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The Severity Of Bullying

Updated on February 19, 2014

Signs to Look Out For

  • Child is suddenly withdrawn
  • Child appears depressed
  • Child discusses how he/she was bullied
  • A general state of sadness, worry or anxiety observed with the child

Whether it was elementary school, middle school or high school there was some person that bullied others for whatever reason. It appeared like they reaped some kind of sick enjoyment out of seeing other people suffer. The bully could be a wounded person, a person with a mental disorder, an immature person or just a jerk; the main focus will be on the person being bullied because they are more likely than the bully to develop negative attributes such as depression or thoughts of suicide. Whether a kid is introverted or extroverted, whatever their personality, every kid wants to feel a sense of belonging and fit in with their peers or friends. When some kid doesn't have a lot of friends and is mercilessly bullied, it can have a severe negative effect. Even though the child has a support group of family at home, they still can feel an overwhelming feeling of rejection and hurt at school which will thus cause them to possibly withdraw and swim around in the pain. Since children don't have a very solid sense of self and confidence, any negative input can easily knock them off balance, unfortunately. There was a recent story of a young boy who liked to watch "My Little Pony" along with his friends. Kids at school who didn't like that he watched the show called him gay and made him feel horrible about his interest in watching the show. The bullying affected him so severely that he tried to commit suicide, and luckily survived by being rushed to the hospital. Some people might mock bullying and how it isn't very important to worry about, but these intense feelings of rejection, being wrong, insecurity of self, identity crisis, depression, isolation can push a child to far that they might feel the only way out is suicide. Those who survive the bullying can grow up, scarred, with a fragile sense of self that will need to be supported by family and friends with great care, because when anyone is bullied especially someone with a weak self esteem and identity within they can easily spin into an intense personal crisis or depression.

What To Do

If you are being subjected to the bullying behavior of someone in school, then here are some helpful tips to follow. Pay no attention to the bully and walk away. If they start to get physical with you and you are scared to defend yourself, then go find an adult in the school or area that can do something about the problem. There if nothing wrong with someone who tells a principal that they are being bullied, even if the bully attempts to make you think otherwise. Bullies will often use ways to keep you quiet, so that they don't get in trouble. Most bullies, when ignored, will lose interest because they have no immediate effect on the person being subjected to their negative bully behavior.


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