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The Real Nature Of The Universe: The Essence Of Individual Vibrational States

Updated on June 30, 2009

It is well-known that when a series of different vibrations are all present at the same time, the result can be demonstrated to be, in essence, a single compound vibration. A single guitar chord is nothing more than a composite of its individual notes.

Therefore we can also conclude that all things that exist have their specific and completely unique individual vibration pattern. No two patterns are exactly alike. A rock is a rock, but it will always be that specific rock. It is the sum of its constitutent parts and of its accumulated experiences. Even if we were to find another rock which was virtually identical in shape, size and color, under no circumstances could we say we had found exactly the same rock, just one that was very similar to it. If we order two identical Accords from the Honda factory with exactly the same options and the same paint job, we will still have to pay twice the price of a single car since we will end up with two separate automobiles, though they may be Identical in all other respects. Even though you will have two things which appear to be exactly the same, you will always have two separate things, never just one thing.

The variance between two otherwise identical things is the fact that their vibrations are not identical. It is the difference in their vibrations which differentiates them. The two rocks will have almost identical vibrations, very close to each other but never exactly the same. Similarly the two Accords will have a vibration which will be closer to each other than to a Hummer H1, but still never close enough to be exactly the same.

When we hear a song on the radio we do not try to break it down and analyze its individual frequencies, but we accept that we perceive the song as a single unit. And we can synthesize effectively the same complex vibrational pattern just by singing along. No, it won't sound like Sinatra, but it should be evident that you're singing "My Way" no matter how tone-deaf you are. When you do that, you are synthesizing and duplicating an existing vibration: that of the song, and perhaps even the style, if not the flair, of the singer.

Exactly the same analytical system which you use instinctively to perceive a song on the radio, or read a book, or recognize your Mom, can also be utilized to comprehend vibrational nature. Much of Sigmund Freud's psychiatric theory is based on the concept that "if you comprehend your problem, you have solved your problem." If you can become proficient in the recognition of the various vibrational patterns of reality, you will automatically find that you can also begin to synthesize them at will. Haltingly at first, but with measurable ease as you soon become more experienced.

This concept of being able to synthesize various vibrational patterns of existence allows your own vibrational matrix to, in a sense, modify itself to become somewhat similar to another, different pattern. This process is called resonance. All of the various different phenomena which we currently lump under the title of "parapsychology" can be elegantly, simply and beautifully explained by this basic concept of resonance.

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