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The Silver Lining to the Economic Collapse

Updated on August 2, 2011

Not all is Lost; Much to Gain

Being a writer with a troubled past, I tend to communicate in obscure fashions, leaving a path of mystery. If you were to take much of my work at face value, you would conclude that I'm looking at the economic situation in despair, hiding in a dark and secluded corner. This couldn't be further from the truth. On the outside, I'm wielding the mournful blade, fighting the battles against what I see as tyranny. On the inside, I'm smiling down upon what I'm witnessing before me. While others worry, scurry, and lament; I look onwards with a deep and hidden satisfaction.

The prospect of economic collapse excites me. For this will be the time the shell is cracked, and what will be revealed in its wake are real human beings. For the first time in my life, I will experience genuine people. I will live with people who will actually breathe, get angry, cry, laugh, and acknowledge the fact that yes, one day they will actually die. And I couldn't be happier! No longer will I be surrounded by people made of plastic. Fake people with their fake "commercial relationships," their fake marriages, their fake bodies, their fake smiles, their fake walks, their fake "careers," their fake Bibles, and their fake minds.

They’re people who will experience life in all its triumphs, cracks, and warts. They’re people of the truth. They’re people who are free from the prison; the prison in their mind.

A False Religion is Coming to an End

All that is happening is the result of a badly thought out "scientific religion" finally meeting it's end. Historically speaking, it ended almost as soon as it began. This religion takes on many names and faces. Some call it The Power of Positive Thinking. Psychiatrists (the priesthood of this scientific religion) call it Cognitive Therapy. Many refer to it as the Law of Attraction. Others hand it the name New Age Fundamentalism. I simply call it Worshipping the Goddess of Vain. I can say assertively that it's a religion; for there is no scientific evidence backing any of the theories associated with the following beliefs. And make no mistake, beliefs is all the modern day "scientific religion" represents.

This false religion would have you believe that thoughts become action. This false religion would have you believe that all that you are, and will be, is the result of your thoughts and desires. If bad things are happening to you; you must "think positively" until the point it hurts. You must think positively no matter how outrageous the proposition. You must think up long winded and unreasonable positive thoughts, without consideration of a practical solution. This religion would have you believe it's a sickness to just have a bad day or to be sad. Could this belief be anymore vain? Not only is it vain; it is madness!

With the crashing down of this religion, in part thanks to the economic collapse by virtue of its blind faith and defiance of logic, the manufactured synthetic human will discover how it is to feel true emotion for the first time. No doubt he will be at first be incredibly afraid, for he's learning for the first time what he should have learned as a tot, but through the peeling of the lawyers his insanity shall be cured. No longer will he be impressed by the smiling cashier who says, "How may I help you?" He will point out how this is insultingly fake. He will come to the realization that it is shameful that society has regressed this far to create an emotionally manufactured human being. He will mourn what is emotional slavery. For no employment pays enough to control your emotional being; for that is precious and sacred, to be reserved for those you truly love. Thankfully, the economic collapse will soon bring this to a much needed end. The human who parrots "positively" will be replaced by the human who is genuine. Just the mere thought of this possibility makes me very, very, very happy!

Most people don't know what makes them happy. I would go on to say we've been fooled by what is true happiness. We believe happiness is either A) being surrounded by pretty things or B) being surrounded by "positive" people who say nice things about us that we want to hear. Both thought processes are shamefully materialistic in nature. I would go on to say B demonstrates greater shame than A. A is relatively harmless, it's only things after all, however B implies you want a domesticated human whose soul duty is to make you feel good. Sort of like a pet. It's incredibly selfish, but that's what society now expects in both their business and personal relationships. Thankfully, this expectation is soon coming to an end. It isn't what people would need or want in order to triumph through an economic collapse. I could argue it's never what we truly wanted, but it was easy and convenient, sort of like fast food. Now we can no longer afford fast food. . .

The Slaying of the Serpent and the Rise of the Pheonix from the Ashes. . .

Long story short, I have a lot emotionally invested in winning this battle of the human consciousness and genuine spirit. This was a war put on me that I certainly didn't ask, but I'll gladly finish. I don't want to hand out all the details, I'm not ready to reveal it all personally, but let's just say that when you've been beaten, ridiculed, mocked, diagnosed various voodoo connotations, drugged up, locked into isolation wards, electrocuted, stripped, etc. in your youth all because you refused to believe in The Power of Positive Thinking; that is anything but positive thinking, then perhaps your perspective will change. I can guarantee it will change once we reach midway through this economic crisis. People will learn to become human again. They will no longer be manufactured "positivist" servants who repeat what people want to hear.

You see, long ago, I was punished for my beliefs that this "self-esteem movement" would lead us on a path of self-destruction. I was vilified as being "too negative" and in "need of treatment." I was punished for being the only sane human out of many insane humans. Today, I can now safely say that I was right. Some, who have known me for a long time, still try to cheapen my victory. Claiming that I guessed what was happening and "nobody could have seen it." I certainly wouldn't put myself through all that mess off a wild guess. I saw it coming, I saw the people who were standing in front of an incoming train who refused to move. Although I state "I wish I wasn't right," in consideration for the feelings of others, the truth of the matter is that after all I've been through it feels damn good to be right!

There will be much analyzing throughout the ages what caused this global economic collapse. I'm afraid history will repeat itself hundreds of years from today. People will merely look at the economic fundamentals, and won't come to the realization that the New Age religion was the cause. A religion that preaches vanity and bliss as a virtue is bound to lead to failure no matter what economic system. Need more prove I'm right? Just look at Obama. He's a testament to the New Age religion. He uses all the big Law of Attraction buzzwords. He constantly speaks of change in a positive light. He talks of a wonderful globalization community. He preaches "education, education, education!" He speaks of working together, joining hands, and singing Kumbaya! No doubt he received top grades in college for speaking and writing just what people want to hear, too bad it's just not working when put into practice. . . Obama is a great final representational downfall of what is the New Age false religion.

However, in spite of it all, I'm more optimistic than ever before in my life. While short term the storm will be rough; in the end the serpent of vanity will be slain, and a phoenix of genuine will rise. I look forward to the day I can truly reconnect with my own human race. . . Until then, patiently I wait, as most are still asleep and many will never wake up. . .

-Donovan D. Westhaver


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    • profile image

      A.M. WALKER 

      6 years ago

      In 2007, after watching one of the main videos spewing the false religion of vanity, I knew that chaos would occur. When people use vanity to gum up the works, there is chaos. Vanity and ego prevent flow from occuring. Flow is truth. Flow is Source. Vanity is error. Thanks for your voice! LOL!

    • manthy profile image


      7 years ago from Alabama,USA

      Well written my friend.

      It brought a smile to my face just thinking about those fat cats having to sweat it out......OH WHAT JOY

      Voted up and awesome

    • LeslieAdrienne profile image

      Leslie A. Shields 

      7 years ago from Georgia

      Enjoyed this hub....

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 

      7 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      I too am looking forward to the Phoenix of Genuine. Interesting hub - teaching a lesson many of us should learn: to be optimistic in the face of collapse.


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