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The Real Nature Of The Universe: Postulating A Single Dimension

Updated on June 30, 2009

We can take this one step further and postulate the meaninglessness of the entire concept of breaking down all of reality onto a stilted and artificial grid system. There are no three spatial dimensions... there is only one spatial dimension: the dimension of existence. All things that exist must be able to be identified on all of these "three spatial dimensions," So if these dimensions cannot be broken down individually, what is the purpose for inventing them in the first place? Furthermore, if we deal with anything without consideration to the dimension of time, we also end up with nothing. We're right back into the multiplying by zero situation.

Therefore we can also conclude that time is just another indivisible and indistinguishable aspect of the single dimension of existence: When we take this concept to the further extent of the impossibly convoluted 10th-dimension of superstrings, we see that the reason whereby this is all so complicated to understand is because there is no 10th dimension, just like there is no 2nd, 3rd, or 4th!

We begin to comprehend that once we analyze something past the level of utter complexity we realize that we are looking at utter simplicity. And if there is one rule in the universe, it is that the only way to understand complex things is to look at them in the simplest, most wholistic manner possible. By breaking down existence into grids, we are just compounding a misunderstanding to encompass an even greater misunderstanding. All things which exist, simply exist. All events which occur, simply occur, at precisely the point in space / time where they are supposed to occur. To accept anything else postulates the existence of choice and the infinite variability of the universe.

"Now just hold on a minute!" you're probably saying. "I've read all this stuff and although I'm getting one helluva migraine, I've more or less followed you so far. But now are you trying to tell me that there is no such thing as choice?"


"Oh you think so, huh," you're now replying. "Watch me exercise my non-existent possibility of choice by typing in onto my address bar so I don't have to read this crap anymore and I can go regale myself with some lobotomized lenses for a while."

You are of course free to do so, but that still does not connote any inkling of absolute choice. You are still trapped in your illusion of self-determination.

The feared monster "Paradox" now seems to have reared its ugly head, doesn't it? Not really, since in effect there are no paradoxes. A paradox is only a manifestation of a misunderstanding of the ground rules. And the ground rules are: If you have a complex answer and a simple answer, the simple one is usually right.

The simple answer to the apparent paradox of time is that, as we hinted at before, time is not an absolute, but just a manifestation of human perception.

"Okay, wiseguy, whazzat mean?"

To put it as simply as possible, time only exists as a way for your mind to process information. When a computer processes data it only does it one digit at a time, one after the other. The order of the digits regulates whether you end up with a correct calculation or gobbledigook. Similarily, imagine individual events in your existence as digits in the computer input, Your brain is the computer and you are programmed to make sense out of things only by processing those events in a specific order. You cannot comprehend them in any other way. However, from the standpoint of the computer programmer, the data exists before, during and after the actual act of feeding it through the computer.

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The Real Nature Of The Universe: Playing The CD-ROM Of Existence

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