD-ROM its entire contents exist all at once on that disk. It's all there, all at once. But until you place the disc in the computer, the machine is not aware of its existence. In order to be made aware of its existence, it has to read the contents of the disc, digit by digit, in a specific, known order. Change the order and you've scrambled the processing ability of the computer. At any given time in the processing of the data on the disk the computer is only aware of what it has read so far. It can comprehend what it has gone through up to that instant, but can have no inkling of what the next byte of data will hold.

If the information enclosed on the disk is the events in your life, and if you place yourself in the position of the computer, you realize that time is an artificial construct which your mind utilizes to allow it to comprehend existence. Reality is always there, all the time. The past, present and future are indelibly engraved onto that fixed disc, yet the only thing that keeps us from realizing it is that we are too limited in our capacity to process that information. We can only handle it a bit at a time. If we tried to process it all at once we would overload and fry our circuits.

And just like a computer's program invariably controls every aspect of the way it processes data, our mind-program dictates how we perceive existence. When we look at time in this manner we begin to comprehend that all events are always there, and what we had for breakfast yesterday is just as fixed and invariable as what we will have for breakfast tomorrow.

That brings us to what we can call the illusion of self-determination. Because of the inescapability of our program we believe that there is an element of choice in everything we do. We can choose to have waffles for breakfast tomorrow morning or we can choose pancakes. Either way, it's our choice, and we can have either one, neither or both. We are completely free.


These future events are invariable and fixed. Not only can any attempt to change them fail, but the actual attempt to change them will be, like all other events, a natural precursor to the foreseen event.

What you will have for breakfast tomorrow is indelibly fixed onto the master disc of time/space which you are presently processing. Your very choice of pancakes vs. waffles is a result of an almost impossibly complex series of experiences and memories. You make your decisions based solely on your judgement of a particular situation, and that judgement is invariably ruled by the fact that you are the sum of your experiences. If anyone else was exactly the sum of exactly the same experiences, they would always make exactly the same choices as you, in everything from breakfasts to careers to marriage. But then they would be you!

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