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The Spirit Within And A Tribute To Writer Hermann Hesse

Updated on September 16, 2009

The Spirit Within And A Tribute To Writer Hermann Hesse

Ever since I was a young boy attending church one of my very favorite verses from the Holy Bible was the one where Jesus said that the Kingdom of God was within. Over the years as my spiritual muscles stretched so to speak, I kept hearing that basic premise over and over in the books I read, the talks from the many speakers I heard and in the seminars I attended. So the answers that I seek are within I would tell myself. Now don't get me wrong. I am not saying that there is no place for learning from teachers and other people in books, at seminars and so forth. There most assuredly is a place from learning from other people.

My library of some thousand books (probably more) attests to this. We all have our favorite authors who have become our friends and companions along the years on our life journey and spiritual path. Sometimes it may behoove us to do a little housecleaning and to get rid of, or pass on some of our books that we have not looked at in years. I did that over a year ago without any regrets. I simply passed them on so someone else can enjoy them. I always give them away and never try to sell them.

But there are certain books that I simply can never part with nor would I ever entertain the thought of doing such a thing. I find it enjoyable to take a trip down memory lane and to reminisce and think about the books that transformed my thinking and helped give answers to the many questions that myhungy mind and spirit were constantly asking.

In this HUB I wanted to pay tribute and give my gratitude for a very fine and deeply spiritual man and writer, Hermann Hesse.

My first introduction into the realm of the subconscious mind, Eastern Teachings, and spirituality were the Hermann Hesse books: Notably Siddhartha, Demian, Steppenwolf, Journey To The East and Narcissus and Goldmund. Hesse is a very profound thinker and writer who shook my limited belief system and mindset up, and stretched my intellectual and spiritual muscles, sometimes to the very limits. He showed me that things are 'very much' not as they appear and that there can be shades of gray when we think that something has to be totally black or white.  Thank you, my dear sensitive Hermann Hesse.  I shall cherish your books always. 

I think that he would very much agree that the answers we seek dwell within.  I wrote a little poem some years ago to celebrate this. 



Our souls live.

They never die.

Behind the rainbow

there is no sky.

Seasons change.

The winter chills.

When Sorrow sleeps

the heart is still.

A twinkling star

shines at night

to mortals below

in need of light.

Immortal secrets

are revealed

to the Dreamers

who refuse to yield.

The spirit within

contains the key

to unlock your heart

when you choose to be free.

by Michael Dennis


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