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The Sirius Star Delivers The Nommos to Africa

Updated on March 2, 2020
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The cultures and history of Africa are immense. It could take some time to learn even a small portion of it.

Dogon Tribe of Africa

Dagon Tribe
Dagon Tribe

Dogon Tribe, Descendants of the Nommos

Years ago, the Nommos were believed to have arrived in a space vehicle similar to an ark, surrounded by fire and thunder. They supposedly came from the Sirius Star System. The Dogons believe they are the descendants of the extraterrestrial race who were ugly amphibian beings and then transformed into the Dogon Tribe.

Was this even possible? It is noted that there is a mention in the Babylonian, Sumerian, and Egyptian archives. The oral lore of the Dogons suggests their knowledge of the Sirius Star System. The experience they have of the Sirius Stars A and B is uncanny since they were not seen through a telescope until 1862 and never photographed until 1970. How then could they know so much about them?

The Dogons had knowledge that Jupiter had four moons, Saturn had rings and that all the planets revolved around the sun. The Sirius System is known as Alpha Canis Majoris or "Dog Star." Sirius A is the brightest star in the night sky. Sirius B star is about 10,000 times fainter. Sirius A is about 8.6 light-years away from Earth.

Nommo Description


Legend of the Nommos

Legend of the Nommos
Legend of the Nommos

Nommos People

Nommos People
Nommos People

The Nommos People

These were the aliens called Nommos or "fish" people who visited the Earth thousands of years ago. They gave their secrets to the Dogan Tribe to keep the secrets alive.

Dogons Tribe of Africa

The Dogons tell of information the Nommos left them, which could explain how they knew about Sirius.

The Dogons worshipped their ancestors and spirits by performing Dama Dance wearing their elaborate carved masks of wood. This Dama Dance was presented as a 'bridge' for their ancestor to reach the supernatural world. The geometric patterns represented the first human beings. Their dancers are colorful, somber, and beautiful.

They found their way to Bardiagara Cliffs in Mali, Africa. Mali is located in West Africa, south of Niger Head near Bandiagara, Africa. Their homeland is designated by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site. So much is yet to be learned of their history and culture.

In each Dogon village, a house called the Togu Na is a "House of Words" where it is the social center of the town. The house is surrounded by carved pillars and used for communications and meetings. The communities are high above the plains to avoid attacks

Some other cultures and tribes are also significant to Sirius. The ancient Chaldea people (today Iraq), North American tribes like the Seri and Tohoto tribes, the southwest tribes, and the Cherokee. In Nebraska, the Skidi call Sirius the "wolf star." In Alaska, the Inuits call it the "Moon Dog."

The Dogons Village and Culture

Cliffs of Mali
Cliffs of Mali
Dogon Dancers
Dogon Dancers
Doogon Mask
Doogon Mask
Dogon Dancers
Dogon Dancers

Sirius Star System

Sirius Stars
Sirius Stars
Sirius A and B
Sirius A and B

Sirius Star A and B

The Sirius Star System is also known as Alpha Canis Majoris or "Dog Star". Sirius is the brightest star n the night sky and some 8.6 light-years away from earth. Sirius B is 10,000 times fainter than A. in the Dogon lore they knew about a third star, called "Emma Ya". This third star has not been discovered yet but the Dogons tell of it.

Is the Dogon Tribe's Knowledge Myth or Fact?

There is, of course, some controversy surrounding what they know od Sirius. Author Robert Temple's book The Sirius Mystery questions how the Dogons could have possibly known all the facts of Sirius, especially of the third star. We may never know whether any of their lore is true or not. There is little recorded history, only the oral lore.

From the beginning of time, Africa full of culture from so many different tribes, and their exquisite and beautiful art can tell so many stories. It could take years to discover all there is to Africa.


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    • powers41 profile imageAUTHOR

      fran rooks 

      6 months ago from Toledo, Ohio

      Thank you for your reading.

    • surovi99 profile image

      Rosina S Khan 

      6 months ago

      A wonderful hub about Dommos people, Dogon tribe and the tribe's knowledge of the Sirius System. Thank you, Fran, for sharing this history piece.


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