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The Song of Synonyms!

Updated on February 16, 2015

Synonym of Happiness


Imagine a world were there would be just one word to voice a thought. One word to voice opinions and ideas, one word to describe and explain things, life becomes dry as dust. If every place or a person or an entity is expressed with same words over and over again then speaking, reading and writing becomes extremely dull and boring like watching grass grow. Luckily, we have synonyms and antonyms which are blessings in disguise adding flavors to our communication skills.

When anyone has a very good level of the English Language the best way to improve vocabulary is to start learning synonyms for simple facile words as it becomes a new challenge altogether. Learning synonyms is a prodigious way of bettering vocabulary and can make writing and speaking more exhilarating. If you wish to write a brilliant essay or script or even a thesis, the secret factor would be the use of brilliant synonyms which is a must.

Synonym Examples
Synonym Examples

What are Synonyms? With Examples

Words or phrases having similar or same meanings are known as Synonyms. On the ball all words can have a synonym verbs, adverbs, nouns, prepositions, adjectives etc. provided both words fall under the same part of speech. Also remember words that are synonyms in one context might not be synonyms in another. Use different words to describe various actions and objects – play with Synonyms!

Examples of Synonyms

The weather today is very frosty, it’s at 4 degree
When Mia plays in the snow, she catches a cold.
He’s an arctic explorer!
The shivery shade moved up my spine like a strike of air.

Let’s also look at other examples:

Faint, flimsy, weak, wimpy, delicate
Considerate, polite, kind, sweet, thoughtful
Warm, extroverted, friendly, cordial, outgoing
Little, small, short, tiny, petite, fine, mini

One can give numerous examples for a synonym but the most important point to be considered is that all of the above synonyms can be interchanged in a sentence. Keep a watch on the words while replacing the context so that it delivers the same meaning. Consider the example: Our 7 year agreement with Lloyd's has expired. You cannot use Our 7 year agreement with Lloyd's has died.

Every writer can enhance their vocabulary skills and increase fluency in English by using a variety of choice of words as we all know variety is the spice of life it can add spark and curiosity to ones writing. A good writer should concentrate on improving the communication of content by replacing with equivalent words and expressing the meaning in a way directly appealing to his/ her audience. Emphasize your point and show exactly what you mean the trick is to choose the right word.


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