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The Role of Head Teachers at Schools

Updated on May 15, 2009

One of the priorities of heads of school is to monitor the teaching learning process in their schools. Monitoring involves actions envisaged by the head to ensure that things are going according to the objectives set at different levels and at different points in time and also to see to it that things are revolving according to plan and in line with the target set. The purpose of monitoring is, as such, to increase efficiency and improve effectiveness of the system in place. Since teachers and heads are input variables in a school, the head, as an instructional leader must support and facilitate any initiative conceived by teachers.

In their laudable endeavour to hold regular working sessions to discuss about their problems relating to the teaching and learning of science with their classes, the teachers of the upper classes deserve, at the very outset, the heartfelt congratulations of the head teacher for the conception of such an idea to impart a quality education to the pupils. This constitutes the first encouragement. If several or a few teachers have decided, the head teacher must make full use of his negotiating skills to involve all the teachers of the upper classes and convince them to embark on the project of their fellow colleagues as such a project can help them better teach since there will be sharing of ideas and dissemination of good practice. Another form of encouragement will be to clarify and elucidate any doubts, misgivings, misconception and apprehension. Teachers must also be assured by the head teacher that there will be no barriers and they will all enjoy the same rights and think that it is not the initiator’s projector but rather a school project. Every teacher must be encouraged to come prepared with ideas, criticism (positive), problems and possible solutions for sharing. All teachers participating in the working sessions must be encouraged to be open to criticism.


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