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The Secret File of The Earth(2): 30 degree latitude north B. The Lost Civilizations

Updated on May 22, 2014

a. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The Hanging Garden of Babylon is regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of Ancient World. However, it is controversial that whether it was an actual creation or just poetic creation because none of Babylonian chronicles mentioned it. It was first described by a Babylonian priest, Berossus, who lived in the late of 4th century B.C., while his description was later elaborated by Greek historians.

In the description, Nebuchadnezar II (605 BC-562 BC), one emperor of Neo-Babylonian Empire, married the princess of Media Empire, Amyitis. The emperor so loved his wife, but the princess appeared lonely and sad. She longed for her homeland with all those beautiful trees, fragrant plants and mountain views, which could rarely be seen in endless Mesopomia Plain. Then, Nebuchadnezar II ordered craftsmen to construct a Step Type Garden like a miniature Media country. Many exotic flowers and grasses were planted, graceful and secluded winding paths were created with stream flowing beside. A tower building was in the center of the gardens, and looked from the far like hanging up in the air. Greek scholars in 2nd century B.C. listed this wonderful work as one of ancient remarkable wonders. Actually, only Egyptian Pyramid among the sever wonders has survived to present day, while whether the Hanging Gardens did exist or not is still in controversy. There was another more recent proposal that the Assyria emperor, Sennacherib (705 BC-681 BC), ordered the gardens, which was in similar story.


The most impressive work in the whole construction was its water supply system. Since Babylonian location is drought, it is believed that the Hanging Gardens was far from Euphrates river. Therefore, there must have been lots of water transporting facilities in the gardens. Slavers kept turning those gear wheels to transport underground water up into reservoirs on the highest floor, then water flowing back to the ground. On the other hand, maintaining was another problem, because it is generally impossible for regular constructions to stand water flowing without suffering for year long. However, there are not many stones on Mesopotamian Plain, so it seems also to be impossible that the construction was mainly made from stone material. So, it is believed that the bricks used for the garden were largely different from common ones, but were added reeds, asphalt, and tiles. Some documents have record of lead, which can stop water to seep through ground foundation.

Unfortunately, the Hanging Gardens has been buried into the earth with the whole Babylonian civilization. Thus, we can understand it only through historical documentation and archeological discoveries. In 1978, Iraqi government (Babylon was in present-day Iraq) carried out a policy of renovating Babylonian ruins. During renovation, Archeologists uncovered lots of old traces of growing plants, however, there is no definite record about the Hanging Gardens by Babylonian characters on pottery and clay tablets that has been discovered.

Mayan ruins
Mayan ruins | Source

b. Maya civilization

Maya civilization was created independently by Indian Maya people in the case of no connection among ancient Asia, Africa, and Europe. The remaining sites and its descendants are distributed in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. Maya civilization was born in 10th century B.C. through pre-Classic, Classic and post-Classic periods to the middle of 16th century. Many maya city-states had reached their highest state of development during Classic Period (300 A.D.- 900 A.D.).

Unlike all other ancient civilizations, which were originated from large rivers and their valleys, Maya civilization was born in Tropical Jungles, noted for the only known fully developed written language of pre-columbian Americas as well as its great achievement in mathematics, astronomy, culture, art, construction and agriculture. For example, Mayans measured that one Earth year was 365.2420 days, which was only 0.0002 day difference from present day, and the Venus year had 584 days different from modern calendar only by 7 seconds within 50 years. However, Maya people in 8th and 9th century A.D. gave up developed cities and migrated away coupled with the cessation of monumental inscription and archeological construction. Maya civilization had collapsed like in one night, and there is no universally accepted theory to explain this decline. In the late of 11th century, Maya civilization had recovered, but far behind its prime time. Eventually, it had got completely destroyed by Spanish expansionism in the middle of 16th century.

The American, John Steffens, first found Maya ruins in tropical jungle of Honduras in 1830's. Since then, a series of Maya relics had been discovered in American jungles by archeologists from all over the world. Mayans created brilliant culture, but there is no evidence that they had already used advanced technologies and transportations.

Mayan ancient tunnel
Mayan ancient tunnel | Source

The ancient tunnels of Mayans

One ancient tunnel of Mayans was found in south America in 1970's. It has hundreds of miles long within Peru and Ecuador, and 250 meters deep below the ground. There is a mysterious entrance guarded by an Indian tribe that is the descendant of Maya people. They told that gods were living in there, and they had kept a careful watch through generations by the education of their forefathers.

Archeologists found many ancient heritages in many caves of that tunnel. The thing that surprised those archeologists the most was some stone and metal products in various shapes and with strange symbols on them. There are lots of metal sheets with about 100 cm long, 50 cm wide, and 2 cm thick. They are in an arrangement like a well-binding book written by those strange symbols. Over 3000 metal sheets have been found, and experts claimed that those symbols must have printed on by some machines. Unfortunately, those symbols have never been translated until now.

Besides, the walls of the tunnel are smooth enough like polished, and in right angles with the ground. The roof looks like covered with a coat of glaze, which seems not to be naturally formed, but created by some machines. There is a "lobby" in 164m long and 153m wide with some "furnitures" in it. It is strange that the materials that were used to make those "furnitures" have not been found on Earth. There are many patterns made from gold, and some of them are pyramids with strange symbols beside.

There are some other similar tunnels found in other parts of jungles. In 17th century, a Spanish preacher in Guatemala found one, which is more than 1000km long under Andes Mountain, and was claimed as World Cultural Heritage by Scientific and Cultural Organization of United Nations. The German writer, Von Daniken, used to visit this tunnel and took some pictures. He claimed that the tunnel was created with UHT drill bits, electronic rays, oriented blasting and some technologies that modern humans have not invented.

American scholars, the Lahms, found another one when studied in the jungle of Chiapas state, Mexico, and President Roosevelt received them in March, 1942. They sent President a piece of surprising news that they found the Indians with white skin who were in legendary stories and watch the entrance of that Mexican ancient tunnel. A British research team also found a tunnel in Serra Madre of Mexico going through Guatemala. There spreads an ear-splitting sound from the tunnel at dawns. Another one in Azerbaidzhan has a lobby over 20m high and narrow bridge doorways, and this tunnel often gives amazing sound and light.

According to documentation and careful examinations, archeologists speculated that there is possibly an underground tunnel across the Atlantic connected Asia, Europe, America and Africa together, and the tunnel must have been the masterpiece of Mayans. However, why Mayans created such large and wonderful projects? And what is hidden in those mysterious symbolic letters?


Crystal Skulls of Mayans

In 1927, a crystal human skull shocked the whole world. It is a woman's skull made with a whole quartz. It is life-size, 12.7cm high and 5.27kg weight, and inner structure also in agreement with the real skull. The work displays a great skill in anatomy, optical science and collision technique.

We all know that modern optics was born in 17th century, while humans began to understand precisely their own skeleton in 18th century when anatomy has become prosperous. The crystal skull was based on skilled knowledge on human skeleton and optical principles. How did Mayas have that high knowledge? Besides, quartz crystal is very hard for bronze, iron and stone tools to cut. Even in present days, people need modern tools, such as diamond drilling, to deal with crystal.

It has been studied and proved that the crystal skull was made with collision technique that modern technology has not reached yet. The skull and others that were found in other parts of the world cast modern technology into the shade. It has been estimated that modern science and technology with current growing speed would catch up with Maya technology in at least 50 to 100 years from now on. So, was it really Mayans who produced those crystal skulls?

Rocket Relief Sculpture
Rocket Relief Sculpture | Source

The Rocket Relief Sculpture of Maya People

Archeologists uncovered a stone slate with figures and patterns printed on it in an ancient temple of a Mayan city, Palenque, in south Mexico on June 5th, 1952. However, it was until 1960's that people had not realized that it was an aerial relief sculpture in which an astronomer was running a spacecraft. In 1960's, modern astronomers began to fly into outer space. In the sculpture, the basic facilities, such as intake, exhaust pipes, propellers, foot-board, rudder, antenna, hose and instruments, are still clear to recognize. When the photograph of the sculpture was sent to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, astronomers all agreed that it was an ancient spacecraft. Some scholars made wildest guess at this unbelievable fact that alien intelligence had reached the American jungle and taught Maya people advanced skills, then left. Maya people thought him as a god, while the rocket sculpture was a replica of the alien astronomer. The extra-terrestrial people promised that he would come back. However, he had never come back during days when Maya people worshipped and predicted that the god would come back. This event made Maya people doubt their religion and rules, so that the psychological foundation of the whole people was collapsed. Eventually, they left their homeland. This saying sounds ridiculous, but modern knowledge can really not explain that much mystery happened to Maya Civilization.

In 1980's, a scientific research team with 45 members, including archeologists, zoologists, and nutritionists, spent 6 years on more than 200 Mayan sites in a rain forest of Guatemala. In the end, they came into conclusions: Maya civilization ended in cruel civil wars at power and properties. Maya people did not love peace as modern people expected and imagined. During its prime time from 300-700 A.D., Maya nobles had continued their fights for benefits. The wars were like horrible physical contests: soldiers used spears and wooden stuff as weapons to beat each other. They tried to catch prisoners and sent them to priests as sacrifices. Some city-states, such as Dos-Pallas, was subjected to clean slaughter.

What is the truth?


c. The Lost Atlantis

Atlantis was said to be a highly developed pre-historical civilization (i.e. history before written record) first mentioned by Plato in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias (I made it in detail in this series 1.), and located 30 degree north latitude in the center area of the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantis people created splendid palaces and temples, spectacular buildings and towers, double-storey ringlike lands, and tri-storey circular canals. There were cool and warm springs between two ringlike lands. Besides, they created many shipyards, horse racing grounds, military camps, gymnasiums and parks, etc. However, it eventually sank into the Atlantic by earthquake 15,000 years ago. It is well known that human history with written records is only about 2000 years, with clothes only about 4600 years, and Egyptian pyramids was created about 7000 years ago. However, bronze implements of 11,000 years ago were found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.


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    • Hui (蕙) profile imageAUTHOR

      Hui (蕙) 

      7 years ago

      Thanks,nikashi_designs. I just read some books, and think it is amazing. Thanks,again.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      So much research and thought in the creation of this article. Read it a few times and each time learned something new. Pretty fascinating to speculate that the technology of the Mayan culture was so advance even by today's standards that questions to its origin are still a puzzle. Great work...

    • Hui (蕙) profile imageAUTHOR

      Hui (蕙) 

      7 years ago

      Thank you! My pleasure you enjoy it.

    • TylerCapp profile image


      7 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Fascinating. I really liked the information you told about the Mayan civilization. I literally was unable to stop reading. So interesting. Thanks for sharing.


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