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The Shadow People

Updated on May 20, 2017


Have you ever noticed those shadows in the corner of your vision? The ones with a humanoid form, the ones who disappear once you try to look fully at them.

The Shadow People have been around for a while, many people have stated that they have seen these things. I personally have seen them for most of my childhood but into my late teens I haven't seen them anymore.

Many people have tried to study and unravel the mystery. Some people believe they are demons or astral bodies, many other things have come up in the discussion of these Shadow People. In my personal experience I have seen them, sometimes from a distance and sometimes from only a few feet away. But as usual they always disappear once I try to place my full attention onto them.

I personally have never felt threatened, only the thought of being watched irked me. Other peoples experiences have less or more been the same. They would be minding there own business when a sudden movement in the corner of their eye would catch their attention, many skeptics and scientists believe this only to be the work of tricksters. People trying to cause a panic or something similar, only those who have dealt with these supposed other worldly beings understand the feeling of it all.

ThoughtCo. Shadow People: True Encounters shows a list of people to have seen the shadowy beings. Most of the encounters are the same, a shadow appearing in the room or in a certain place and moving about. In some of the accounts it is said that the shadows even knocked objects over or were able to physically hold onto doorknobs and desks.

Perhaps the beings have a sort of physical manifestation ability, to appear ghostly or shadow like but able to turn their bodies solid in order to grab onto things. In any case many folks have had run in encounters with the creatures.

Many of the encounters do sound rather frightening, black mass of shadows rushing towards the person or being stared at through a window. One of the encounters tells of a twenty year old boy named Shunt who has been followed around by the same shadow person since he was five. While I can't say that I have ever been afraid of the beings I always wondered what they were.

I remember a time when I was walking down a hallway in a school down in Houston Texas, I was walking with my schoolmates when something humanoid caught my eye. I looked over to see a being standing atop a water tower at least fifty to seventy feet away. I looked away only for a second once my teacher called me, once I looked back the being was gone.

Many believe that it is just the mind playing tricks on you, many of those people believe they are just normal shadows are minds have turned into supposed beings from another world. Unfortunately due to their come and go ways no one has been able to study the phenomenon.

A women described her encounter with such a thing. It said she was laying in bed, she woke up four times till she saw the shadow, frozen with fear she simply stared back at it, then told it to go away. That is the short version basically but there were some comments that talked about how to get rid of the Shadow if it is malevolent.

1. Stand tall, do not let fear or any negative emotion cloud your mind or your heart.

2. Stare back at it, ask for it to leave but do it kindly.

3. Have some sort of item to rid yourself of it. Cross, Bamboo Plants, Chinese Coins, Rosary Beads, Eye of Horus Amulet, Tiki Mask and usually anything having to do with The Evil Eye.

You can look up different kinds of spells, trinkets and remedies in order to ward off the evil. That is if your really into that kind of stuff.

In any case I hope this has been enlightening, if we can believe that aliens and other kinds of extra terrestrials are real then I don't think it would be too hard to see that we might not even be alone on this Earth. Millions and Billions of people and animals have died over the course of the world, it wouldn't be hard to believe that a few of those might still remain in the spiritual plain of this world. Thing may lurk in the corners of our darkest imaginations or even in the rooms next to us,but don't be afraid.

Anyway as always I hope you have enjoyed my little writings, if you have anything you would like to see me write about please leave a comment down below. Adios Amigos.


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