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The Russian Ballet Dancer Vaslav Nijinksy Speaks Through Michael Dennis

Updated on October 15, 2009


Dance and ballet always fascinated me. As a kid I loved to jump and dance around. I could hardly keep still. Every time I heard music I had this insatiable need to move about and dance; my body seemed to have a mind of its own. I would find myself making moves, turns, and various contortions. Movement filled me with wonderful sensations and pleasures I could not explain and gave me a freedom that made life in a human body bearable.

As a child I had the feeling that I did not belong on this earth; that my true home was elsewhere-up there beyond the stars I’d say as my tear filled eyes would star gaze on many lonely nights. I simply could not figure out why I had been born to a family on the earth. I felt that my true body was a light body or a “star body” that could soar on clouds and ride on the backs of eagles as we danced along the star clusters and galaxies of many universes. Being a dreamer with a vivid imagination, I learned at a young age to keep such thoughts to myself.

Movement and dance allowed me to exercise my imagination and creative faculties with ease. How natural it was to pretend I was flying with the birds as I’d make moves that made me feel my soul was soaring. For me, dancing seemed to come closest to soul flight. I never took any dance training; my body knew how to move. Likewise, I would see all kinds of dance movements in my mind and imagination. It was great therapy to act them out with bodily movements. I found that when I was moving, my mind was much less restless, and I felt calmer.

To me, dancing was magical, rejuvenating, not to mention great physical exercise. I found ballet particular appealing and even mesmerizing. It was to my great pleasure to watch film clippings of some of the great ballet dancers. I was simply mesmerized at how they could memorize so many dance steps and moves and perform complete ballets. It is not surprising that a conversation with the Russian ballet dancer, Vaslav Nijinsky, was one of the first “what if” experiences I had. I had read about and seen the film about his life. How sad that his career ended when he was so young and he was in and out of mental institutions and asylums the rest of his life. Perhaps that is what drew this soul to me since mental illness runs in my family.

One day I found myself wondering what thoughts and ideas circulated through the mind of this genius. To be so sensitive, how he could cope with a life off the stage? I had long ago come to the conclusion that performing provides a catharsis and outlet to many extremely sensitive souls who often find it difficult to deal with ordinary life. Nijinsky had become a famous Russian dancer at such a young age. Just how did he deal with his madness and life at all? I found myself asking. I began thinking about and asking questions about madness.

What did you really go through, Nijinsky? I wondered. Then I heard these words in my head, “There is much more to madness than meets the eye. It is by no means all that you think it is. As a matter of fact, much of the information available on madness is simply a matter of definition, perception, and perspective thrown in with a lot of false understanding and fallacious information.” I had the urge to sit at the computer and write. I couldn’t explain it, but it seemed that Nijinsky was somehow near me, or at least his presence was, or something.

As I was about ready to begin, a voice in my head objected and blasted me with, “Oh, so you are going to write about madness, or worse still, you are going to let a madman talk about madness,” I said out loud. “The men in white coats will come for you any moment.” I saw an image of Nijinsky in my imagination. He laid a finger on his lips and motioned for me to hush. I sat down and wrote:

“Greetings everyone! I am Vaslav Nijinsky, the Russian ballet dancer who lived from 1890 to 1950. As some of you know, I spent a great portion of my life in and out of mental institutions after a highly successful but short dance career. Some refer to me as one of the greatest ballet dancers to grace the world. I accept the gracious compliments with much gratitude and humility, and it is possible that I shall have other opportunities to dance on the stage again before my earthly lives are completed.

I am drawn to Michael because of his highly creative imagination and artistic leanings. First of all there is a depth and a highly creative aspect of madness and those of an artistic temperament are sometimes more prone to experience various shades or degrees of madness due to their highly sensitive natures. The artistic temperament is a temperament all of its own and in some ways the saying “it takes one to know one” definitely applies here. To truly understand what goes on in the mind and heart of artists requires one to close the doors to the left brain to some extent and open up to the sensitive inclinations of the right brain. Yes, I know and agree that each individual artist and performer is as different as everyone else on the planet. Yet, there are commonalities that can be attributed to artists.

First of all, to be a resilient affective conduit for artistic creation and expression one needs to become receptive to the silence. This requires quiet time and the shutting out distractions in order to become attuned to the inner voice of the muses. Everyone needs to spend time alone and you have so much to learn about the gifts of the solitude. Although it may not occur to most people, there are many artists, recluses and hermits who are perfectly content with the company of nature, the silence and their muses. The constant clamor of noisy cars, children, TV sets, radios and other interruptions are not conducive for soul contact. The silence is the means to awaken and attract your soul. The need for silence and alone time must never be underemphasized.

“It is during these times that the soul, mind and physical body may take in more creative energies from what some refer to as “the universal life force.” The infusion of the cosmic energies creates a rejuvenation affect that replenishes and recharges. It takes a lot of energy and stamina to constantly perform before the public and for the needed concentration and focus to create art, be it a painting, a musical composition or writing a novel. The inner self must be “charged up” so to speak on a daily consistent basis if one is not to experience what you refer to as burnout long before it is their time to exit the stage so to speak. If one does not renew their energies by going within for healing from the soul and withdrawing from the public, then the emotions and the nervous system become erratic, chaotic and unstable. To allow the mind and emotions to become too barraged with energy, information and stimulation is unhealthy and can lead to mental instability and mental imbalance. This leads many artists and performers to resort to various vices such as the consumption of alcohol or drugs to numb the anxieties and tension that accompany such imbalance.

Some may say that too much time alone can lead one to madness. This is true in certain cases but we can never claim that every recluse or hermit is mad. Some of the most enlightened souls on the planet are complete recluses; some have even taken total vows of silence and don’t even make the time or bother to talk with anyone. Yet, such folks are not idle by any means. I will speak more on that later.

Although I spent a large amount of time in the public during my performing and choreographing years, I still always managed to find some time alone to commune with self, nature and life. During my years of struggling with mental illness I was alone much more of the time. Everyone no doubt at times feels a little mad and crazy at times. I might add that we who dwell on the spirit realms check in on people far more often than you might think.

“Part of me was a loner and felt misunderstood by others. Part of me always searched and yearned for the ultimate experience, the ultimate relationship, the ultimate dance and the ultimate knowing. I confess I never achieved that goal. I naturally have an affinity and attraction to fellow persons who are what I call “the insatiable seekers”.

“Before we get into the talk about madness I want to say that many people are prisoners unto themselves. They may be able to function socially and carry out their daily responsibilities and duties but they are prisoners to their own inner madness. Although they may not physically be in an asylum or mental institution, many are locked inside internal invisible walls of fear, pain and despair which torture them day and night to no end. So madness is not a condition as alien as some of you may think. Some tortured souls resort to losing themselves to madness when they simply have not succeeded at making sense of the world in which they find themselves.

“It is most unfortunate that many psychiatrists and others in the healing and helping professions have so little understanding let alone compassion for those tormented souls you refer to as “crazy”, “lunatics” or “mad.” Another sad and unfortunate truth is that your culture and society do far more to drive those fragile souls to madness than in encouraging and helping them. To some degree the world that you live in is a “mad world.” The emphasis on materialistic pursuits, self-aggrandizement, and self indulgence of the ego is what some of your evolved extraterrestrial brethren and sisters would call “a whacked and out of balance” way of life.

“As unfortunate as the current conditions on the earth are, it is true that both the “good” and the “bad” experiences occur for your education to help you evolve on your spiritual paths back to your source-pure knowing, pure bliss, and pure unconditional love. It may take a few experiences with madness both personally, collectively and globally to shake you out of your lethargy and unknowing.

“There is much more information inaccessible to most people, but available to souls once they make the transition to the other side as you refer to the transition commonly known as “death.” We are privy to much information that you on the earth have limited or little access to. There are exceptions, of course, and it is very pleasing to us that more people are opening up spiritually and gaining access to information that is common knowledge on this side of life. One thing that is common knowledge here is that the soul is not complete or whole until it has experienced every nuance and variation of consciousness, of what you call “the positive” and “the negative” poles of polarity. It must encounter the full spectrum of the human experience and that includes madness as well as other aberrations. The soul must experience duality in all its variegated manifestations. Before you are free from the world of form and duality, you will each be asked to become teachers and sharers of the experiences you have undergone during your sojourn on the earth.

“The experiences and lessons of duality are necessary for all souls on the earth and on other worlds. Light and darkness. Male and female. Positive and negative. Black and white. Logic and irrationality. Pain and ecstasy. Heaven and earth. Highs and lows. These are all experiences that you must have before you are ready to graduate to the higher realms and states of consciousness beyond the third-dimension.

“Not only must you know and experience these lessons that duality offers, but you must be willing to share them with others so they may learn and profit from your experiences and vice-versa. The condition of madness in its various degrees is far more prevalent than you might be comfortable admitting let alone taking a look at. Those of you who would be so quick to judge those dear troubled souls need to be reminded of how kin to you they really are, and how so many times, as history reveals, so-called normal people went mad or insane. The Nazi influence and the hypnotic power of Hitler in Germany over an entire people is the perfect example of a nation gone mad and berserk. Any war is nothing less than madness on some level. The Stalin regime in Russia was another type of madness. Anyone who endeavors to control and dominate others is considered mad on the higher spiritual levels, and they will each and everyone be accountable for each of their cruel acts of madness and mistreatment of others. The British who controlled India and killed so many who would defy them were mad. The Americans who slaughtered so many Native Americans and took over their indigenous lands were mad.

“Prejudice and bigotry are states of madness as is judging others, seducing, raping and the many ways people abuse each other. Your government was mad to allow Blacks to be treated less than human for so long, and unfortunately, and to the great chagrin of the souls on the higher planes, this madness still continues and runs rampant on your world. So many times you look around and point the finger at others, while refusing to see the madness in the world around you that you have come to accept, albeit it somewhat regrettably, as a normal part of existence. If you were more in contact with your soul, you would immediately become more enlightened. You would wake up from your lethargy and realize just how unevolved your world is in many ways, and you would set yourself upon a personal course to ameliorate life on your world as much as possible. Your soul would teach you that just because your world and its “madness” is dangerous and unbalanced, it is by no means without hope. There is much “good” to encourage and motivate you on your quest of personal, global and collective salvation and freedom.

“One of the main causes of different shades of lunacy and madness is the lack of what I like to call “soul contact” that is so prevalent today. You live in a world tremendously devoid of soul and heart connection due to over emphasis on the superficial mundane aspects of life; namely the acquisition of material assets, maintaining the status quo, and the pursuit of physical pleasures and satisfactions. The connection to the soul is so minimal for the most part, although progress has been and is being made with the various spiritual movements that have sprung up. The mighty potential of the mind, imagination and soul all but atrophy in most people. Is it no wonder that madness and other ailments of the mind and soul are becoming more rampant? People are out of sync and touch with their inner being and depths, roaming about like mindless zombies in search of this or that new thrill and that physical pleasure to numb them from soul alienation.

“Now let us have a closer look at just what madness is and what it encompasses. First let me say that “madness” is one of those emotionally loaded words that make many people uncomfortable; it is similar to words like “death”, “sex” or “witch”. They all hold their secrets and mysteries and this is no doubt why many don’t like to discuss them very openly. We all know that we, along with our loved ones, are going to die, but we usually don’t want to think much about it. Much sexual liberation has occurred in the past few years but there is still far too much repression, guilt, taboo, and manipulative involved with an “act or experience” that is meant to be nothing but wonderful and satisfying.

“Many of us know or have had someone dear to us wind up on the psychiatric ward or spend time in a mental hospital. Most people don’t want to look at the roots of the condition, but just want our dear one back home fixed and “up and going” so to speak. Now, let me make an attempt to give a definition of madness. This is not something you will read in a medical school journal, but I am bold enough to say that it is true nonetheless. The condition of madness has been misunderstood far too long. It is time for ignorance to dissipate and for the light of knowledge to shine. With that said, back to a definition.

“Madness is an unstable mental state or condition that results when the mind splits or dissociates from its circular core connection to the heart and soul. Some individuals go so far as to deny any connection between the heart, the mind and the soul, but I am here to inform you that such a connection does indeed exist. When the mind, heart and soul split from each other, then mind and soul ailments come next. It is due to soul severance from mind and heart that the world is in such a mess and why mental illness and madness are running more and more rampant. It is understood and accepted that schizophrenia and other psychological pathological conditions are facets of mental illness. What is not understood is that madness is as much a “soul ailment” as a mind ailment or pathological condition.

“Unfortunately most of your mental health practitioners are not trained in the ancient practice and art of shamanic or soul healing. Shamanic healing is ever bit as much if not more effective than traditional psychological methods such as psychotherapy and other types of counseling. Most traditional counselors consider the matters of the soul to be relegated to “the church” and “religion.” Most of them prefer not to deal with the soul. Most of you have either or will have lifetimes where you are considered “mad.” There is much to be learned from this mental and psychological condition which of course is different and unique depending upon many mental and psychological factors. There are perhaps as many variations of madness as there are people who experience it.

“You may ask, do unhealthy lifestyles contribute to debilitating mental conditions? Well they certainly do not serve in any beneficial way. A strong and healthy physical body whose energy meridians and neural circuitry are unencumbered with toxins and poisons certainly help to strengthen the nervous system, the glandular structures-all which feed energy and light into the mental body and the very brain itself. So yes, the more physically fit and healthy you are, the more insulated you become from the onslaughts of negative energy constantly bombarding the planet. Mind you, these onslaughts of negative energy and bursts of psychic vampirism can originate from your own unhealed soul fragments, and thought forms that wander aimlessly in the ethers, as well as from spirits. These onslaughts all take their toll on the mental body, emotions, and the nervous system.

“Sensitive souls are vulnerable to such onslaughts and if they couple this with unhealthy dietary habits, negative constant thought patterns, irritable moods, depression and over indulging of drugs, alcohol, food, sex, etc. they are setting themselves up for such psychic attacks. In extreme cases spirit possession or semi-possession can take place. Some of your troubled “crazies” in the mental asylums are tortured due to various degrees of possession, be this from their own deranged thought forms, unhealed sub-personalities, from past life memories and karma or any combination thereof. Your therapists have barely begun to tap the realm of “the psyche and the soul”, and the interconnection of psyche and soul. This limits their understanding of what truly is taking place in the minds of those unfortunate ones who become victims of strange voices and forces that undermine and attack their soul integrity and well-being.

“It behooves your therapists and healers to educate the masses so they may come to know and understand their own greater being. This can only happen when the inner worlds of the psyche are explored as well as the outer one. They will not be able to educate others until they themselves are educated in the ancient arts of shamanic healing. Fortunately, there are some highly skilled and trained healers and therapists who can serve as guides. Most of these have taken their own inner journeys and visited many realms of their own psyches, and met their inner demons and guides, all who inhabit the psyche.

“Some unfortunate souls cannot fight off or resist the power and sway of such internal forces, which can take many shapes, and form. In time they lose their sense of psychic equilibrium and begin to descend into the abyss where the inner demons reign. If they do not face and confront these inner demons they will become prey to the negative side of the inner “dark shadow” who will turn on them such as is demonstrated in the story Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde. This split in the psyche unleashes the nefarious forces and powerful internal psychic impulses which are given no creative outlet for expression.

“This is so tragic because the personality actually crashes in on itself descending on the path of self-destruction. The powerful impulses and energy that are created to fuel heightened creativity and passionate joyful living become distorted and turn against the rigid “inner tyrant.” This is a very precarious state to be in because the core of the ego personality foundation structure begins to collapse. The part of the psyche that keeps the irrational impulses under control begins to lose its sway and the conscience may begin to lose its power and control as well. This is Greek to me some may ask? I don’t understand what are you talking about?

“The shadow and darker side of human nature possess many gifts but everyone must be willing to go down to “the valley of the shadow of death” as the Psalmist poetically put it to meet “the darker half “ or “the darker brother, sister or friend,” as is exemplified in many fables, myths, and stories. The shadow is connected to the numinous energy that feeds the imagination and an integrated and “happy shadow” as I like to put it, can help fuel hopes, dreams, and creative pursuits beyond the human ability to comprehend. The key to artistic and creative freedom is not to shun and repress these overpowering and overwhelming passions, urges, impulses and yearnings that can come over us so suddenly seemingly out of nowhere. They key is to explore and give them honor by recognizing their potency. If you do not do this, then they split off, and take a life of their own. When this happens you become more vulnerable to the demons of your nightmares and the voices that would haunt you both day and night. They can turn you into hypochondriacs, compulsive obsessive neurotics, control freaks, melancholy types, or at worst psychotics, rapists, arsonists, or killers.

“It only attacks and strikes out when abandoned and neglected. Have you ever had fantasies to commit acts of violence? Do you ever try to manipulate others to serve your bidding? Do inner voices harangue you with constant intense ranting and raving inside you? Are you filled with anger and rage? If so, your inner “shadow” is very unhappy about something or some things that you are doing or not doing, and the inner turmoil is its way to get your attention. Most people are able to control and restrain such impulses or fantasies but there are those unfortunate ones who have not done what has been called “shadow work” who turn on themselves and others and head down the path of abuse and destruction.

“The wild man or shadow self is not evil or cruel. It is pure untainted passion and energy seeking acknowledgment and creative expression. As with all energy, its power can be used for negative destructive or positive uses as fire can both warm our hearth or burn down our homes. The same applies to the wild shadow self. If it is sought out, welcomed into your life, and given a place to dwell, then you will become filled with passion, zest and personal empowerment you have never known before.

“The gods, devils and angels dwell within, and people do not become integrated or whole until they have explored the subconscious mind and become conscious of its intricate patterns, modes of operation, needs and purpose. This lack of integration is mirrored outwardly through violent disruptions, explosive outbursts of rage and hatred, and the malaise that grips your society. They tyrants throughout history not only fill the history books and the memories of those who lived to watch the insidious operation of such despots, but also inhabit the domains of the psyche. The saying that there is always an angel and a devil sitting on your shoulder trying to influence you is very true.

“I am talking about some of the “why’s” for all of the craziness around you. I am pointing out that as more people split off from their core connection to their soul, that imbalance results. Such imbalance gives way to despair, hopelessness, gloom, boredom and apathy, all of which contribute to psychological malaise and can lead to madness. In time such people are bombarded with so many psychic disruptions that they begin to manifest neurotic tendencies that can become so pathological that they become obsessive compulsive, a sociopath or even psychotic. One has but to look about at the world at large or tune into the daily news to see horrible acts of violence and destruction that are constantly occurring more frequently. In these cases the psyche splits and the conscience becomes numb.

“Your shadow self is much stronger than your ability to deny, ignore and repress it. It can haunt you in your dreams and nightmares, make you paranoid or even schizoid, and lead you to acts of destruction to self and other people. The good news is that in its positive expression the shadow fuels your passions, dreams, and creativity. Just as it fuels your yearnings and hopes and fills you with all those misty incomprehensible longings and feelings of sadness and depression, so can it fuel you with the passion and energy needed to actualize your goals and dreams.

“To ignore or repress the shadow only feeds it more energy and gives it more power. The shadow self has also been referred to as “the wild man” or “the wild woman” Some call the darkness “the nourishing dark” or “wild nature”. The wild nature is not be confused with “the savage” nature that is destructive. I contacted that unbridled wild part of my self many times and I gave it expression on the dance stage through the various ballet productions I performed. One of my favorite roles was as “the faun” in the ballet based on the composer, Claude Debussy’s musical composition-Prelude a l’apres-midi d’un faun-The afternoon of a faun. In that role I totally let myself go and I, in essence, became the faun. Although I was booed by half of Paris who considered my movements erotic and lewd, I felt at the apex of my artistic expression as I completely stepped out of the way, and through art merged with this pure unbridled animal passion of the faun who was exploring his sexuality.

“Contact with the wild nature leads to “forceful action undertaken, not with malice, but with determination.” In its positive expression (when your wild nature is feeling loved and honored) you will find that you have access to reservoirs of passionate creative energies. You will have more physical, mental stamina and endurance.

“To feel that passionate unbridled energy surging through you is a thrill. There are way too many neurotic and miserable people who subdue their passion. In my performance as the faun let’s say that I removed myself from my own ego and allowed the faun to “take over.” Any good artist or performer must step out of the way and let their “character” have its turn through creative expression, or put another way, they must become the character. That is what acting and performing is all about and on a higher level I chose to completely merge with my art even at the expense of harsh criticism at times. I have no regrets. The highs and lows that I experienced were all part of my education. Artists often experience imbalances between will, heart, and spirit. The truth is that art is there to help us connect with our greater being. Through acting out various characters could I explore the human condition and nature and passions of the soul. This offers such cathartic relief and is one reason why live theatre has its place along with movies. We become more peaceful when we realize and accept its theatrical side.

“There are crazy people in your world (as well as your inner world) so that you are given the opportunity to know craziness. You can deny that craziness or madness affects you or is a part of you, but that does not make it so or invalidate your soul knowing. Happy is the day when you learn not to be so hasty to judge others for their eccentricities. To even don a personal ego is an act of craziness in that you are stepping into a realm of fabricated illusion which many spirits never choose to experience. To don an ego and take human form is to split from your soul, or your “complete being” and to willingly dim your soul light so that you may experience the density of the third dimension. This act is itself a little crazy, or tremendously crazy for some, as it gets them into all kinds of trouble that it may require millennia to work through.

“You may not (and hopefully will not be) be screaming or laughing hysterically as some troubled souls do in the insane asylums, but the voices of the troubled and neglected parts of you that have been shoved in the subconscious certainly scream in your mind at times, and can make you feel like you are losing it. They are usually not so blatantly loud or direct. They can be the little nagging thoughts that constantly berate you and shake your self-confidence. They can be the little voices of doubt, and confusion that can sabotage your life in countless ways.

“They are the invisible ghosts that haunt your inner terrain and you will not be free and happy until you confront them. You may deny them but one way to take stock is to ask yourself “am I happy? Is my life full of enthusiasm, passion? Am I daring and a risk taker? Am I adventurous? Am I following my bliss? Are my dreams manifesting? Are my goals being actualized?

“Although often subtle and subliminal, the inner voices and “saboteurs” are no less potent or intense. They can be the influencing voice and belief that influences you to overeat and be overweight. I am getting older you might say. Everyone packs on a few pounds with age. We all get that spare tire or love handle around the middle.” Yet, there are many people well into middle age and even older who are trim, vivacious and full of energy possessing a great love for life. If you explored your ideas and beliefs more carefully, you might discover that a parent, sibling or class-mate teased you for being a bit pudgy and nick-named you Chunky Charlie, or Betty Big Butt. Part of you took on that teasing and internalized it to the point that you made it your own. Until you dig and get to the roots of your neurotic behaviors, you will be controlled by them.

“Accepting that we are all a “little bit crazy” is a step towards feeling compassion for those worse off. I realize how most people cannot accept that some “craziness” exists within themselves, and they tend to stay away from those considered not “quite right”, or who have a few screws loose or who are not quite playing with a full deck as the saying goes.

“Madness-which I also like to call “soul imbalance” does exist in everyone, and the degree that it manifests depends on so many variables. There are many means to relieve the soul from states of madness. Music is one powerful marvelous means.”

Michael interjects Vaslav. “There is a movie that I saw over twenty years ago that I never forgot. I forget the name of the movie, but it was about a woman who had been locked away in an insane asylum. She was so violent she had to be restrained for she was very dangerous to herself and others. One day a little girl visited the asylum with her mother. At one point the little girl wanders on the ward. The insane woman somehow got out of her room and heads down the hallway. She approached the girl who looked at her deep and long and in childlike innocence said, “would you like to hear my music box?” then wound it up. The crazy woman stood there mesmerized by the music. It truly broke through her madness and sang to her soul. She did not harm the girl. She just stood there listening raptly to the music box. When the orderlies rushed to her, the woman was standing still. She may have even hugged the girl and told her she loved her. I don’t remember. But I remember thinking how the music and the innocence of the child stirred a chord deep in her soul and for a few moments she stepped out of her world of madness.”

Vaslav continues. “Some cases of mental illness and madness can be attributed to genetic dispositions, chemical or hormonal imbalances along with environmental and individual factors. Up here I have spent a lot of time studying indigenous cultures and their non-traditional healing methods with their shamans and medicine people. Psychotherapy has its place but so do the ancient healing arts. I now know that some of those poor tortured souls would not have wound up in an institution had some shaman healers been able to work with them. The shamans understand the powerful energies and forces surging rampantly inside such people and are trained to harness it in a positive outlet to prevent psychotic breakdowns and nervous collapses. They are familiar with this terrain because they have been there. It is common knowledge that in many indigenous cultures that the greatest shamans experience at one time or another, what in the western culture would be referred to as a nervous or psychotic breakdown. The family takes the troubled one to the local shaman. The shaman, having been helped by his or her elder shamans when they underwent a breakdown, is in a position to help them through it. Sometimes the disturbed ones have made contact with the spirits in the realm beyond. S/he may hear their messages via voices, and have visions that they may be unable to interpret. They may be at a total loss as to what is happening to them. Shaman healers and spiritual counselors can help them give voice to the spirits and to banish them if they are malevolent.

“If the voices represent different missing pieces of the soul then the shaman will know what to do. The shaman knows and they do not lock them away in some psychiatric ward as is too often done in the western world. They show them what is happening and often travel the lower, middle and upper worlds of spirit to communicate with the spirits and perhaps bargain with them to get the missing “soul pieces” back.

“In soul retrieval you discover where pieces of the soul fragment as a result of trauma. It is said that the “missing soul pieces” are what bring about the sense of “splitting off” and fragmentation that many mentally ill patients experience. The shamans and healers know all about the fragmented self and how to mend it. As I said earlier it is not uncommon for a soul to experience at least one or two lives where they would be considered mad. I can recall my own experiences in the institutions.

I hope that my little talk has opened your eyes a bit more to the ramifications of lunacy and madness. I hope that you will embrace the craziness within and indulge yourselves in occasional soul catharsis in whatever way that appeals to you as long as it harms no one. I am Vaslav Nijinsky and I have enjoyed this time with you. Please take my message to heart and contemplate the concepts therein. So long, dear ones, and I invite you to watch me dance in your dreams, for I dance on many planes and dimensions. Farewell, and much love and light do I send your way!”


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