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The Regression of Humanity

Updated on July 17, 2016 the rediculous from The Old Brit Source: the rediculous from The Old Brit Source:
Argentina nature from doug88888 Source:
Argentina nature from doug88888 Source:

The Regression of Humanity

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Humans aspire to become and the natural world needs no such path of growth, for nature is perfection, in a state of perfect balance. While the encumbrance of thought and movement weighs down our earthly experience, all around us exists without contention, without the meddling of will. It is the greatest irony that human beings, in our search for happiness and fulfillment, ignore our world and the perfect expression of life within it.

Our judgement and feelings of superiority are ill-founded at best, and blind ignorant in reality. The answers to all our inquiries about life and the experience it offers are available by example in the natural world, and we in our deluded state, choose to think ourselves above it. The reality is the opposite.

The cycle of life-and-death within the natural world fits into the process of ‘cause and effect’ not reliant on the complexities of thought and action. Survival and propagation are the only instincts engrained within life, other than humanity. Our evolved minds capable of reason, have given us the capacity to learn but to also obstruct the path of the natural world. We learn how to advantage ourselves but not how to live balanced and fulfilling lives within the construct of nature. So, we destroy for personal gain, and what’s worse, justify it with our modicum of intellect. But intellect does not necessarily translate to a peaceful and productive life.

In our short reign of terror, humanity has all but destroyed the natural world by abusing the balance and plundering and destroying at will. This imbalance will, in the end, destroy us. Our existence will be no more than a blink of an eye in the infinite universe, and we will not be missed.

Within the natural world all questions can be answered, all discoveries can be made and life can be harmonious and a paradise on earth. Unfortunately, because of thought, because of self, greed and contention, this probably will never happen. Unless a connection with the natural world is found and nurtured, humanity has no future. This is not negativity, it is common sense.

Respect is an ideal with which humanity has a problem. We are all made from the same stuff, the same building blocks of life that bares no connection in human thought. Our viewpoint is based on judgements and the logic of linear reasoning. We use our intellect to forge the barriers of science by often self-gratifying methods, more aligned to egos rather than results. Rather than find connection with life, we seek to separate ourselves in the belief that we are somehow better. This is where we fall to our own ineptitude; our own minds the stumbling block to the truth about life and our part in it.

We are creature with fault, imperfections that often mask our intentions and therefore our findings. The secrets within nature are often on a more spiritual level. Until we accept the systems that govern life are far beyond our understanding, the sooner we will recognise the simplicity of nature and see our connection with it.

Our technology and our so-called intellectual evolution have no meaning without a profound connection to our world and our environment. Without understanding that, we segregate ourselves and create a rift between what remains in balance and what we will. This contention will end badly unless we recognise and respect the world in which we live.


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