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The Secret File of The Earth (3): 30 degree south latitude A. Easter Island

Updated on December 14, 2014
Easter Island
Easter Island

On April 5, 1722, Jakob Roggeven, a Dutch navy general and explorer,and his fleet found a “new” island on 30 degree south latitude in South Pacific Ocean near Chili. He named it “Easter Island” because it was on Easter Day, but the modern anthropologists call it Rapa Nui based on the language of the island people. When General Roggeven and his men stepped on the small island, they became shocked by what they saw. Mountains rise and fall. Mascherano-Luo Lake volcano appears mejastic with its figure in blue sky. What amazed the most was that there were many stone walls, stairs and temples, and about 1000 huge stone statues.

Nowadays, Easter Island belongs to Chili, and is known by the stone statues and heretics of large stone cities. Those statues are generally 5-10 meters high and tens of tons weight. The largest one is 22 meters and 300 tons. Some of them have red stone hats, and bright eyes made from shells. Some are whole figures, and some others are busts. All look vividly life-living, staying in mountains or laying down at the seashore. There are tens of them standing on a man-made platform on the seashore, facing up to the sea and looking into the distance alone or in droves.


These statues have been a mystery in archeological area since the Island was discovered. Depending on the stone material and the creation, archeologists and historians divided the island history into three periods. However, the statues still remain mysterious in creation and their humane connotation. Who created those statues? What do they symbol? How were those huge stones carried from the quarry kilometers away? Those red hats had been a puzzle, but a British archeological panel seemed to solve it. They believe that those hats represent a special power, and the stones that were used to produce those hats came from a quarry that had never been studied before. They also claimed that the first batch of hats appeared 1,200-1,300 years ago.

One theory believes that the ancestors of local people on the island created the statues. Those stone figures were gods, chiefs of tribes or ancestors. Although more people believe this theory correct, some others still have questions on it: those stone people generally have big noses, thin lips, which are the typical features of white people, but island people is Bohemians, who do not have those features in looking. Well, those stone people also have ears longer than normal people, which cannot be seen in any kind of humans. Sculpture is an art, which is supposed to have symbols of the people who made them, but those impressive stone statues do not reflect Bohemians. Besides, it has been studied that the food supply 2000 years ago could only afford about 2000 people. Then, how did the current 2000 people carry those huge stones and create that skillful artistic works with primitive stone tools?

Of course, there must be some people who put forward theory of foreign intelligence. The foreign people from some planets much more advanced than Earth built the statues in the isolated and poor island in Pacific Ocean. However, archaeologists found many discarded blunt stone tools around statues. Can we believe that those advanced foreign intelligent people would have used those primitive tools to create those sculptures?


There are several quarries on the island. Rocks were cut in half like cakes, laying down here and there. Some statues were half finished with their projects, and one was found to be finished only after a little work added. So, what happened to those craftsmen who ran away in hurry? Some people think of volcano eruption or seaquake. However, it has been investigated that the three volcanos on Easter Island have been dead since after humans inhabited in there. On the other hand, seaquakes is normal to the local people, but why did those workers not come back to finish their works after the seaquake? Besides, stone statues standing at crater of Mascherano-Luo Lake volcano seem like guardians for something. What do those huge stone statues represent? And why did ancient people on Easter Island create them? Even present inhabitants of the island cannot answer.

Those statues are especially heavy. The smallest hat weights 2.5 tons, and the biggest one over 10 tons. Scientists have measured that the statues on mountains are 6 meters apart from each other at least and 100 at most. Then, how did people back then move them to there? Those small short shrubs or vine ropes?

General Roggeven recorded in his memo that they found a lot of wooden tablets with strange words and designs on them around those huge statues. And modern archaeologists also found words on the hindnecks of those statues. In 1863, French missionary named Angstrom kernel éd Lowé came the island and saw those words. He believed them as evil spells, and then destroyed all those tablets. But some people with him thought it so waste, so took some away in secrecy. Now, 26 pieces of the tablets are known to be held by some museums. Besides those strange words, some designs of human bodies with birds' heads also leave mystery behind. What do they symbol?


The present island people call the place as "the navel of the Earth", which sounds weird. However, people can see from high above that the Easter Island is in the middle part of the Pacific Ocean, which is right in the center of the world, i.e. the navel part. Have the aboriginal inhabitants ever closely examined their living place and the Earth shape from a great height? Or who else told them the information?

Actually, the island people themselves is a riddle, too. According to some scientists, there have been inhabitants on the Eastern Island since 398 A.D. In the memo of General Roggeven, among the island people, some were brown, some were dark, some were all white, and some others were reddish. So, it can be sure that no less than one ethnic group had lived there. Then, where did they come from and how?

The land-view of the Easter Island is amazing; the mysteries of the island are more amazing. The deep ocean and the blue sky hold the Easter Island in serenity and peace, but there seems something superb staying somewhere beyond. Gods? Aliens? Pre-historic civilizations? Or simply a primeval human wisdom that modern people haven't known yet? In general, people, who believe in aliens and pre-historic civilizations, believe that those have much more advanced development than present terrestrial civilization, then why did they build the statues, which were also likely to be built by primitive tools, for primitive ritualistic purposes? Then,

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    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 6 years ago from Space Coast

      Right. I mean that for us all. No offense to aliens.

    • Hui (蕙) profile image

      Hui (蕙) 6 years ago

      Thank you for the comment and the encouragement.

    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley 6 years ago from California

      I like your scientific analysis of Easter Island. Keep up the good work. Later!

    • Hui (蕙) profile image

      Hui (蕙) 6 years ago

      Thanks, GClark, for your supportiveness. There are a lot mysteries on this planet that we haven't known yet.

    • Hui (蕙) profile image

      Hui (蕙) 6 years ago

      Probably, WD. So, I said at the end that I more believe in human wisdom compared with aliens. Thanks for coming.

    • GClark profile image

      GClark 6 years ago from United States

      Voted Up on this interesting and informative article on one of the many mysteries from the ancient past. GClark

    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 6 years ago from Space Coast

      Do not underestimate what people can do. I believe one aspect of the statues was to ward off unwanted visitors. Just like the British, I am just guessing.


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