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The Reward-Award System

Updated on January 19, 2010

The Reward-Award System and the Suffocating Aspect of Expectations

Education is considered as a very important aspect of our lives. It is through education that a person is able to learn various things which are needed later on in his or her life. While some may argue that that there are some things that education does not need to teach like Chemistry or Physics when a person wants to be a writer or fashion designer in the future, no one can argue that it is the discipline which those subjects or the whole aspect of the academic itself which is proven to be very useful later on. No one can deny the fact that the knowledge accumulated within the four walls of classroom is imperative, just as the experience of the whole thing within the years of being educated is important. The relationships that will be formed within the walls of the school can sometimes even surpass the connection that families have within their homes. In fact, sometimes, the people within the school are those who are considered as the very family of a person.

However, what is really most focused on while in school is the aspect of academics, and while academics are really important, a person can believe that the stifling obligations and duties that come with it can be very difficult, most especially if a family or a community strongly believes that a person is worthy or should succeed. The expectations which come with the whole thing can be horrifying and appalling. In many countries, there are news reports of very young people committing suicide or killing each other because of the burden which is brought by these expectations. Why is it that many adults are pushing their children to the best schools, to have the best grades, to be the best in everything? Perhaps, a person should look into the basis of what exactly is the concept of being the best. The best is known as the number one — a person who receives the awards and medals and becomes famous for either being beautiful or being smart. Any person in between can be considered as an average person. Thus, this paper will point out the belief that the award-reward system is actually not a good thing and it should be improved or changed.

Many companies in the future always ask or want a sense of accomplishment and an achievement. Going through school without getting into trouble and finishing it is a great accomplishment in itself, and yet people still yearn for more. People yearn for physical evidence of an accomplishment and an achievement. In a family, when a member comes home with a medal or an award, the whole family celebrates and applauds for that person. That is after all, a sense of achievement — evidence of hard work. However, in the corner or in the room upstairs, the sibling is hiding and feels so worthless since he or she cannot give his or her parents that same sense of satisfaction. So where does the problem lie exactly? Are parents too demanding and pushy that children are left to be so burdened with books and fulfilling the dreams of their parents? That is indeed sometimes the case, is it not — the children are left to fulfill a dream of a parent who is unable to fulfill his or her own dream? Who is at fault though? Who are the ones who are to blame for this kind of rewarding system? This system believes that the only means of achieving success and satisfaction is by means of an award. Genuine compliments and words of praises are then considered as inferior when compared to those awards.

May be it is time we should take closer look in the reward-award system and ask our shelf that –Is this still yet best possible system? There will be always some people, who will have difficulties is accomplishing some task and people need to realize this in understanding manner. In some society even a person who has learning disability, usually treated differently because of it and parents doesn’t even think to look where the problem lies is. I have seen few people forcing there children to study in particular field because they think that is good field and will able to earn more money. In the fact in the south Asian countries most of parents wants be to their children engineer or doctor and if children not able to succeed or able to get in these field they have to face some challenges and usually treated differently from other children’s in their own home.

The awards system can be even traced back into far as the ancient Greece and ancient Egypt. Those who are concluded as the best and strongest during battles or matches are rewarded with medals, shields, or the head of the leader of their enemy. It is not surprising then why this kind of thinking is still present today. What is it about this kind of system that still make academic and non-academic institutions follow it? It important to look at the pros and cons and determine once and for all, why the reward system is more than discouraging — it is an outright mistake to even exist in the first place.

The Advantageous Aspect of the Award System

It is through the awards and such things that a person wants to work hard and strive to be the best. Because of this particular system, people are being non-mediocre and making efforts to put their best foot forward. It is a matter of having a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. The shining moment when a person goes up the stage or when everyone starts to acknowledge the person and the efforts which he or she has done is beyond exhilarating — it is a moment of pure bliss which will be imprinted in his or her memory for years.

The Suffocating Aspect of Expectations

As what the numerous paragraphs of this paper suggest, there are so many things which the award-reward system is telling society. One is that parents push their children to such great extent that it is sometimes suffocating. The burden of having to prove oneself to other people by means of an award is far ridiculous — it is beyond discouraging.


In conclusion, the reward-award system which has been the practice for many years should be changed for another system that exercises fairness and considers all the implications that the system is bringing. After all, the proof of a job well done does not rely merely on medals and on awards — hard work and determination is also a proof, and medals and awards would not be able to mirror or reflect those.



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