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The Rise of an Intellectual Shift

Updated on November 4, 2014

Digital Books


The decline of intellectual stimulation and the rise of technological development have left a lot of students torn between the importance of physically holding a book, and the accessibility of digital books. Most students often argue that technology has given them the opportunity to access information much faster and the need for physical books are a thing of the past, yet when there’s a power outage what do you do? Ayana, a student from Pluimaz High School stated, “Power outage? Our school is well equipped for such event,” and how about at home, how will you access your books? The answer to those questions are often evasive to the reality that digital books can never replace physical books because of the important aspect of being readily available when needed. Granted, technology provides accessibility, but only to those that can afford such luxury.

The intellectual paradigm shift from physical books to digital books will always be the mark of a generation that compromised their learning space through a virtual process that is not clearly defined to the gravitational pull of nature. So why should we put all of our eggs in one basket? Let’s diversify our intellectual process to encourage our children to visit their local libraries or bookstores in appreciation of their intellectual foundation.


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