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The Real Nature Of The Universe: The Poly-Dimensional Patch-Up Job

Updated on June 30, 2009

When you walk into a room that you've never been in before and realize that you know where everything is in that room, just as if you remembered it from the past, that is an experience known as deja vu. Resonance explains this phenomenon very simply as the manifestation of your own inherent vibration which has momentarily synthesized, or resonated to, the vibration of your surroundings. ESP, telepathy and various other paranormal phenomena are just as easily explained through this single, basic concept of resonance.

Directed resonance is a more conscious form of the accidental or sporadic resonance apparent in events such as deja vu. Directing the resonance means that you are consciously selecting the specific vibrational pattern which you wish to synthesize, so that you may achieve a specific goal. That goal may be to comprehend a particular event at another time or place, whether it be to catch a glimpse by temporarily sharing the perceptions of another person at another time and place, or just to see what you'll have for lunch tomorrow. Yes, resonance allows you to break the artificial constrictions of time and the relentless progression of cause and effect. Through the concept of resonance we begin to understand that time is in effect only a function of the way which the human mind processes information, and definitely not an absolute.

But we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves here. We need to analyze some more background facts before we jump to any more conclusions.

To completely understand the vibrational nature of all things, it is important to exceed the artificial limitations placed upon this concept of vibrational patterns as currently understood by science to be superstrings. These limitations are unconsciously being heaped upon an otherwise basic and simple concept by the obfuscated science of the physicists and the convoluted calculations of the mathematicians. Once the idea of a vibrational basis to existence is comprehended, the shoddily concocted concept of the 10-dimensional reality is quickly seen to be a temporary patch-up job to make most of the mathematical equations fit the concept, instead of having the math support the concept itself. It is extremely telling that even the most enthusiastic proponents of string theory admit that it is likely never to be actually proven!

It is important to note that one of the keys to understanding the vibrational nature of reality is to accept that although mathematics is more than adequate in calculating your commuting distance or your checkbook balance, it completeiy breaks down when it is applied to the significantly more complex facets of geometry on the scale of the Planck length.

Just like the Euclidean geometry we all had drilled into our heads at school does not apply when it comes to calculating cosmic distances, conventional mathematics doesn't work when taken to such extremes. Because of the curvature of space first proposed by Einstein, the included angles of a triangle which joins three distant stars do not add up to 180 degrees! And similarly, mathematical equations created to interpret events on a human scale simply fall apart when we try to superimpose them on the vibrational nature of all existence.

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