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Romantic works of Marc Chagall

Updated on January 23, 2016
Marc Chagall-Self Portrait 1914
Marc Chagall-Self Portrait 1914 | Source

Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall was one of the 20th century’s great canvas masters. Born Moishe Shagal in Russia on July 7th of 1887, he was the oldest of nine children who were raised in the jewish tradition. He would later join the likes of Piccasso and Braque in Paris, France where his work was influenced by impressionism, fauvism, cubism, symbolism. This is where he adopted the name Marc Chagall.

"My Fiancee with Black Gloves" 1909
"My Fiancee with Black Gloves" 1909 | Source

Chagall met his life partner in 1909. Shown here, Bella Rosenfeld Chagall is the subject of many whimsical works . They married in 1915 and enjoyed a romance that would endure all of their lives.

"The Birthday" 1915
"The Birthday" 1915 | Source

Many of Chagall's works depict lovers flying through the air. In this work, created just weeks before his marriage to Bella, Chagall conveys a feeling of great emotional exuberance as he floats above Bella and engages her in a kiss.

"The Promenade" or "The Walk" 1917
"The Promenade" or "The Walk" 1917 | Source

In "The Promenade" Chagall expresses the joys of his marriage to Bella. He smiles as he holds a bird in one hand and Bella in the other. Bella soars upward as if a kite in the heavens connected to earth only by Chagall's loving hand. A passionate bouquet of red flowers lay at his foot

"Over the town" 1918
"Over the town" 1918 | Source

Here Bella and Chagall float over the town of Vitebsk. The smooth, almost faceted shapes form the unified couple. Below them is the recollection of the poverty- stricken Jewish district that Chagall called home as a youth.

"Double Portrait with a Wineglass" 1918
"Double Portrait with a Wineglass" 1918 | Source

Chagall celebrated love and marriage throughout his years with Bella. Here they are in whimsical, acrobatic juxtaposition. She supports him with his wine glass, head slightly displaced, as he toyingly hides her eye possibly eluding to thier intoxication.

"To My Wife" 1933-44
"To My Wife" 1933-44 | Source

This is the first of many renderings of the work titled "To My Wife." The painting pays homage to the many things that Chagall loved with great emphasis on his life with Bella. The couple enjoyed 29 years of marrige ending with her sudden death in September of 1944.

MArc and Bella Chagall  1933
MArc and Bella Chagall 1933 | Source

Chagall brought forth numerous depictions of fantasy, passion, romance and whimsy. Though Chagall remarried in 1952 to Valentine Brodsky, his most celebrated works of romance are renditions of life with Bella. Marc Chagall died on March 29th, 1985 at the age of 97.


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    • tokigostudio1 profile image

      tokigostudio1 6 years ago from Panama City Beach, Florida

      Sweet! I did not know that. Thanks for sharing.

    • rjsadowski profile image

      rjsadowski 6 years ago

      Good article. Did you know that Marc Chagall also painted the label for the 1970 Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine bottles.