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The Real Nature Of The Universe: The 10 Points Of The Invariable Continuum

Updated on June 30, 2009

As we will remember from our metaphor of rocks and Honda Accords, you cannot have two objects which are exactly the same. They can be incredibly similar, but never absolutely identical. Therefore, even twins who are brought up in exactly the same way will make different choices, since their patterns of vibration are very similar, but definitely different from each other.

Everything that exists differs from everything else. If two things had exactly the same vibration, they would be the same thing, would occupy the same space, and nobody could tell them apart anyway since they would be one.

This opens up a Pandora's Box of apparent contradictions. If the future is fixed, how come I can't know it? Why can't I just jump ahead a groove or two on the CD-ROM disc of time and read what's coming up, just like I can remember what has already passed? Let's have a bit of a summarized review as things are gettin' hot and heavy here:

  1. The basic building block of all things is a "superstring" which is like a guitar chord on amphetamines. The way it vibrates determines what kind of particle you have: an electron or a proton, a person or a rock.
  2. Everything that exists in nothing more than a composite of all these vibrations: a symphony of all these tiny, individual, different notes played on superstrings.
  3. Every one of these vibrations is different. There is no such thing as a completely identical superstring vibration. If there were you could be faced with exact copies of yourself, all wanting to use your toothbrush.
  4. The four dimensions of space and time are artificial human illusions. There is only one dimension: that of vibration. After all, what is space without time? And vice versa?
  5. 15 billion years ago, the universe was a single tiny dot of "stuff" with infinite density, temperature, energy, etc. (called "a singularity").
  6. This little ball blew up and as the shrapnel expanded and cooled it formed our expanding universe. All this stuff will contract down to the same little ball in billions more years and re-explode, exactly the same way it did last time, and the next time. Why? Because it's fixed just like everything else!
  7. Your life (and all existence) exists like a CD. The whole song is there all the time. Your mind is the CD player's laser. It plays the record of your life one note at a time, one note after the other. That's the only way it can make sense. But you can't change the songs on any part of the CD or the order they're played in! Not one note!
  8. This "illusion of self-determination" isn't a "Que Sera Sera" fatalistic apathy, but actually an exciting, personal, creative process of all reality: once it is understood and mastered.
  9. There are no "choices."
  10. There are no "ifs."

At this point I can certainly excuse you if you're saying "Hal, I've read a lot of your massive amounts of steer manure on HubPages, but you have totally lost your addled mind with this sheer nonsense." Heck, I wouldn't blame you at all.

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    • profile image

      lgquantum72 7 years ago

      Incredible points. Outstanding arguments. Keep up thehe

      good spirit!