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The Shooting in Connecticut (so sad)

Updated on December 15, 2012

So Sorry to hear

There was a news frenzy yesterday. I feel really sad on this. It should not have happened. My theory? Well the guy was angry at his mother and could have been teased as a kid so he went to the school and shot all these children. :( people need to stop being so mean these days and the gun laws should be stricter. I am not sure people agree on this with me or not but the fact is this guy was a killer. He had Asperger's which can be a violent disease. The guy had no empathy and cannot take social cues. I read on Asperger's. I have a friend with it and I agree sometimes their ideas are weird and they can be insensitive and talk one sided, etc.

This is just a concern and I may even sign some petitions on doing something about the gun laws we have in this country. People get murdered senselessly. This is a very serious topic.


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